Bonifacio Day

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Today is Philippine’s National holiday. We are celebrating Bonifacio Day. I guess everybody knows who Andres Bonifacio was. He was the founder and said to be the father of Katipunan. History told us that way back then, Katipunan was split into two. Humors said that Andres is a no read-no write person. But the truth is, he can write and he can read. I have read an article that he was into teaching then.

I remember my history teacher in high school, sir Manny. He said that Emilio Aguinaldo had a lonely life. Why? Andres Bonifacio was executed at Bundok Buntis on May 10, 1897 under the orders of Aguinaldo. I am not sure whether the issue about Aguinaldo taking Andre’s wife Gregoria de Jesus is true or just a rumor.

Nevertheless, we should never forget the great things that Andres Bonifacio did for our country. We should not forget that November 30 is set to remember him aside from enjoying the holiday.

Ciao! :)

Hardworking Couple

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When I arrived one morning from work, I noticed that our neighbor who is a fish vendor add some “stuff” to their fish stand. He is already selling vegetables, cooking oil, soy sauce, and vinegar. I also noticed that they’ve got some pickles and fish sauce on sale. Then in the afternoon, they have a little cigar store and candies. At night, he has some ihaw-ihaw stand.

I admired his and his wife’s perseverance. It’s just that their children don’t see their hardships. I told my mother that, this couple wanted a comfortable and convenient life, too. Aside from that, they wanted their children to have a better job. But what happened was, their eldest daughter got pregnant without finishing college yet. Then, their second daughter quit schooling and wanted to work. Duh?!? Doesn’t she realize how hard to find a job these days? Their parents are working hard to send them to school and yet they are neglecting those hardships. I don’t know.

I just pity the parents who works so hard just to send their children to school and to give their children a better life. Better than they have. I know that it is parent’s responsibility to feed and give their children their necessities, sometimes even leisure. But, children should also appreciate and value the sacrifices done by their parents for their sake.

Ciao! :)

Hero of the Year is Filipino

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It has been a pride to the Filipino people that CNN’s Hero of the year is a Filipino. He is none other than, Efren Peñaflorida. He was born on March 5, 1981. He is a young teacher and social worker.
He is the founder and head of the Dynamic Teen Company. It offers Filipino youth an alternative to street gangs through education. They hold classes and school recreation in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and trash dumps.

Last March 2009, he was featured as a CNN Hero as part of the news network’s program to honor individuals who make extraordinary contributions to help others. Then, on November 22, 2009, he was named CNN Hero of the Year for 2009. (Source: Wikipedia) I am really getting goosebumps every time I read about his story. He is really a true hero that deserves a hero’s welcome. Someone who will inspire the youth of today.

Congratulations Efren! The Filipino people are proud of you! :)

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Ciao! :)

Always a Pure Heart

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The way of man is forward and strange: but as for the pure, his work is right. (Proverbs 21:8)

Lord, I want to have pure thought and a pure heart. Only with You is this possible. On my own I’m full of wickedness. This is not what I want my children to see; I want them to see a mother who has a heart and mind like Jesus.

Some days, when I feel like I’m experiencing a spiritual high, it’s easy to think pure and upright thoughts and to walk in Your ways. On days when I’m having spiritual struggles, my thoughts become full of discouragement and frustration, and that invades my actions and attitudes.

I don’t like to be so controlled by emotions, Father. Please give me the strength to be pure in every situation.

(From: Prayers and Promises for Mothers)

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Ciao! :)

New Moon at South Mall

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As part of our bonding session, Daisy, Ime and I decided to watch New Moon. Oh how I love to see the movie. I have the 4 books already but I can’t help watching New Moon on big screen. I found Robert Pattinson who played Edward, very good looking! :) I like the chemistry between him and Kristen Stewart who played Bella. :)

We arrived at SM South Mall 20 minutes before the next viewing schedule. After buying our tickets, we went ahead and bought popcorn from Chef Tony’s. Then we headed our way to cinema 3. Daisy and I bought sodas while Ime settled for mineral water. We’re just in time to get into the cinema. After settling on our chosen seat, we prepared ourselves in watching New Moon. :)

As what promised, the Twilight Saga’s New Moon movie has been loyal to the book. Oh how loved the way they showed how Jacob and the rest of the Quilette’s boys shifted into a huge wolves. I loved the Italy scene where Bella is about to save Edward from making a scene. Oh, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about! :) I can’t wait ‘til June, 2010 when Eclipse will be shown. :)

After the movie, I asked if Daisy enjoyed watching it. She said that if we didn’t tell her the story of Twilight, she would not be able to appreciate New Moon. But since we’re able to do some story telling before watching the movie, she was able to enjoy watching New Moon.

We had some pictures taken before Edward, Jacob and Bella’s posters! We also stroll around the mall for a while. We also passed by a sports house and found a Kettlebell very useful for workout. :)

I really enjoyed the time spent with my friends. Oh how I miss them so much. Our other friend Pinky said to schedule another get together before Christmas. We asked Ime to file another vacation leave, because the 3 of us have common rest days, Saturday and Sunday.

Ciao! :)

Friends Reunion

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It was my best friend’s birthday last November 20. We decided then to have some get together along with our 2 other friends. Due to schedule conflicts, our get together happened only last Saturday (November 28). Pinky wasn’t able to come with us because it was her niece’s first birthday as well. So, only Ime and I went to Cavite to pay visit to our friend Daisy. We also want to see her new baby girl Daniel. Yup, you read it right! Daniel is a baby girl. ?

Ime and I both came from a night shift work so we were sleepless. We took the Alabang route in going to Molino, Cavite instead of coming from Lawton. Though it was a Saturday, we don’t want to get stuck in a jam on the way to Lawton. It would have been our chance to sleep while we’re on the bus bound to Alabang, but instead Ime and I, kept talking about the things that happened to us in the past. It’s been a while since we see each other.

When we arrived in Alabang, we took a jeep ride to Town Center. Then from there, we took a van to Camella’s Springville City where Daisy’s parental house is located. I brought her relyenong bangus which she requested when she was still pregnant. I never get the chance to visit her then, so it was the time to give her that request. My mother is the one who cooked it.

We arrived at Daisy’s house at around 1:30PM. We’re really hungry! I and Daisy ate a lot! Ime is under medication and she needs to eat just enough rice and grilled chicken. We also had some picture taking session with the new baby and us girls. :)

After lunch, we decided to see New Moon at SM Southmall. Daisy have not finished reading Twilight and didn’t seen the movie either, so we had a crushed story telling of Twilight so she would be able to understand and appreciate New Moon. We bid farewell to her father and we kissed her 2 children goodbye. Her husband, Robin brought the kids home then we went on our way to the movie house. :)

Ciao! :)

Looking through the Pictures

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I didn’t bring my daughter to hear mass with us yesterday because she has fever and cough. I told her that she would be coming with us next week. She just needs to get well, first. I promised her that I would pray for her quick recovery to Jesus and to Mama Mary. She agreed to be looked after by her Tita Joy.

Before we leave for church, she asked me to get the box of pictures we have. She loved looking at her baby pictures. Oh, she never gets tired of looking at them! As I looked through our old pictures, I saw a picture of my mom’s birthday. I don’t remember what year it was. My father was still living then. I showed the picture to my mother and told her that papa was with us still.

It has been almost 3 years since my father died of lymphoma. His case was like of the late actor Johnny Delgado. His illness was similar to Colon cancer. Both affect the large intestines.

Up to this day, I still feel sad whenever I remember my father. I must admit that I miss him. I miss him especially during the days when my daughter is looking for a father figure and her own daddy is not around. My father has been a very loving and caring grandfather to my daughter. Though they spent less than 2 years only, my daughter enjoyed the company of my father. She called her Papa and remembered him up to this day.

Since his death, we had been aware of lymphoma and colon cancer. I hope that cancer is not hereditary but we see to it that we keep our body as healthy as possible. We read a lot of colon cleanse review to prevent us from getting that kind of illness. Of course, we never failed to pray for God to bless us with good health.

I know that when my daughter grows up, she would still ask for her maternal grandfather. It’s a good thing though, that we keep our pictures secured for her to look at once more, someday.

Ciao! :)

Lighting up the Tree

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Christmas is just around the corner. As of this writing, I believe there is only 25 days left before Christmas day. They say that Christmas is only for children. Well, I don’t think so. Christmas is not just the day for gift giving or about Santa Clause. The reason why we celebrate Christmas Day is that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate Mama Mary’s obedience and faith in God. Without Jesus, I cannot imagine where we would be today. I am not sure if we would still be here today. There has been a lot of criticism about December 25 as Jesus birthday. I know that December 25 isn’t really the “date’ when Christ was born; it is just the date when we celebrate His birthday. I believe the real meaning of Christmas is more important than the date itself.

Alright, since it would be just few more days before Christmas Day, my mother decided to set up our Christmas tree. Oh, my little girl was very excited. She has been waiting for my mother to set up our own Christmas tree since our neighbors have their own Christmas decors on display already.

My mother washed the leaves of the tree first. Then, I helped her in putting the leaves and Christmas lights on. My daughter’s favorite part was hanging the different ornaments we have for the tree. We have different colored Christmas balls, flowers and Christmas characters such as Angels and Santa Clause.

After 2 hours, we have our gorgeous tree! Gifts are the ones missing under it. Well, I have bought ample of gifts already but haven’t find the time to wrap them yet. :)

I really enjoyed this bonding moment with my mother and my daughter! What about you guys? Have you set your trees up already? If not, then do it now. It would really make you feel good. :)

Ciao! :)

Christmas Party 2009

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In lieu of Thanksgiving Day in the US, our company held its annual Christmas Party last November 26. It is really quite early to hold Christmas Party but to take advantage of the US holiday; the company set the party to that day. The volume of calls expected would be handled by our outsourced offices.

The Christmas Party took place at the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La hotel. This year’s theme was MTV awards. Everybody was encouraged to dress up for an award’s night attire. I am not really into dressing up; I came in wearing a see-through black top and black slacks. Luckily, I was not under dressed. :)

There were different MTV presentations, which we enjoyed. Of course, I enjoyed the food. I didn’t eat rice. I preferred to eat pasta and the different a la carte served. I munched on the different sweets for desserts. :)

There were different raffle prices but I was not lucky enough to get one. :) Anyway, what I enjoyed the best was the live performance of Parokya ni Edgar. I really loved the way they performed. Chito and Vinci were such performers! They made my first Christmas party at Dell memorable! :)

I went home around 2AM the following day. It was a tiring yet amusing night!

Ciao! :)

Mom’s Security

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Talking about insurances, I am planning to get my mother a Medicare supplement insurance. Although, my civil status is single, since I have a daughter already, my dependent for my health card is either my mother or my daughter. My mother told me to give the health card for my daughter instead. She said that my daughter would need it more than she would. Well, my baby is 4 years old now and so far she’s been utilizing the health card ever since.

My mother is not as young as she was, so I am thinking of getting a health card for her as well. I still have to ask my younger sister, Patty, if she can make our mother her dependent. I am sure she can.

Our mom is the only parent we have since our father died in 2007. I always pray to God to keep her safe and to bless her with good health and long life, because, I cannot really afford to lose her.

Ciao! :)

For my security

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My mother and I often talk about our future. She often told me to earn something for myself. She said that it is good that God has blessed me with a good job and I was able to help in our expenses. She said that I am not getting any younger (Ouch! :) ), and I should be thinking of my security when I get old. She would always asked me to get an insurance quote at least I would have an idea and think of getting one.

I told her that I am not going to grow old alone. I know that I would get married one day soon and somebody is going to take care of me. But if that didn’t happen, I know that my daughter will not forsake me (hopefully!).

Well, even if my sisters and I are all grown up now, our mother is always thinking of our safety and protection. Oh, how we love our mother so much. :) I assured my mother that I will be okay and that I would earn for my retirement and I will consider her suggestion of getting insurance. :)

Ciao! :)

Toy Sale at Eastwood City

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It’s Christmas season one more time. Oh how I really love the Christmas season! You can find sale from almost every shopping malls. There are a lot of bazaars and tiangge everywhere, too. However, what I always looked forward to every year is the toy sale. Well, I buy toys for my daughter, for my godchildren, my nieces and nephews and of course for myself! :) Hehehe!!!

I was not born to a wealthy family. My parents see to it that my sisters and I have enough toys to play with. It’s just that there were toys then that we like that my parents cannot afford to buy. We were not brats. If my parents told us that, our money is not enough to buy the said toy, then would understand.

Now that I have a child, I would want to give her the things that I have not had when I was young. And, to let you know, my daughter and I enjoy playing together. :) One of my aunts, told me not to give everything she wanted because I would end up spoiling her and it would cause me problems. Well, I am really trying not to spoil her. But, she’s an only child and she’s the baby of the family. :)

Talking about toy sale, Toy Town is having their warehouse toy sale this year. The toy sale will run from November 12, 2009 to January 15, 2010. The toy sale is located in Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City. The warehouse sale is beside 711 convenience store and Cybermall. I have been in there and bought some for my Christmas presents. There are a lot of toys that would definitely suit your budget.

I’ll keep you posted for other toy sales and bazaars that I would learn. :)

Ciao! :)

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