Book Drive

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I received an email from one of my classmates in highschool. Our batch is planning to have a book drive. I think, it would also be timely to help fix different classroom furniture with the book drive. The wrath brought by typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy  made a lot of schools temporary homes for many families. It is sad to think though, that there are people who do not know the word respect. Inspite of what had happened to them, they never learn how to give importance to the things which were as given to them for temporary used.

They have not think of the students who will then used the same classroom, board, chairs and tables that they have used during their stay as evacuees.

Anyway, I would have to contact our highschool president or secretary and will give some help to the drive. Hopefully this drive would be a success!

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Ciao! :)

United Nation’s Day

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United Nation’s Day is celebrated every 24th of the October. I remember when I was in elementary and highschool, whenever United Nation’s Day is approaching, we were asked by our teachers to make a flag of a country that is a member of United Nation Organization. I often choose to make my own country’s flag, the Philippines. Aside from being nationalistic, it is easier for me to make my own flag. :) Some of the most famous flags being made by students are Japan, Libya, France and Indonesia.

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Students find those flags easy to make! :)

United Nations was established in 1945. Currently, United Nations has 192 members. Their headquarters is located in Manhattan, New York City. It has 6 official languages which are used used in intergovernmental meetings and documents. These languages are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The Secretariat uses two working languages, English and French.

The Secretary-General of UN is Ban Ki-moon. He took over Kofi Annan’s position in 2007.

I know that United Nations will continue to help different countries and will help maintain peace in conflicting countries as the next century unfolds. God bless UN!

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Ciao! :)

A Whole New World

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First week on the production floor has been so tiring and stressful. I almost gave up and thought of applying somewhere else. Some of my batchmates have decided to let go of Dell and find a greener pasture. I ought to check on it, too, this week. But I would like to give myself sometime to feel the new world I am into.

Last Friday, I had 3 coaching sessions with my team manager. She is firm and strict. But I guess she is just doing her job. I thought I wouldn’t like her but she is like that because she wanted me to learn. Well, I am learning a lot. My team mate said that I should not be putting too much pressure on myself. It is fine to commit mistakes. There is always room for improvement. :)

I hope I would be able to have a better career in here. I know that it would need a lot of hardwork and patience. I know God has a better plan for me why I ended up working at Dell. I know that with God’s help I would be able to make it here! :)

Ciao! :)

What she wanted to be

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I arrived home this morning finding my daughter already up from bed. She is playing with the mega blocks I bought for her 2 Saturdays ago. I kissed her and asked what she is doing. She said that she is making a house for us. Then, she will also build a tall building and bridges! :)

Well, this little girl has a future of becoming a successful Architect or could be a Civil Engineer. She also love playing like a doctor. :) There also moments that she will never let you win in an argument, as if she’s in a hearing. Well if she choose to be a lawyer she can always take LSAT prep if she would have any plans of practicing the field abroad. She also wanted to become a soldier! :)

There’s a huge future ahead of her. She will only turn 4 this coming October 28 and she has a long way to go. :)

Whatever career she would choose, mommy will always be here to support her! :)

Ciao! :)


Ro’s Candlelight Prayer

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As part of my healing process everytime we lose a furry beloved, I always go to a rainbow bridge to offer a candlelight prayer. To some, it may sound weird but my family our pets like our own children. That’s why it would really break our hearts when they’re gone. :(

I went again to site just recently to add Ro for a Monday Candle Light Prayer. At around 10PM EST of October 19 (Oct. 20 10AM MLA time), Ro will be part of the said Candle light prayer.  I just went to the site where the tribute is hold. Uttering the prayer posted, I can’t help but cry again as I remember our little Ro.


God, Creator of all living things, we ask that as we light our candles, the healing warmth of love will flow into the brokenhearted who have lost a loved one. Give to them Your strength and comfort. We also pray that the soft glow of light will part the clouds of grief and sorrow to surround our furbabies at the Bridge.

May excitement reign supreme as wagging tails, ecstatic purrs and flapping feathers feel our gentle touch once again. May they know the gratitude we hold in our hearts for their faithfulness and gift of unconditional love as they are forever remembered. We are temporarily separated for only a short while. The gold cord that connects us through time and space can never be broken. AMEN.


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What a Day!

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Last night was my first night in the production floor. My goodness! I thought I would never make it in til this morning. I was nervous because it will be a new environment for me. New team mates, new policies. I survived the first night without eating during lunch and without “taking a break” during my breaktime. :(

To be honest, I am not sure whether I will stay long in here. I am really not sure.. :( I am still giving myself few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to meet my metrics. I know that I should not easily surrender to the challenges that my new work is offering. I was looking for a job then and God gave me this work.

I know I can do it with God’s help. I just need to work hard, be patient and excercise perseverance.

Ciao! :)


Let’s Do the Twist

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It’s Sunday today. I didn’t notice that I have been working on my blog for 7 hours now since 12midnight last night. :) Of course, I take a break every time I get hungry. My youngest sister Pau is already awake and so is my mother. They are actually arguing on what music to listen. My mother enjoys the oldies every Sunday. My sister on the other hand, wants to do some dancing and twisting as form of exercise.

She told our mother that she and I need to lose weight because we are really getting big. Though we cannot discipline ourselves from eating, at least we work out. :) We have few exercise equipment to use. Actually, it should been easy for me to lose weight after I gave birth. I just lack perseverance and discipline! :)

Well, since my mother wanted us to lose some unwanted fat, she gave way to my sister! :)

I will take a break for a while. And, I will join my sister do some twist. Hope you enjoy reading through the rest of my post. Don’t forget to go church today.

‘til my next post! :)

Ciao! :)

Pei Pa Koa

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As we continue to experience occasional rain showers and a constant weather changes, we people cannot help but get sick. Cough and colds are the common illness that most people now a days, experienced. I would like to share with you our dependable and effective Chinese cough medicine, Pei Pa Koa. When my father is still alive, he always see to it that we have Pei Pa Koa on stock.

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We always have Pei Pa Koa at home. Since my father’s gone, I am the one who see to it that Pei Pa Koa is available. At the start of cough, we take Pei Pa Koa right away. That is to prevent the cough get worst. There are many cough syrup being prescribed but Pei Pa Koa is different. It gives you a soothing feeling and stops the cough from getting worst.

Ciao! :)

A Gift of Thanks

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I was fixing my “abubots” this morning and I found a watch that was sent to me by one of my customers in my previous job. I worked with her in fixing her computer and making sure it connects to the Internet. She is very happy and delighted with a service I rendered her and as sign of gratitude, she sent me a watch from all the way from Jamaica, New York!

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In her letter, she said that she really appreciate my patience and enjoyed working with me fix her computer. She even mentioned that if I would be able to pass New York someday, I could just give her a call and she would tour me around Jamaica, New York.

Well, being a tech support is not as easy as others may think of. But, being a support agent is a very fulfilling job especially if you hear the happy voices of your customers! :)

Ciao! :)

Cleaning Tools Needed

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Since we will be fostering another kitten, I am considering of getting an affordable vacuum cleaner, with a 115334 vacuum motor. This would help clean the house more effectively. You see, my daughter and my 2 sisters are asthmatic but we all love animals. My baby will have her pug in December (hopefully nothing goes wrong). Her father will be giving her one, when the puppy is ready to live without her mother.

My mother said that if we should help each other in cleaning the house if we wanted to keep the animals. We don’t own a big house and it may seem easy to clean, but it would really take a lot of time to clean a house efficiently. She said that since, we love animals then we should be responsible enough in taking care of them and keeping them and their surroundings clean.

Ciao! :)

Welcome Tica!

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It has been 2 days since Ro died. A week before her death, Ate Ness found another kitten being mauled by the children in our place. She picked the poor kitten we placed her to the same cage where Ro usually stayed. Tica is a just about 2 weeks old. Ro then was almost more than 1 month already. Ro had pure white fur, while Tica has 3-colored fur. Her fur colors are orange, black and white.

For a short time, Ro and Tica found a friend and a sister in each other. I always caught them playing and getting comfort from each other especially during the cold weather. We named her Tica after the female elephant in the movie, Barbie as the Island Princess. Barbie’s name there was Ro. That is my daughter’s favorite Barbie movie. Our kitten Ro was named after that movie.

On the day that Ro died, I decided to bring Tica to one of our friend’s house. They have a cattery and they have been telling me to bring Ro there for de-worming. It was too late for Ro, but not for Tica. To prevent another kitten’s life lost, I brought Tica there.

My sister Patty is still grieving (we both do) about Ro’s death and she doesn’t want me to take Tica back. She said that she wouldn’t bear any pain anymore that will bring about a kitten’s death. She said that when our little Ro died, she couldn’t work well. She was crying in the office, too. She said that she needs to eat a lot of sweets to make her feel better. I told her that I did the same thing. I got a big bar of Toblerone and I’m eating it during my whole shift because I was sad and I cannot perform well at work.

I told her that our experience with Ro should teach us to become better foster family. Ate Ness told me that though it is painful losing Ro, that shouldn’t stop me from rescuing homeless poor kittens. I know my sister is afraid investing love and affection for another for Tica. I told her that we will not let Tica ended up like what happened to Ro.

Later this day, I will be bringing home Tica back. Hopefully she would grow healthy and beautiful.

Ciao! :)

Always Be Prepared

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The recent calamity that the country experienced made me realized to be prepared all the time. We can never tell when a certain disaster will hit us or not. There are a lot of lessons learned after the two typhoons strike our country. Though typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng has been gone, relief operations continue for many people who are affected by it. There are still many families in different evacuation centers. Most of them lost their houses during the raging typhoon. They have not started their lives anew. There are still cities and towns that are submerged under water.

Due to these incidents, I thought of getting free insurance quotes. Insurance is something you can lean on when an unexpected incident happened to you. Just make sure that the insurance company you will have is a stable and a known-respectable insurance company.

Aside from getting Insurance, we should learn not to buy unnecessary things. I actually learned that from one of my batch mates who was one of the affected families in Marikina by typhoon Ondoy. She said that after Ondoy’s wrath, she learned to be thrifty and only buy things she needs.

And most of all, we should not forget to pray to God, for Him to keep us and our homes safe from all harm.

Ciao! :)

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