Reminiscing the Past

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My aunt Merlyn paid a visit to us this week. She just went back to Quezon yesterday. She brought us two sacks of rice. Wow! We would not have any problems with rice for the next two months. :) She said that she would have brought at least three sacks if not for the recent typhoons that visited the country. Well, at least she brought us. :)

Whenever she visits us, I always tell her how I love to spend a vacation at their house in Quezon. However, since my paternal grandmother is gone, I don’t find any reason in going to Quezon.

I remember when I was younger; I always looked forward for summer vacation because I would be spending my vacation in Quezon. How I loved the trees, the beach, the railroad, and the mountains. We usually stayed at our grandmother’s house. My paternal grandmother was very caring. She sees to it that my sister, and me would have good breakfast. She would even fetch water for us and prepare our bath. (Spoiled!) Well, our house there doesn’t have any faucet. They usually get water from a well or from “poso”.

We would play with our cousins then. I remember how we asked our uncles to accompany us in climbing the mountains that surrounds our little town. We would spend the whole day walking and picking banana fruit and coconut along the way!

I remember how we asked our aunties to join us spend a day in a beach. It is enough for us to have our lunch with ginataang langka with sardines. Well, we just really want to go swimming in the blue sea. :)

I really miss those things from my childhood. It was as if we are on cross country moving. :) I am not sure if we can make it happen again. My cousins and I are all grown up. Most are married and have their own family.

But what my Aunt told me was, I can always plan a vacation there and spend the time with my daughter and with my nieces and nephews like what they did with us! :) Well, that would work; I just need to earn enough money for that vacation. :)

Ciao! :)

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