Remembering a dear Grandmother

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When we learned that our paternal grandmother passed away, we were saddened but we’re happier. We’re not happy because she’s gone but we’re happy because her sufferings have ended. She was 92 years old. She has poor eyesight and poor sense of hearing. But, she has a very sharp memory. :) She knew all her grandchildren’s birthdays!

I remember 2 years ago (she’s 90 years old then), I told her that I am thinking of doing a family tree. Would you believe that at her age, she still remembered her own grandparents!?! We’re able to finish our family tree and it was a great feeling to know your roots. She also mentioned that we have some Spanish blood (wow!). :)

My grandmother’s favorite son was my father. So, during her younger days, everytime my sisters and I spend summer vacation in Quezon, she takes care of us very much. She cook for us and make sure that we’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

When I was 3 years old, she brought me with her in Quezon. Well, she was only 64 then! :)

She loved watching movies even when she’s alone. She used to tell us stories when she would go to the movies alone and watch movies which star her favorite actress of all time, Nora Aunor. Oh she loved her so much! :)

Another thing, that I remember about her and would definitely miss in her was that, I learned a lot of gossips from her! :) We often asked her about a certain person she knew and she will really tell us something about him/her. My cousins and I loved asking her about different gossips. Though we knew it already, we just loved the way she told it.

One thing that my cousins and I will never forget about her was that she loved playing 41! I know most of you are familiar with this. I learned to play this card game when I was in grade 3! :)

My mother was a pretty woman. She would always tell us stories about her childhood and her teenage life. She said that she loved going to sayawan during barrio fiestas. In fact, she always received invitation from different barangays to participate in their sayawan during the fiesta. I had my own experiences with sayawan, too! :)

She also told us how she and my grandfather met and eventually got married. We often tease her on how young she dated! She said that my grandfather courted her when she was only 12. :) She and my grandfather had 9 children. But I only met 7. Her two other children died when they were very young. She always bragged about her second child (who happened to be her first daughter) whose name was Stella. My grandmother said that she was a red-haired girl and she was very beautiful. She laugh everytime we asked her if one of us (her grandchildren) got Stella’s beauty. Well, she didn’t answer directly, but through her laugh we can tell that no one got her daughter Stella’s beauty. :)

When one of us is being intrigue (you know in our barangay in Quezon province, gossiping is one of the people’s hobby) or talk of the town, she was the first one in our defense.

Well, I would truly miss my grandmother. I am glad that she was able to meet my daughter and was fond of her.

Ciao! :)

Goodbye Granny

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It was around 1AM of June 13 when my youngest sister received a call from my aunt in Quezon. We knew that our paternal grandmother is gone, it was long before she answered the call. They would not call that early if nothing serious had happened. We were saddened about her death but then, we were happy, too. She’s 92 years old and she’s bed ridden already. My aunts who live in Quezon looked after her.

My sisters, our aunt (who lives with us) and me didn’t get back to sleep to plan what we need to do. Our family is the only one who lives in Manila. So we need to plan thouroughly what needs to be done. I went back to sleep at around 3:30AM and need to get up by 5AM to report for work at 6AM.

Anyway, my aunt decided to go to Quezon on that same day. My family (my mom, my 2 younger sisters and nonet and me) and my two other cousins decided to leave Manila the following day (Sunday) to give way for my work schedule.

Sunday Afternoon (June 14)

They just wait for me to arrive from work that day. My mom packed my clothes and other things that we need. I arrived at around 3:30 PM but we left the house at 5PM already. God had sent an angel through my friend Julius then. You see, I don’t have enough money for our fare and expenses in Quezon. My sister had her own share of money, too.

Before we leave,  my sister brought our 2 cats to their foster home for a while (thanks to ate Heide and ate Gwen). My mother brought our gold fishes to our neighbor (ate May) for temporary custody.  Off we go to JAC Liner station and we took the Lucena trip. We decided to have a cutting trip for my daughter’s convenience. Well, there are only few bus companies which offer air-conditioned buses that will take us to our little town, Plaridel.

We arrived at around 11:30 PM to Quezon that night. We went first to my aunt Lyn’s house to keep our things then we headed to our grandmother’s house. I never seen my grandmother so peaceful and at ease. I didn’t cry when I looked at her. I know that she is now with God and that she is very happy. I know that she and my grandfather are together one more time. And that she is with her 3 sons (including my father) in heaven.

Ciao! :)

Back to Work

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After 7 long days of not reporting to work, I finally came back to work today. I didn’t come late (and I’m happy about it :) ). Nothing has changed since the last time I’d been here. Well, I have had 8 calls already and no sales yet :( hmmm.

Anyway, my day just started and I still have a long day to cope up with our daily sales target (hopefully :) ).

Help me God. :)

Ciao! :)

Home Again

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Finally Nonet was discharge this afternoon from the hospital. She was so excited to go home. Who would not want to go home? Even though the hospital offers an airconditioned room and a nice bathroom, there is still no place like home. :)

After settling the charges from the billing department, my sister assisted me in packing our things. It was a 6-day stay at the hospital. And I was 3 days absent :( . I couldn’t sleep well in there though. Antoinette was under a 24-hour monitoring. She was attended by 3 nurses everyday. I was awaken everytime a nurse check her vital signs. So I wasn’t able to enjoy the stay. Aside from that I am very worried about my daughter’s condition. Praise God she is well now and I can now report for work tomorrow. :)

Hopefully,  my daughter will not get sick anytime soon. She is so sensitive yet she is a very active girl and very brave. The medical technologist didn’t have a hard time pricking her finger for blood test. Her attending doctor said that she has a high tolerance for pain. Well, I guess, she get used to it. Imagine, she was first confined at the hospital when she was only 8 months old!

These past 2 weeks had been stressful for me. Hopefully, I will be able to regain my strength so I can work efficiently.


Hope she gets better

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I’m still in the hospital today. I just used one of their Internet kiosk to update you guys. Sorry, I haven’t posted pictures about my recent trip to Quezon. It wasn’t a like a vacation though, but I took advantage of my stay to bond with cousins and my nieces and nephews.

Anyway, my little angel is still confined due to Dengue fever. Her platelets drop to 98 the other day but it is now in the normal count today. We’re about to be discharged today but, though her red blood cells’ count is now normal, her white blood cells dropped below the normal count. It isn’t safe yet to leave the hospital. She is again under observation. :(

I’d been absent from work for couple of days already and I hope my bosses specially my tc will understand. One of the nurses who is attending my daughter told her to get well soon so that mommy can go to work already. I hope and I pray, too.


King of Pop Music is gone

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I and ney were surprised as we watch the morning news today about the death of music’s king of pop, Michael Jackson at the age 50. According to news, cardiac arrest was the cause of his death. But there would be investigations to be done about this.

Jacko as we know has gone through a lot of intrigues in his career. But those can never change the fact that he will always be remembered and his music will continue to linger in every man’s heart.

As for my favorite MJ’s song,  “Heal the World”.

Nonet Got Dengue?!?

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Well, that was what the doctor’s first impression. :( I was preparing myself for work last Monday, when my younger sister noticed the rashes on my daughter’s skin. She has fever since Thursday night. I brought her to the hospital last Saturday but the doctors advised us to observe her further and bring her back to er if her fever persist.

Last Monday her platelet cout was 145. Yesterday it was only 117! Earlier this morning hospital’s med tech got ample of blood samples again and there was no result yet when I left the hospital for office to get Philhealth form.

I pray to God that she’ll be okay and that she get well soon.  

Pray and Sacrifice that My Son May Postpone These Events

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The Blessed Mother said, “The greatest suffering is about to befall mankind. Children, my dear children, prepare now. The time has come for God to punish all mankind.

“Pray, fast, little ones. Please. The events I speak about are close at hand.

“Remain faithful.

“Have blessed candles and a blessed image of my Son and holy water in your homes.”

“Please tell my children to have blessed candles and a blessed image of my Son and holy water in your homes.”

“My children will not listen.

“Pray and sacrifice that my Son may postpone these events. Please, please, please listen.

“I love you, my precious, precious children.

“Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart. Please remember to thank my Son. He is your salvation. With His help I am able to shield you under my mantle.”

Happy Father’s Day

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I have been away for quite a while. I’ve got a  lot of stories to tell.  Please give me sometime to finish my articles and to collate all the pictures and video files that I would love to share with you.

But today I would like to greet all the fathers in the world a Happy Father’s Day. :)

My own father died about 2 years ago. He may not been a perfect father but he had been a loving and sweet father to us, his daughters and to my little girl. I know that Papa is happy and he’s enjoying his afterlife with God, and all the angels and faithful departed.

I would like to greet the loving father of my daughter a Happy Dad’s Day . There are still a lot of complications in our relationship and in our own family, but I know that sooner or later, everything will fall into proper places. :) We love you, ney.

Of course, I will not forget to greet our one great Father in heaven! Happy Father’s Day! I love you.

Happy Father's Day

Ciao! :)

The Future is Yours..

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The future is yours
in all its mystery and promise.
Walk down life’s winding pathways
with courage and humor and hope,
savoring fully your triumphs
and learning from your trials.
Strive to live to the best of your ability
by those personal standards
of honor and excellence
which only you can set.
Cherish, above all, your individuality.
Realize always
that you are capable of achieving
the only kind of success in life
that really matters–
that of being at peace with yourself
and with the world around you.
Your moment has come…
the world awaits…
the future is yours.


Happy Independence Day!

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Today the Philippines is celebrating its 111 years of Independence. Looking back, we remember the courage and heroism shown by our national hereos. Let us not waste their heroic deeds and let us continue the legacy they left to us. Let us all be watchful and protective of our freedom..

Happy Independence Day to all the Filipino people all over the world!

Philippine flag

An Expression of Freewill

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I am really not sure if the title of this article fits with the contents. Well, yesterday in Makati City held an anti-Con Ass(Contitutional Assembley) rally. Recently, the lower house of the Philippine legislation approved a bill about Con-Ass. Whatever term they used, it is simply changing the continstition/law of the Philippines. In the news, it says that the bill has been approved in 7 hours. Wow! Seven hours only! Unlilke other bills that will take months or even years before being approved.

Well, maybe because the 2010 election is just around the corner. I really can’t help to think how dirty politics is. That there are officials who will kill for power. That there are such selfish people. They are the ones whom we voted to protect us yet, they’re the ones who will kill us. Kill us in a way that they will deprive us from our rights of suffrage. :(   Ofcourse, all those congressmen who voted for this bill has their own personal agenda. To top it all, even though Malacañang said that they did not influence those men, we know that they do. Well, who are they fooling?!? It has been very obvious since then, that they wanted to change the constitution for their own benefits. To stay in position. To stay in power.

I told ney that only if he’s here with me, I would ask him to go with me in Makati and participate in the said rally. Since, I will not be able to go there and express my support physically, I just prayed to God that the rally will be a successful one. It has been raining this past few days, and I remember asking St. Clare’s help in praying with me to Jesus. That He will bless the rally wih a good weather. It has been known that when you pray and offer “egg” to St. Clare, it will not rain. Well, everyone has their own faith and beliefs. But that is my own. All day long, I keep praying to God that the weather will be fine and the rally participants will be okay. I know that St. Clare prayed with me and I know that all the participants prayed for a good weather as well.

Gladly, the rally ended and the day ended with no rain. Praise God! Well, hopefully that those people’s time and effort will not be useless. I know that God loves the Filipino people and I know that He will not put His people into a situation that we cannot resolve.

God bless us all!

Ciao! :)

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