Real Life Mysteries: Nessie, The Lochness Monster

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There are a lot of mysteries in this world. Some have been resolved. Some are to yet to be discovered. But there are quite a few which are left to be mysteries as the next century unfolds. I have read a lot of stories about world’s mysteries, and Nessie the Lochness monster is one of my favorites. Let me tell you something about it and share my own beliefs and opinions.

Loch Ness is a deep lake in Scotland. It holds three times more water than any other lake in Great Britain. Maybe deep enough to hide an enormous monster. There are six rivers that flow into Loch Ness, but only one flows out. That’s the river Ness. The lock is 36 km long, and over one third of it is deeper than 200 meters. It is more than twice the depth of the North Sea.

The tale about the monster started in AD 563. It was when St. Columba, the abbot of Iona supposedly saves a monk called Lugne from being devoured by the beast. It has been said that Nessie has already mauled one victim. Then, St. Columba demanded, in the name of God, that the beast retreat into the deep water and leave the monk alone. And, so the monster did and the monk was saved.

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I have watched about this in one of National Geographic Specials episode. There had been a lot of sightings about Nessie. Many blurred black and white photographs have been offered up as evidence. A man standing in the grounds of a nearby castle took the first colored photograph in 1977.

In 1934, naval officer Rupert Gould published the first book about Nessie. In his books, he proposed that large sea animals, such as plesiosaurs (was a marine reptile of the Mesozoic Era), arrived in Loch Ness thousands of years ago when the lock was joined to the sea. As the coastline changed, they became cut off from the sea, and the loch became their permanent home.

However, over years of research and expeditions done to find Nessie or the loch’s monster, to this date, there is still no solid proof that the mysterious beast does exist. If you have seen the movie, The Water Horse, it is actually a movie attributed to Loch Ness monster.

Does Nessie existed/exists?

My opinion about this is Nessie could have existed but it is not existing anymore. I believe that during the older times, there could have been an enormous beast living in the loch. It is also possible that there was more than one monster existed in there. But today, it is possible that whatever kind of animals lived or was seen long ago in the loch has all been gone. The loch may be deep enough to hide a monster, but one way or another, those would still come out in the open to search for food or to gasp fresh air. They could be breathing under water but even blue whales and vast sea creatures came out of the waters. Another thing, if the monster exists ‘til today, it could be very very old! Aside from that, it is possible that it did not live alone. It could have a family that lived and died in the loch.

Well, someday, I hope I would be able to visit the Loch Ness.

Ciao! :)

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