Goodbye Granny

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It was around 1AM of June 13 when my youngest sister received a call from my aunt in Quezon. We knew that our paternal grandmother is gone, it was long before she answered the call. They would not call that early if nothing serious had happened. We were saddened about her death but then, we were happy, too. She’s 92 years old and she’s bed ridden already. My aunts who live in Quezon looked after her.

My sisters, our aunt (who lives with us) and me didn’t get back to sleep to plan what we need to do. Our family is the only one who lives in Manila. So we need to plan thouroughly what needs to be done. I went back to sleep at around 3:30AM and need to get up by 5AM to report for work at 6AM.

Anyway, my aunt decided to go to Quezon on that same day. My family (my mom, my 2 younger sisters and nonet and me) and my two other cousins decided to leave Manila the following day (Sunday) to give way for my work schedule.

Sunday Afternoon (June 14)

They just wait for me to arrive from work that day. My mom packed my clothes and other things that we need. I arrived at around 3:30 PM but we left the house at 5PM already. God had sent an angel through my friend Julius then. You see, I don’t have enough money for our fare and expenses in Quezon. My sister had her own share of money, too.

Before we leave,  my sister brought our 2 cats to their foster home for a while (thanks to ate Heide and ate Gwen). My mother brought our gold fishes to our neighbor (ate May) for temporary custody.  Off we go to JAC Liner station and we took the Lucena trip. We decided to have a cutting trip for my daughter’s convenience. Well, there are only few bus companies which offer air-conditioned buses that will take us to our little town, Plaridel.

We arrived at around 11:30 PM to Quezon that night. We went first to my aunt Lyn’s house to keep our things then we headed to our grandmother’s house. I never seen my grandmother so peaceful and at ease. I didn’t cry when I looked at her. I know that she is now with God and that she is very happy. I know that she and my grandfather are together one more time. And that she is with her 3 sons (including my father) in heaven.

Ciao! :)

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