Enjoying the Day Off

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It’s my second day off from work today. I just stayed at home and watch tv. Yesterday, I spent the whole day for different job interviews. I was able to pass the exams and was able to reach the final interviews. It’s just that those company’s I applied in didn’t meet my salary expectation. I have been honest with them, too. The good thing though is that when the time comes that I would be able to live by their entry level salary, then I can just visit any of their offices and will be hired right away.

Well, maybe God has something reserved for me to go to. Or, maybe He wanted me to stay a little longer with Concentrix. :)

Tomorrow will be the start of another week of work. Luckily our home watch is 10 minutes advance than the time in our barcode scanner, so I know that I wouldn’t be late. Hopefully! :)

‘Til next time! Ciao! :)

It’s my off again :)

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After 5 days of work it’s my off again! :) Well in my case I only went to work for four days. I wasn’t able to report last Saturday because my toe was swelling. :( Anyway, I would have a 2-day off from work and I will really enjoy it. :)

Tomorrow I will have 2 interviews from two different companies I have applied for. I hope that God will bless me and that I will be lucky enough to be hired. I am still employed right now though, but I guess it is time for me to move out and move on. :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow! :)

Ciao! :)

Pack up time!

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Another day at work is about to end and so far, I can say that it has been a productive day. I will hear mass at 5PM this afternoon and hopefully I won’t be late. Ney is on his way to Manila and we will see each other in the evening.

Tomorrow afternoon I will have another job interview, hopefully they will offer a very “competitive” salary. :) ‘Til tomorrow! :)

Ciao! :)

Back to Work

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I reported to work today. My foot doesn’t hurt much anymore. I was on call right now and hopefully I will have a very productive day ahead. Well, I am praying. :)

Ciao! :)

Our youth’s future

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The national election is just around the corner. In fact, different debates are being held for the masses to be more knowledgeable about the candidates for the national position most especially for the highest position in our country, the presidential position. To be honest, I have not heard or watched in any debates yet, where the different presidential candidates are invited. Even though, I haven’t heard any debates yet, I have already my own choice for the next president. But whoever wins, next year’s election, I hope that they would pay much attention for our youth’s future.

I hope that they would give some attentions to the teeneagers and children who find comfort from illegal drugs and rugby. :(   If you walk through the sidewalks of EDSA in Cubao, you would find a lot of teeners maybe 13 and above and children maybe 10-12 years old, sniffed through plastic bags with rugby. I pity them and I hate their parents. If their parents will not be able to care for them, then hopefully our government officials will be able to send them to different drug rehab centers and from their they will be able to start a new life.

Everybody knows what Dr. Jose Rizal said, that the youth is the hope of our land. How can they be, if at the young age of 10, they start ruining their lives! It’s a sad reality but I know that there is still hope for them. Although, time is running out but I know it isn’t too late yet.

There are different government organizations in the country who do the job to totally eliminate drug syndicates. Though there are a lot of government and non-government organizations who handle things about drug, they still need our cooperation. They will not be successful if we will not help them. I know that it will take a lot of courage to pin point drug pushers but think about our youth’s future. Our children’s future and their children’s future.

We should work hand in hand. Hopefully, the next president will truly take the lead.

Ciao! :)

Anneliese and Erika

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Since I can’t do much today, I just had to watch DVDs. My sister’s goddaughter, Samantha is with us today. My mother fetch her from Taytay. My sister will take her to the mall tomorrow. When, I woke this afternoon, they are already watching, Barbie movie, The Island Princess. Oh well, it is actually my daughter’s favorite movie. :)

As I watch the movie with them, my sister remembered something about my daughter. Antoinette loves Barbie movies so much! :) She knows almost all the characters that Barbie played already. With her favorite movie, The Island Princess, she knows all the characters and she is familiar with the songs too. She sing along with the characters as well.

One of the Barbie movies she like watching (next to Island Princess :) ) is Princess and the Pauper. The princess’ name is Anneliese while the pauper is Erika. Antoinette remembers them by heart. She has cousin named Ericka, but we often call her Ikay. Antoinette didn’t know that her real name was Ericka.

My sister told me that one day while we were at my paternal grandmother’s wake, my cousin Marian called Ikay by her real name, “Ericka.” Antoinette was confused then. She went to Ikay and asked if Ericka was her name. Ikay said yes, then she said “eh di ako si Anneliese (then, I am Anneliese).” :)

I laughed so hard when I learned about it! :) I can’t help but smile when I remember it. Well, Antoinette is such a jewel! A priceless one. :)

The Princess and the Pauper

Anneliese is the one pink, while Erika is the one in blue. :)

Ciao! :)

Swolen toe

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I wasn’t able to report to work this morning and I wasn’t able to come to my scheduled job interview today because my right toe is swelling. Actually, this started last Thursday night, I managed to go to work yesterday but it was really hurting me. I even showed it to my colleagues Julius and Ruthie. Well, I told them that if I will not feel better then I would be absent the following day.

I don’t remember what happened why it got swolen. Maybe, I tripped or something. Well, I stayed at home the whole day and did a hot compress on my toe. I took pain killer as well. Then, my daughter tried to massage my foot very carefully and that made me sleep.

I walk up around 4PM this afternoon and I feel better now. I tried to walk around trying not to exert a lot of force on my right foot.

I know that I will be able to go to work tomorrow. I also sent a text message to the company I am applying for to give me another date for interview. I hope they would. :)

Ciao! :)

Caught in a Jam

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It wasn’t raining when I and my friends went home. I thought that we will be able to go home early because it didn’t rain. But, I was wrong. We were caught in a jam somewhere along C5 road. There was an L300 (I believe) which I think experienced some mechanical problems. It made a little traffic. I just hope there is a dependable motorhome towing which will provide a good road assistance for vehicles.

Since, I had a little break and was able to rest for a while in Tapa King, I didn’t get irritated. :) Aside from that, it is my off from work already. I don’t want to ruin my good mood. :)

Ciao! :)

Taking a Break at Tapa King

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It’s been a long today. As always office work gave me a lot of work. What more irritating was I wasn’t able to sell any support package! :( I was really frustrated. The news about the additional item in our kpi made me more eager to look for another company. Hopefully, Bro will bless me and my colleagues. That He will listen to our heart’s desire.

Anyway, Julius and I waited for Des to arrive from our company’s other building. We let our other colleagues, Ramir and Allan to walk ahead of us. I will really miss Ramir’s kakulitan and craziness when I leave. :)

When Des arrived, we asked Julius to treat us to Starbucks but he refused. Des was didn’t give in asking Julius to treat us and so we landed on Tapa King in Libis. I told Des that I am still full because I ate lunch. Well, it was Julius lunch actually. :) He was still full with the spaghetti treat of Dadi Kamo. It is his birthday today. I ate enough spag for breakfast that’s why I was hungry during lunch time.

Anyway, since I am not that hungry yet, I ordered Onions and Buffalo wings. I like the Onion rings and its dipping very much! :) The buffalo wings is good but not that chilly, so I enjoyed it!

Buffalo wings

Julius ordered Danggit and fruit shake. While Des settled with tapa king meal. I bet she was hungry! :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We chatted and really had a nice time. Thanks to Julius for making our day! :)

Caio! :)

A Word from Dadi K

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He doesn’t know that I am teary eyed as we talk through chat this morning. My former team lead Sir Kamo (whom I fond of calling Dadi K), asked me earlier if I will be resigning from our company soon. I told him that I have plans and that I am currently applying in different companies. He asked me if I have thought about it a couple of times already. I told him that I did think about it many many times. I have been in the company for more than 5 years and I cannot see any “future” there anymore. Well, maybe for some there’s still but not me. :(

I never been so disoriented about my work. Well, I love my work as a technical support. I guess the current process and policies that our account has made me to be very eager to apply in different companies.  Dadi K said that when I leave, I and Nonet will not have any health cards until I become a regular employee. To be honest, I have little money in the bank and I forget about it because I saved it for Nonet’s schooling. He said that what if she needs to be hospitalized again? Will I be able to shoulder all the expenses? I will not. That’s why I pray to God that she will not get sick anymore.

As Dadi K talk to me through chat, I was really sad and I really wanted to cry. :( I have earned a lot of good friends from the company. Friends I have been with, for the last six years. Friends whom I can lean on in times of crisis. Friends whom I shared tears and laughters with. Friends who make me go to work everyday. Friends whom I love and treasure. Friends whom I will truly miss when I leave.

But then, though I love my friends very much, there’s a little girl who depends on me. A little girl who is “high maintainance” due to her skin asthma. Someone whom I love very very much.

I told Dadi K that I cannot see any future here. Everyday, I do my best to meet our daily sales target that has a big impact in our kpi grade that has a big impact in our salary. My friend Julius always tease me as the “poorest girl” in the office. That our security personnel’s salary is bigger than mine. :( Well, there was really a time that it happened.

I am glad that although, I’m no longer part of Dadi Kamo’s team, he still cares for me like a “father” and a very good team leader. Thank you, sir! Well, I am not leaving any soon. I can still stand the pressure that our support requires.

But I always pray to God to guide me in every decision that I’ll make. I know also that He will provide for me.

Ciao! :)

Patience is a Virtue

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Today, I learned a very valuable lesson. Being a technical support is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of patience. Seriously.

I have been a technical support agent for 6 years now and I belived that I am patient enough to be in this kind of work for that long. Earlier this morning I had call wherein the client has Netgear Cable gateway which is connected to an Apple Time Capsule. He has one IMAC running on wireless that has Internet connectivity through the Time Capsule. He wanted to print from an HP printer which is connected to a Linksys Printserver.  That was really a challenge!

I almost give up on that call. It is because, I cannot find the feature I am looking for in the Time Capsule that will make the configuration of the Linksys printserver easy. Another headache that I had was the remote support tool that I am using keeps on disconnecting. Well, what do you expect from a freeware. We have an official tool to use, but only the 8 team leaders and our 2 supervisors have account setup for it. Well, we are more than 20 in a shift. It was like a first come first serve thing. Meaning, if all the logins are used already, then you really have to use the other tool.

To make the long story short,  I prayed to God to help me finish my call. Well, He answered my prayer and I was able to resolve the problem. :) He also sent an “angel” to pacify my anger and irritation (because of our utilities) through my team lead, Jennet.

Another incident which tested my patience happened when I went to another company I applied in. I have an exam at 2PM and was asked to go to 22nd floor. It was 10 minutes before 2PM when I arrived there. Then, the receptionist asked me to register on the 31st floor before going to the exam room. I waited for roughly 15 minutes for the elevator to come. There is only elevator which was designed to reach the 31st floor. Alright,  I was able to register and then was asked to go back to 22nd floor. Well, it took around 20 minutes before the elevator came to 31st floor.

When I arrived on 22nd floor, I was just given a briefing and was asked to come back at 4PM for the exam. Whew!

I tried to calm myself and keep my composure.

It had been a long day and I believed I have exerted a lot of patience. Hopefully, tomorrrow I will be able to manage my anger and irritation.

Ciao! :)

Patty’s Diet Program

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My sister is under a special diet program. I don’t know how she learned about it but, she gave it a try.  It is a 7-day program wherein each day, there is just a specific food/meal she will eat. Last Saturday, she accompanied my mother to the market. She bought vegetables and fruits that she will eat as part of her diet program. Oh, I don’t ask her about her weight because she would ask about my weight back! :)

I remember that on day 1 she only ate fruits, watermelon and melon. Believe me, that’s the only food she ate for the whole day. Second day if I am not mistaken was baked baby potatoes. Then, 3rd day was 5 pieces of banana, I believed. I think she’s on her 4th day of the said 7-day diet.

My mother encouraged me to undergo the same diet program. Well, I think I will but I don’t want to deprive myself from eating. What I will do is to look for the best weight loss supplements available in the market today! :)

I’ll update you if Patty’s diet program is a success!

Ciao! :)

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