Remembering a dear Grandmother

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When we learned that our paternal grandmother passed away, we were saddened but we’re happier. We’re not happy because she’s gone but we’re happy because her sufferings have ended. She was 92 years old. She has poor eyesight and poor sense of hearing. But, she has a very sharp memory. :) She knew all her grandchildren’s birthdays!

I remember 2 years ago (she’s 90 years old then), I told her that I am thinking of doing a family tree. Would you believe that at her age, she still remembered her own grandparents!?! We’re able to finish our family tree and it was a great feeling to know your roots. She also mentioned that we have some Spanish blood (wow!). :)

My grandmother’s favorite son was my father. So, during her younger days, everytime my sisters and I spend summer vacation in Quezon, she takes care of us very much. She cook for us and make sure that we’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

When I was 3 years old, she brought me with her in Quezon. Well, she was only 64 then! :)

She loved watching movies even when she’s alone. She used to tell us stories when she would go to the movies alone and watch movies which star her favorite actress of all time, Nora Aunor. Oh she loved her so much! :)

Another thing, that I remember about her and would definitely miss in her was that, I learned a lot of gossips from her! :) We often asked her about a certain person she knew and she will really tell us something about him/her. My cousins and I loved asking her about different gossips. Though we knew it already, we just loved the way she told it.

One thing that my cousins and I will never forget about her was that she loved playing 41! I know most of you are familiar with this. I learned to play this card game when I was in grade 3! :)

My mother was a pretty woman. She would always tell us stories about her childhood and her teenage life. She said that she loved going to sayawan during barrio fiestas. In fact, she always received invitation from different barangays to participate in their sayawan during the fiesta. I had my own experiences with sayawan, too! :)

She also told us how she and my grandfather met and eventually got married. We often tease her on how young she dated! She said that my grandfather courted her when she was only 12. :) She and my grandfather had 9 children. But I only met 7. Her two other children died when they were very young. She always bragged about her second child (who happened to be her first daughter) whose name was Stella. My grandmother said that she was a red-haired girl and she was very beautiful. She laugh everytime we asked her if one of us (her grandchildren) got Stella’s beauty. Well, she didn’t answer directly, but through her laugh we can tell that no one got her daughter Stella’s beauty. :)

When one of us is being intrigue (you know in our barangay in Quezon province, gossiping is one of the people’s hobby) or talk of the town, she was the first one in our defense.

Well, I would truly miss my grandmother. I am glad that she was able to meet my daughter and was fond of her.

Ciao! :)

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