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I should have had an interview with QTV 11′s Chances Are staff this evening about my angel collection. But according to Aubrey, there were some changes made by the producer and the said interview will not happen anymore. Well, that’s fine. Anyway, there had been good things that happened for that “supposed to tete-a-tete” with Chances Are. :) One of the good things was that, we’re able to maintain the cleanliness and ordiliness of the house! :) Well, my mother is really glad about it!

Then, as I prepare my collections for that supposed interview, I realized that having an angel collection is something that can be considered as stress reliever. As I brushed the dust from my little angels, I felt a very calm and relaxing feeling. You bet, I didn’t get easily angry! :)

As I checked on my clippings and articles about angels, I thought that it wasn’t good enough to be called as a collection. So, I asked my youngest sister, Pauline to accompany me a bookstore and find some books about angels.

We went straight to the religious books as soon as arrived into the bookstore. It had been 30 minutes already but we can’t really find any book about angel! As in! Then, I spoke to my angel and told him to help us find one. As I turned into another shelf, I immediately found a book entitled, “Who is your Guardian Angel”. I checked on the price but it was around Php500! I told my sister that maybe the book could be on its discounted price. It wasn’t look brand new. At the back of my mind I was praying hard that the book should be on sale.

When I verified it from the counter, I learned that the book is only Php103 only! It was an amazing incident! :)

Well, even if the interview didn’t happen, I will continue to post my angel experiences here on my blog. It may not be as extraordinary as it is, but these experiences happen to let us know that they do exist. That we can count on them no matter what. :)

Guardian Angel

Ciao! :)


3 Responses to “My Angel Finder”

  1. Maria Conge Says:

    can i speak to you about your angel collections? do you live around metro manila perhaps?

  2. Phillipe Manalang Says:

    Hi! This is Phillipe of ABSCBN Matanglawin. We will be having an angel episode and one segment will feature an angel collector. With this, may we invite you to share your angel collection and experiences on tv. Pls do reach me at my mobile 09166763388 asap. Thanks so much!

  3. Mpho namane Says:

    I need to know my angel’s name.

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