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I am really not sure if the title of this article fits with the contents. Well, yesterday in Makati City held an anti-Con Ass(Contitutional Assembley) rally. Recently, the lower house of the Philippine legislation approved a bill about Con-Ass. Whatever term they used, it is simply changing the continstition/law of the Philippines. In the news, it says that the bill has been approved in 7 hours. Wow! Seven hours only! Unlilke other bills that will take months or even years before being approved.

Well, maybe because the 2010 election is just around the corner. I really can’t help to think how dirty politics is. That there are officials who will kill for power. That there are such selfish people. They are the ones whom we voted to protect us yet, they’re the ones who will kill us. Kill us in a way that they will deprive us from our rights of suffrage. :(   Ofcourse, all those congressmen who voted for this bill has their own personal agenda. To top it all, even though Malacañang said that they did not influence those men, we know that they do. Well, who are they fooling?!? It has been very obvious since then, that they wanted to change the constitution for their own benefits. To stay in position. To stay in power.

I told ney that only if he’s here with me, I would ask him to go with me in Makati and participate in the said rally. Since, I will not be able to go there and express my support physically, I just prayed to God that the rally will be a successful one. It has been raining this past few days, and I remember asking St. Clare’s help in praying with me to Jesus. That He will bless the rally wih a good weather. It has been known that when you pray and offer “egg” to St. Clare, it will not rain. Well, everyone has their own faith and beliefs. But that is my own. All day long, I keep praying to God that the weather will be fine and the rally participants will be okay. I know that St. Clare prayed with me and I know that all the participants prayed for a good weather as well.

Gladly, the rally ended and the day ended with no rain. Praise God! Well, hopefully that those people’s time and effort will not be useless. I know that God loves the Filipino people and I know that He will not put His people into a situation that we cannot resolve.

God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

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