Going back to Manila

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Though ney and I slept around 3AM last Sunday (Aug. 23) from bar hopping in Lucena City, we still woke up at around 7AM. I guess I am just maximizing the time that we have for I would be leaving for Manila in the afternoon.

After taking a shower, we decided to eat our breakfast in a Chinese resto we used to eat then. The food store isn’t open yet so we need to look for another place to eat. :)

As I can recall, nothing much have changed since my last visit in Lucena, which was 4 years ago. I took pleasure in watching the local folks do their usual morning activities. Once again, I enjoyed the cool and calm breeze of the city. :)

After breakfast, we headed our way to Lucena public market. I wanted to buy a dried fish called “daing na pugot”. As the name implies, it is called “daing na pugot” because it is headless. I bought half a kilo of it, dilis and dried squid. Ney teased me that the bus conductor will not let me in because of my daings! :)

Ney then bought a dozen of longganisang Lucban for Nonet. I also got a kilo of Japanese corn and an Upo. Would you believe that I got the upo for only Php10. The size of the upo can actually feed 2 families! :)

We went back to our hotel room at around 10AM. We rested for a while. I pack the daings I bought properly, so it will not cause a “daing” smell in the bus later on. Then, ney and I visited another mall in Lucena called the Pacific Mall.

There was a food stall in Pacific Mall that offers very delicious spaghetti. I have craved when I was still pregnant with our daughter for the same spaghetti. We toured around the mall, and then decided to have our lunch there. I was disappointed, for it wasn’t the same taste of spaghetti I have missed. :)

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We went back to the hotel and took a nap. By 6PM we prepared ourselves and our things. Ney and I went to Lucena grand terminal together. He will be onboard a bus going to Gumaca while I would be on a bus going to Cubao. We bid our goodbyes. It was sad to say goodbye. But then, we have our own works to attend to. Anyway, I know that we will always be together.

With God’s blessings, I know that someday, all “crumples” in our relationships will be smoothened.

Ciao! :)

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  1. bunz Says:


    First of all, I like your blog site and i enjoyed reading what you have there.

    I just noticed you have lots of expired images hosted by tinypic.com, just wonder if you want to have a long term image hosting… why dont you use flickr.com

    i used that long time ago and the images are still on my site.

    its probably good for your site also.

    more power! Peace!

  2. Hyo Vallario Says:

    and formatting it. But you will lost all data of your hard drive.

  3. Euro Soccer Cup Says:

    Yvonne De Gaulle: “The presidency is temporary-but the family is permanent.”

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