A Wedding to Remember

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Remember my post about my team leader’s wedding? Well, it was a very beautiful garden wedding. My friends and I attended our team lead Jennet and Gerald wedding last Saturday. The wedding was held at around 4PM in the afternoon. We arrived at the venue few minutes before the wedding ceremony started.

I have known Mami Jennet and Dadi Ge (we are fond of calling them mami and dadi) for quite sometime. She is a simple and quiet person. When I first learned that they are a “couple”, I was really surprised because, I didn’t learn that Dadi Ge was courting our TL.

They are not that “showy” in public but you can feel the love between them.

As they tie-knot last May 23 at Sitio Elena, I know that they will have a quiet yet wonderful relationship. The place was very relaxing and it was one prayerful wedding. The guest are mostly couple’s families and closest friends. I am glad that I was there to witness their matrimony.

Sitio Elena

I enjoyed the food and place. The ammenities suits every occasions need. The washroom is cozy and you bet, the sink is one of the pretty vessel sinks I have seen in magazine!

I can only say that their wedding is really something to be remembered. :)

Well, congratulations again to dadi Ge and best wishes to mami Jennet. Hope to see little jennet and gerald soon. May God bless your marriage.

Ciao! :)

I have seen it!

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“It’s selling like hot cake!” That may sound a cliche, but then, it is one phrase that I can describe the hottest item in the news and even in the Philippine Senate today. Well, it is the video scandal of actress Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho. Much have been said about the issue and since, this is my site, I would like to take advantage of my priviledge to pour out my opinion.

the video scandal

I have seen the video myself. I pity Katrina and but I pity the commercial model more. In my opinion, Hayden doesn’t have an intention to have the video for public viewing. I mean, his other videos has been taped when he was still at med school which was how many years ago. It’s just that, why does he needs to capture on video his intimate moments with his girlfriends!?! If he really loved those girls, then he should have respect them. Is he sick? Well, he could be.

Is he and Katrina on drugs? If you will only look at the video plainly, one would really say that they could be in the influence of drugs. ‘Coz if not, is that the way you make love with someone you truly love? One of my friends even commented that they looked more like exibitionist. There was no passion.

Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili

 the senate hearing

I watch ETC Live this afternoon, and the host have different opinion about the recently concluded senate hearing about this video scandal. There is bill being promulgated and the success of that bill will depend upon that hearing.

I belive, that the said scandal should be covered under the women and children welfare’s bill. I don’t know how that bill is actually called. But I know that there is already an existing bill who looks after the welfare of women and children.

For me, those senators who have personal intentions are sensationalizing this issue. As we know, 2010 elections is just around the corner.

I think, our senators should not be putting equal time and attention to other issues that our country faces. I don’t even remember what happened to the land reform that our dear farmers are fighting for. I mean, HELLO! we owe the rice we eat from those farmers, that our senators should not take for granted.

lesson learned

I know it has been painful for Katrina to learn such a lesson the hard way. I remember she said in the senate that, it is possible that even when she’s gone, there would still people who will watch her video. That’s pretty sad.

For Hayden, I don’t know. Hopefully he will be able to overcome this not-so-good type of journal. He said that he kept those videos like a diary. Duh?!?

Well, I hope this issue will soon be resolved. And if there is such a law to be made about this, I hope it will be implemented soon. So that, our good senators will be able to focus on other important thing for the welfare of our nation.


High Maintainance

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When Antoinette was only about 3 months old, she has been diagnosed to have a skin asthma. For baby at that young age, it was really terrible. Of course, she can’t talk yet to tell us what’s wrong. She will just cry and cry and we really didn’t know what to do then. We hoped that she will outgrown her skin asthma as she grew up but it doesn’t happen (yet).

About 5 days ago, we were also at The Medical City to see her dermatologist and pediatrician. Both doctors told me that having a skin asthma requires high maintainance. She was given a different set of skin cream and moisturizers. She can’t just use any regular bath or baby soap. It was actually pain in my pocket!

My daughter’s skin gets so dry and very itchy. There were days that my mom and I lost our patience because of her frequent complain about skin itchiness. The doctors said that we don’t know how itchy a person’s skin with skin asthma gets.

For moisturizer, which means to be applied in her whole body, the derma prescribed Physiogel Cream. It is a hypo-allergenic cream which holds the skin’s water. Antoinette have used Physiogel lotion before but the cream is richer and it is more appropriate for her.

She was also given a Floucinonide lotion and clear soap. It has been 5 days now and so far, Antoinette skin is better and she sleeps fine lately. The pedia added that whatever triggers skin asthma will also also trigger bronchial asthma.

Though the maintainance will really cost me alot, I wouldn’t mind as long as it will make my daughter feel comfortable. I know that I have to work harder so that I will be able to attend to her mdical needs. I feel tired and disoriented at times at work, but then, I know that my daughter depend on me and there will no one else who will love and takes good care of her except me, her mother. Maybe, it is really a natural thing for mothers to love their children so much. That mothers will do anything for their children’s welfare.


Another day @ TMC

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I hope my team leader Grace won’t be mad at me for not reporting to work today. Well, I have always a valid reason for not going to work. My daughter has been suffering from colds lately. We’re giving her medication for the colds but due to weather conditions, she suffered bronchial asthma last night. It wasn’t that serious though, but it was a good thing to have a nebulizer ready. She was able to sleep fine but around 4AM this morning, she woke up because of cough.

When she was still a baby, she has been hospitalized a couple of times due to pneumonia which will start with an asthma attack then followed by cough and colds. I know that my performance at work will be affected for not showing up today, but then again, I need to bring her to the doctor right away.

I sent a text message to my team lead and then we prepared ourselves for going to the hospital. My younger sister, Patty accompanied us in going to Medical City. It was a good thing that there wasn’t much patient that day and Antoinette was attended right away by her pediatrician.

The pedia said that she has a congested nose and the cough doesn’t look very good. I was asked to buy some medicine for the cough and advised to see her again on Monday for check up.

Well, I hope and pray that my little girl will get well very soon.  


Happy Birthday Pau!

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I know it’s been almost a week since I have not updated you guys with my life. Well, I am really not feeling well lately and I still feel weak today. :(

I just drop by to greet my youngest sister Pau a happy birthday! :)

Guys, I’ll update you very soon. I have ample of stories to share..

Ciao! :)

Something to be Captured!

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I woke up late this morning since I slept past 12AM last night. Well, I was able to prepare the things I need to bring when I go work this morning. I thought I didn’t forget anything but I did! :(

This afternoon, it will be our team lead Jennet’s wedding. Of course, I wanted to capture every happy moments that we will witness later on. When I was young, I have been so idealistic when it comes to wedding and the preparations being done about it. But, as I grow up I realize the real value and meaning of a wedding. That it is not about the fancy clothes, restaurant, food and the pretty give aways. It is about the vow that a man and woman makes before God that they will love and be faithful to each other for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do they part.

Hope that my friends’ sd flash memory will be enough to capture every wonderful moments! :)


Ciao! :)

My Angel Finder

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I should have had an interview with QTV 11′s Chances Are staff this evening about my angel collection. But according to Aubrey, there were some changes made by the producer and the said interview will not happen anymore. Well, that’s fine. Anyway, there had been good things that happened for that “supposed to tete-a-tete” with Chances Are. :) One of the good things was that, we’re able to maintain the cleanliness and ordiliness of the house! :) Well, my mother is really glad about it!

Then, as I prepare my collections for that supposed interview, I realized that having an angel collection is something that can be considered as stress reliever. As I brushed the dust from my little angels, I felt a very calm and relaxing feeling. You bet, I didn’t get easily angry! :)

As I checked on my clippings and articles about angels, I thought that it wasn’t good enough to be called as a collection. So, I asked my youngest sister, Pauline to accompany me a bookstore and find some books about angels.

We went straight to the religious books as soon as arrived into the bookstore. It had been 30 minutes already but we can’t really find any book about angel! As in! Then, I spoke to my angel and told him to help us find one. As I turned into another shelf, I immediately found a book entitled, “Who is your Guardian Angel”. I checked on the price but it was around Php500! I told my sister that maybe the book could be on its discounted price. It wasn’t look brand new. At the back of my mind I was praying hard that the book should be on sale.

When I verified it from the counter, I learned that the book is only Php103 only! It was an amazing incident! :)

Well, even if the interview didn’t happen, I will continue to post my angel experiences here on my blog. It may not be as extraordinary as it is, but these experiences happen to let us know that they do exist. That we can count on them no matter what. :)

Guardian Angel

Ciao! :)


Fun Day with Friends

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I just got home from one of my friends post birthday celebration. Well, it was a good thing I went to attend the celebration after a long day of work. The food was great! :) I was really starving when I arrived there.

Of course, I didn’t miss singing in their videoke. :) It will not be me if I’m not going to sing. :P My friends and I had some bottles of beer. But, it was just part of the celebration. We all have to report for work tomorrow. :)

I guess this is one day that I have not think about my diet. Anyway there are lots of diet pills available if ever I would be needing one someday! :)

All of us went home with a full stomach. I certainly enjoyed it! :)

Ciao! :)

Angel loves French Fries!

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Well, I guess only in movies. :) I have not collecting angel stuff yet when I first seen this movie. I was in grade school, still. I haven’t watch the movie in cinema, for this movie was released in theaters sometime in 1987. I was only 6 years old then! :) Even at a young age, I have love angels already. Date with an Angel, is one of my all-time favorite movies. The story is about an angel who fell from heaven to take Jim Sanders soul back to heaven. Well, check the plot synopsis here.

Date with an Angel

Emmanuel Beart played the angel. While Phoebe Cates played the fiancee of Jim Sanders (played by Michael Knight). One of my favorite scenes in the movie was when Jim’s buddies, kidnapped her using a french fries as a bait. Oh, how she loves french fries! :)

Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Beart an the Angel

Well, even though she’s an angel, they still ended up together. What happened? Well, you’ve got to see the movie! :)

 Cast of Date with an Angel

Phoebe Cates, Michael E. Knight, Emmanuelle Beart

Ciao! :)

Happy Birthday Papa..

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I almost forget that today was my father birthday. He passed away 2 years ago because of cancer. One of my neighbors told us that a when a person dies, only his death anniversary should be celebrated. Well, it’s not wrong either to remember Papa’s birthday. Though, I am on a tight budget (because of my resignation plan in July), I still bought a cake and a grilled chicken from Baliwag.

I know, that even though Papa is no longer physically with us, he’s up there with God watching and loving us always.

Happy birthday Papa, I truly miss you..

Angelic Collection

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It was a happy feeling when someone appreciate my everyday stories that I share here. :) One of my readers, Aubrey, happened to drop by my journal one day and found my fascination about angels. Well, its been a while since I have shared my stories about our angels. Aubrey contacted me and asked about my fascination about these heavenly creatures.

I started to recall my obsession with angels then. Until, I finally establish a very close relationship with them. I just finished reading an article about our guardian angels and would you believe that God sends us legions of angels to protect us!?! Well, God really treats us like VIPs, right? :)

When Aubrey called me, she asked if I have collections of angels. Well, I certainly do. It is not a big collection though, but I managed to have around 30 pcs of angel figurines. This lead me to dig into my “abubots” and found interesting items about my addiction with angels!

I have always been an angel believer. If I remember it correctly, I started collecting angel figurines when I was in highschool. I just love them! :) My little collection grew in numbers when I was in college. But, we experienced financial difficulties then that my collection got affected. :(

Anyway, my love to these little babies led me in naming most of them. :) The first angel figurine I had was named Frannie. It was the same name I called my diary, then. I just learned about this again today when I scrumbled through my “boxes”. :)

Then, I had this 3 little girls which I named after my favorite names, Emmanuelle, Mikaela and Gabrielle. Would you believe that when I gave birth to my little girl, I have not used any of these names?!? Well, my daughter’s name origin has its own little amazing story. :)

Then I have these “band of angels”. I tagged them band of angels because they play instrument and one of the angels (which I named Princess Anne) is singing. I named her Princess Anne after my name. I have been a “royal” fan, too. :) The girls are Yana (named after my sister Pauline), Princess Anne and Jane (named after my sister Patricia Jane), respectively. Then the boys are John Gabriel, Prince Leonard (named him after ney, who plays drums very well!) and Paul Michael, respectively. The boys name (except for Prince Leonard) are my two favorite names which I intend to name my baby if ever God will bless me with a baby boy. :)

Band of Angels

Angelic Band

I’ve got few more significant angels which are nameless. I have one angel figurine who is sitting on an airplane. I’ve got that one because I have this big dream of working abroad, then. But, when I become a mother, plans changed. I would really miss my daughter if I work abroad.

Part of my collection also were clippings about angels, prayer books and books about them. I told Aubrey that I had a angel pin but when I checked on my things, it was actually an earing. I guess I lost the other pair for I only got 1 pc of the pair. :(

I had my calling cards and address stickers with angel themes, too. And, because of this angel-addiction, I remember my projects in college were all decorated and designed with angels! :)

I have forgotten about it already. I was smiling to myself this afternoon as I reminisce, while I arrange the little collection I have. I felt amazing and calm the whole day. The angelic ambience in our house is really wonderful. :)

Well, I know that my collection will start growing in numbers again. That’s for sure! :)

Ciao! :)

Angels and Demons

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It was a busy day for me yesterday. It’s not quite a regular off for me, though. I reported to work for our scheduled work on restday. Actually, I really have no plans of rendering WORD yesterday but my mother keeps on bugging me about it so I went to the office. It was just a half day word so, time flew fast that I hadn’t notice that it’s time to go.  Afterwork, I decided to join my friends and colleagues in watching the movie, Angels and Demons. I have seen the Da Vinci Code and I’m curious about the story of this one.

I remember my sister, Patty, telling me one time that she’s really excited about the movie. She read the book and she can’t imagine how they will make the book into a movie. Anyway, we arrived at SM Megamall at around 2PM (I guess :) ). We ate our lunch at Chef Donatello. We enjoyed our pizza at pasta lunch! :)   We headed our way to the movie house and waited til the movie started.

I admit it, at first, I don’t seem to understand the movie! :( I even sent a text message to my sister Patty and told her that I’m watching Angels and Demons already, and I can’t seem to understand it. Well, she replied to my text with a mocking and laughing message :) ! Anyway, I focused and paid full attention to the movie until I slowly getting it gist.

At the end of the story, I sent another text message to my sister again and told her that I understood it. I was getting goosebumps while watching the movie. I even cried at some parts of the movie. I am a Catholic and I will stick to my faith no matter what.

I will not deliberately tell what happened to the movie. There was a lot of information, places and names that I cannot remember. But what is important is that how the movie affected my life and my faith. Well, watching the movie and I guess even reading the novel itself will not shake my faith a bit. Like other religions, Catholic faith is not flawless. Over the years, a lot of non-believers have tried to ruin and run over this faith.

But then, what really matters is that my faith and my love to one true God will not be moved by any movies or stories as such. 

Ciao! :)

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