An Amazing Supplement

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I have been working in a call center for almost 6 years. Being a technical support is really that stressful. :) It’s not only mental stress that you get from it but also emotional stress. Emotional in a way, that often times, you get affected with your client’s frustrations. Though, you don’t really want that to happen, it happens in reality. :( Aside from that, the stress from work affects also the way you look. Sometimes, you may look older than your actual age.

My mother always reminds me to take vitamins and other health supplements due to the nature of my work. I take multi-vitamins but not any dietary supplement. Until one day, I was able to watch a video about Stemulite. I call Stemulite an amazing dietary supplement. Why? Because of the wonderful benefits you will get from it.

A lot of call center agents are deprived from getting a good sleep. Well, one of the benefits of Stemulite is that it gives restful night sleeps. Few more interesting benefits that it can give is that, you will have a better mental alertness and focus which most technical support representatives should have.

It also promotes body’s increase in energy. Stemulites are also stem cell recruiter which rejuvenate and repair cells. This in turn will gives the user a younger youthful look. :)

But my most favorite benefit that Stemulite can offer is that, it provides weight loss and body fat reduction. Trace mineral indium found in stemulite produce 20% loss in weight! :) Isn’t that great ladies?!?

Well, the sad thing here is that right now they’re shipping is only available in the US. But then, I keep posted in their website until the product is available to my country so I can take advantage of those lovely benefits!

Ciao! :)

May Bukas Pa

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I just finish watching another episode of “May Bukas Pa.” Once again, Santino, the miracle boy, was able to prove Bro’s (Jesus) power and love for everybody. In the world full of temptations and cruelty, how can we accept that a boy like Santino can make a difference. If you watch the teleserye, though the scenes and situations presented do happen in reality, sometimes, if someone’s faith is not strong enough, one may wonder and say that Jesus’ miracle through Santino only happens in the teleserye. But if we trust God enough just like Santino, I know that we will appreciate and realize God’s miracle in us in our everyday life.

That inspite of all the unpleasant incidents that are going on today, we have God to turn to and He assures us that He will be with us until the end of time. :) I remember that Bible passage from yesterday’s homily in the mass.

Santino of May bukas pa

Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla)

Matthew 28:20 (New International Version)
“and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Learn to Laugh

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After 4 days of vacation, I will be reporting to work again tomorrow. I know I need to catch up with my sales. While my colleagues are already around $300 sales as of June 4, mine was only $60! :( Well, I know that I need to work harder and should be more convincing when offering our support in the next few days to catch up. When I checked the email sent my team leader, I felt a little panic. But then, I need to keep my composure. My 4-day rest from work is enough to keep me focus and concentrate with my work again. I pray that God will help me not to get disoriented again. I feel nervous because there are a lot of pressure when I report for work tomorrow. But then, I know that I need to face the challenge and should not be afraid. I know that I have God by my side to help me.

I remember one of our sales trainers told us that we don’t smile while on call. That we’re so serious and robot-like. I guess this little prayer here will somehow change that scenario and hopefully everyone will be able to realize that amidst all life’s challenges, God loves us, that there is no reason for us not to smile! :)

 Learn to Laugh

God grant that I may see the joke of things
The little things that bother now and then
God grant my sense of humor may be strong
To weep a bit and yet to smile again

God grant there be chuckle in each tear
To every trial God grant a funny half
And when I’m to be judged. Perhaps He’ll say,
“Are you the soul who always tried to laugh?”

And then I nod and answer, “Yes, I am.
I tried to slay my troubles with grin.”
Perhaps He’ll smile and say, “That was a task!
So here’s the Gate of Heaven: enter in!”

Smile! God loves you!

Smile, God Loves You! Pictures, Images and Photos

Ciao! :)

Kitty sleeps with a kitty

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Well, I just want to share this very cute picture. It’s my sisters cat, Chichi (Chichiriko). He is 9 years old already and he’s quite a snob.. :) I guess not in this picture..

Ciao! :)

Dressing up the Princesses

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My daughter has been playing Barbie dolls recently. Well, she didn’t like them at first for she is more on the “boys type of game”. But then, playing Barbie doll has been part of our bonding session. She loves combing their hair and dressing them up. Last week, after seeing her pediatrician from Medical City, she asked me if we can drop by Toys R Us in Galleria.

I know that she’s not feeling well, so we went there to make her feel better. She loves toys so much. At times, she asks me to buy one for her but often times, she just love looking at them.

As we went over to the Barbie section we found some pretty gowns that will fit her dolls. We bought 4 gowns and 4 pairs of shoes that match the gowns color. I didn’t spend much for the items were on sale! :)

As I looked for the exit signs in the mall, Nonet keeps on checking the gowns in the plastic bag. She just can’t wait to see her dolls in those gowns!

When we arrived home, she immediately got the Barbie dolls and dressed them up like princesses! Oh how happy she was! :)

Barbie Dolls

Ciao! :)

Near the finish line

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As my younger sister always tell me, I am kinda “late bloomer” when it comes to being a Twilight Fan. Well, I don’t mind. I know many people have finished reading the novel through pdf file. I have a pdf copy too, but not quite interested with it then. And, I am not fond of reading a novel through computer. I prefer reading it through a book.

As Patty bragged me about being not so in with Twilight these days,  I told her that not all has a hardbound copy of the complete Twilight Saga. Well I have them! :)

I am about to finish reading Breaking Dawn which is the 4th book of the saga. I can say, that so far, Twilight is now one of my favorite novels and lovestories.

Twiloght Saga Book

Ciao! :)

The ability to love and love again

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Beautiful things will always be built on the foundations of pain. We are strengthened by adversity and seasoned by trials in our relationships. It is not how much pain we feel that matters. What matters is that we are able to find a space in our hearts to forgive those who have hurt us. It is not how hard we have stumbled that matters. What matters is and lost it. What matters most is the joy that feeling brought us. What matters most is that we loved at all.

Love alone is capable of uniting beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in them. that we muster enough courage to stand on our feet and try again. It doesn’t matter if we have found love. :)

Ciao! :)

Getting Ready for School?

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Although she is still not feeling well because of cough and colds, my little girl happily grabbed her  laptop as if she’s getting ready for school. Well, we have decided to send her to school when she is 5 years old. Anyway, eventhough she’s only 3, she knows ABC already. :) She can count up to 20. She knows different animals and she has very sharp memory! You bet she plays memory games on our computer! :)


Antoinette with her Bratz laptop!

Her favorite book these days is the Bible. Well, it’s actually a book about the different stories in the Bible. She has a lot of questions which sometimes I cannot answer!

Well, I still have 2 years to have the lighting fixtures in our bedroom to be done. In that way, my little girl will have a comfortable and will get good lights while she study. :)

Ciao! :)

Everything happens for a reason

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I was on leave for 2 days so I didn’t go to work for 4 days. :) I need to have sometime with myself. I have been weighing things to come up with a very wise decision. It’s not that I am not happy with my work. It’s just that there are reasons that made me think twice, if I would stay with the company I am with for 6 years!

As I fix my “abubot”, I found a sheet of paper with a very interesting and meaningful message. I wrote it, I believe when I was still in college. I don’t remember anymore if I got it from a book or a magazine. But what is important is the message within it. It was something that helped me in my wandering which I would like to share with you.

“Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck. Illness, injury, love and lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight flat road to nowhere, safe and comfortable but dull and utterly paint less. The people you meet affect your life. The success and downfall that you experience can create who you are, and the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most poignant and important ones.

If someone hurts you, betrays you or break your heart, forgive them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.”

Ciao! :)

Turning 28..

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Yesterday, I celebrated my 28th birthday. Wow! I am 28 years old already and yet I still don’t find myself as a successful person.

I woke up early in the morning yesterday and I thanked God for another year of my life. I thanked God for all the blessings He has given me and for plenty of blessings more that are yet to come. As I uttered my morning prayer, I reflected on how success is being measured.

When I was younger, I have been so idealistic about life. But as I become mature each year, I see things different from before. As I looked back, I realized that success is not really measured on how much money you have in the bank. It is not measured on the position you have in your work. But, success is when you stand and continue fighting each time you fall.

I had experience a lot of downfall in my life. I stumbled often for I am weak. But what matters most is that I have God who always picks me up and carry me in His loving arms.

Happy Birthday to me! :) (Belated happy birthday to my younger sister Patty last June 2!) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAT!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Ciao! :)

What your hair says about you?

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