Happy Easter!

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Well, what else can I say but Happy Easter everybody!

Jesus on Easter Sunday

Let us not forget to thank Jesus for everything. :)

Black Saturday and Easter Vigil Mass

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In the morning of Black Saturday, there wasn’t much activities in the church. By the way, I remember my daughter asked me if Jesus will resurrect from death. At her young age, I just don’t know how to explain her why we have Holy Week. I don’t know how to explain to her that Jesus is alive and we only remember His sufferings and sacrifices  to redeem us from our sins.

She also mentioned that she is sad because of what happened to Jesus. I told her not to be sad anymore for Jesus will be alive again. :) I told her, to be a good and obedient daughter so that Jesus will be happy. I hope that she understood it :) .

Anyway, in the night of Black Saturday, the Catholic church celebrates the Easter Vigil Mass. I wasn’t able to attend this for I need to look after my daughter and I need to report for work the following day at 4AM.

There was a blessing of fire and the lighting of the Paschal candle.

paschal candle

We also renew the vows we made when we were baptized.  My mother and my 2 younger sisters attended the Easter Vigil mass. I don’t remember the last time I participated in the Easter Vigil Mass. :(   Hopefully next year,  I will be able to attend this one.

Ciao! :)

Good Friday

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Good Friday was the second day of the Triduum Prayer. Today we remember Jesus crucifixion and death on the cross.

good Friday

My sisters and I arrived at the church 30 minutes later after the Liturgy has started. There was no mass on that day. There was a liturgy and veneration of the cross.

Like what I have said in my previous post about the said “holy grail”, my attention was caught when the commentator mentioned the name of Mary Magdalene being at the foot of the Jesus’ cross when He died. If we can recall also, Mary Magdalene was the first to learn that Jesus has resurrected.

But, then, when the cross paraded as we remember Jesus sacrifices for us, I knew in my heart that no human can do all the sufferings and the passion He went through. I know that Jesus is one true God.

I and my youngest sister Pauline participated the Good Friday procession.

Maundy Thursday

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I got home late from work last Thursday. Well, late than usual. :) Infact, I remember my sister sent me a text message asking my whereabouts. I should’ve gone home by 1:30PM but I was still in the office at around 3PM then due to my call. Well, we were to attend the mass by 5PM at that day. We called the mass as the “MIsa ng Bayang Pilipino” but it was indeed, the celebration of the Jesus’ last supper with His apostles.

Last Supper

In the mass, the priest did what Jesus’ had done during that feast. There were 12 men who acted as apostles. Our parish priest washed and kissed their foot. Every year, this part of the mass gave me a different meaning. I felt differently as I watched the re-enactment.

Maybe because I have gone through a lot of emotional, intellectual and physical stress in the past days, and I felt God’s loving arms keeping me safe and making me feel secured.

The celebration ended with placing the holy Eucharist into the Altar of Repose. Before we left the church, I stood by the altar and prayed before Jesus. It was a very relaxing moment. I really felt His presence. And I know for sure that He will always be there for me whatever happens.

I wasn’t able to take some pictures of our own altar of repose, but I have posted one picture here to give an idea what the altar of repose looks like. The tabernacle (which is encircled) is the most important thing in the altar.

altar of repose

Ciao! :)

Holy Week 2009

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The preparation of Holy Week started on Ash Wednesday. I used to be very active with the Holy week activities before. I was part of the church choir and I really miss the days when we used to sing during the masses and activities associated with remembering Jesus’ passion.

Our family always participate in the celebration of the Triduum prayer or the Easter Triduum. The Triduum starts with the celebration of the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday ends on the celebration of the Easter Vigil Mass.

They said that if you are able to complete the Triduum prayer then whatever wish you have will be granted. :)

holy week

Ciao! :)

Badminton with Friends

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It was our payday yesterday and I am upset with my salary. :( My friends Julius and Motmot invited me to play badminton with them. Well, I am not in my “play suit” and I am not even wearing a sneakers! But, I guess, it’s a good time time for me to relax and unwind. The past days had not been so good, so a little relaxation will somehow help a bit.

We took a cab going to 20th Avenue and we arrived at the court around 20 minutes before 2PM. Motmot had a reservation already. We asked if I can play even though I am wearing pants. The woman in-charge said I can but I need to put on some sneakers. I sent a text message to our friend Manoline and I borrowed a pair of rubber shoes. She is just leaving near the court. Unfortunately, she couldn’t come to join us for she was still in the bank.

Motmot remembered that there are some “uk” stores near the court. We went in one of the stores and picked a pair of sneakers and a shirt. Off we go to court, I put on my sneakers and prepared for the game.

I should say that my two good friends are good players. I really enjoyed playing with them! :) They told me that I should now “regularly” join in playing the game with them.

Well, I think I would. I am also thinking that a little help from a diet pill may help me lose my unwanted fats. :)


Ciao! :)

Crazy about Barbie: The Island Princess

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My daughter has a new favorite movie. She watches Barbie, The Island Princess devotedly everyday! Sometimes, even twice a day! :) She loves the animals in the film. She adores the baby elephant named Tika. She also likes Azul, the peacock, the Sagi, a red panda and the dolphins.  She also enjoys singing the songs in it! Sometimes, I hear my self singing the songs also! :)

Barbie in The Island Princess

Nonet’s favorite songs from the movie are Right Here In My Arms,  I Need to Know and  Always More. So, I may be able to sing the whole songs with here, I did some lyric search and luckily, I found them! :)

Right Here in My Arms is something like a lullabye that Ro (Barbie) and her mother, used to sing to each other.  Ro was raised by island animals, Tika, Sagi and Azul. She was shipwrecked when she was about 8 years old. In the island, she learned how to speak with animals but she hardly remembers anything from her past. That song is the only she remembered which brought her back into her mother’s arms in the end of the movie. :)

Right Here In My Arms

Sun goes down and we are here together
Fireflies glow like a thousand charms
Stay with me and you can dream forever
Right here in my arms

Sun goes down and we are here together
fireflies glow like a tgousands charms
stay with me and you can dream forever
right here in my arms

its magic, the more you give it away
close your eyes and let me hold you tight
everything,that i could ever need is
right here in my arms tonight
star begin to climb

It’s magic, when you are here beside me
Close your eyes and let me hold you tight
Everything, that I could ever need is
Right here in my arms tonight


Summer day fade away
Stars begin to climb

Mother Queen:

Melodies fill the breeze
Sweeter all the time…

Nonet also love singing I Need to Know. This was the song that Ro sang when he joined Prince Antonio to sail away from the island in search for her lost family.

I Need To Know

Ro: Where is the land I come from?
Who lives where I was born?
Why do my memories start with a storm?
What if I have a family
Somewhere beyond the sea?
Could there be someone there missing me?

Tell me why I’m not sleeping
and my heart is leaping inside me
Could this be one of those times
when your feelings decide?

Why does he look through circles?
Why does he hide his feet?
Why do I feel so shy when we meet?
Is this the tree he sleeps in?
What can he see from there?
Could there be new horizons to share?

All these questions keep turning
and churning and burning inside me
What are these feelings I feel
when he’s here by my side?

I need to know these answers
I need to find my way
Seize my tomorrow
Learn my yesterday
I need to take these chances
Let all my feelings show
Can’t tell what’s waiting
Still I need to go
I need to know

Prince: Isn’t she just amazing?
Daring and bold and sure
Different from girls that I’ve met before
Do you think she might like me?
How do I look tonight?
I just want everything to be right

All these questions keep turning
and churning and burning inside me
What are these feelings I feel
when she’s here by my side?

Both: I need to know these answers
I need to find my way
Seize my tomorrow
Learn my yesterday
I need to take these chances
Let all my feelings show
Can’t tell what’s waiting
Still I need to go
I need to know …

And ofcourse, her most favorite is the song Always More. This was the song that Ro sang to Tika when her troop was sent back to the southern island. They had been accused of spreading illness to the animals in the kingdom.

Always More

Everybody is born to care
It’s something we were meant to share
Not to keep to ourselves all alone

If we make room for someone new
Doesn’t mean that there’s less for you
Only means that our circle has grown

Love knows, love grows
Bigger than before
In your heart there’s always more

It’s magic the more you give it away
The more love comes back to you everyday
You are my Tika and I am your Ro
Always forever wherever we go

So Love knows, love grows
Bigger than before
In your heart there’s always more
Always more
Always more

Actually, there are other beautiful songs in the movie. It is a feel good movie that the young and the young at hearts will be able to enjoy! :)

Ciao! :)


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Many times I have attempted to resign from the company I am working on right now. But then, moving to another company needs a lot of factors to be considered. I love my work as a technical support. I have been in this field for around 6 years now. If I don’t love what I am doing, I will not last that long in this kind of job.

Everyday, I learned different things as per my support is concerned. I feel fulfilled everytime I resolve a certain problem. I feel happy when my client is happy.

It’s just that recently, in the account I am with, I am really disappointed with the policy they’re implementing. Everybody in our team is striving for…for what? I don’t know! Those in the position don’t seem to get satisfied and they’re being greedy for money! I understand that business is business. But then, was it our fault if those in-charge in the marketing then, didn’t do what they opt to do?

I just felt horrible yesterday. Come to think of this, one of the features that our support package offers is remote assistance. Our clients count on it. We more than 20 agents on a shift and guess what?!? We are only allowed to use 5 remote assistance tool at the same time!

I really cried to myself and prayed to Jesus to help me feel better. Those people are like asbestos causing mesothelioma to us agents! :(

Well, God is good all the time. While I am on my head praying to give me strenght, I received a text message from my friend. It was a very comforting message especially on that moment. It says:

The soul that has sufficient faith accepts all the events of life as gifts from God, in the serene assurance that God knows best.

Twilight Addiction

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Yesterday, I dropped by National bookstore and got a copy of “Twilight Director’s Notebook: The Story of How We Made the Movie” by Catherine Hardwicke. My sister said that I was getting addicted to Twilight already! :) Hmmm, not really. I just like the chemistry between Bella and Edward and I am interested on how the film has been made.


Though buying the book doesn’t seem to be a practical thing to do, when my sister who is taking up Broadcast Journalism, she said that it was worth buying! :)

Infact, I sold it to her already, for she definitely learned a lot of things when it comes to filming which she needs in her course.

I am planning to buy Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons from the money I got from selling Twilight Director’s Notebook. Anyway, I will always be able to borrow it from her. :)

Ciao! :)

Palm Sunday

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I heard the 8PM mass yesterday (as I always do) with my youngest sister. It was Palm Sunday yesterday. We celebrate Palm Sunday to remember the time when Jesus entered Jerusalem and was welcomed by people waving palms and leaves as a sign that they acknowledge Jesus as king.

palm sunday

The sad thing was, those were the same people who shouted to crucify him. :(

As I listened to the homily yesterday, I reflected on my relationship with Jesus. I know that I am not a perfect daughter and I admit that I have disobeyed His “rules” but then, I know in my heart that Jesus is my king. He is my friend, my bestfriend. There was a time in my life when and I felt so down, when everybody seems to depend on me but I don’t have someone to depend on. Then I remember that I do. I have Jesus. I really cried realizing that amidst all the responsibilities I have on my shoulders, I have Jesus’ shoulder to lean on.

Recently, I just watched the movie Da Vinci Code. My aunt who is a Catholic Catechist, told us (her nieces), that watching it may lead us to blasphemy. Well, even though I have watched the movie couple of times already, it didn’t shake my faith even a bit.

Ciao! :)

Nonet was sick :(

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I had been absent from work for 3 days to look after Nonet. She suffered tonsilitis with flu on the side. Her fever had always been between 38-39 degrees Celcius. My mother and I thought that it was just a simple fever that she got due to sudden change of temperature. On the third day of having high fever and losing appetite, we took her to the doctor. We found out that she had tonsilitis. :(

She was given antibiotic to take. Since, she had cough and colds at the same time, the pediatrician prescribed her some medicines for those also.

I thank God for making her well as soon as possible. God had worked in His mysterious ways again. Our office got a new health card provider. And, the health cards of the dependents of single parents are on hold. That’s why I had to pay for her check ups. I was worried then for I thought, Nonet will be confined to the hospital if she didn’t get well soon. Though I have some savings, it will not be enough for hospital fees if ever she’ll be confined.

On the fourth day of being sick,  my team lead sent me a text message and gave me the number of our health card broker. I called the number right away and I was happy to know that Nonet’s card was approved. The broker gave me the card number as well as the Medilink number.

I brought Nonet back to the hospital for she wasn’t getting better. The pediatrician prescribed a different antibiotic with a higher dosage.

With prayers and care, my mother and I gave her, Nonet is feeling better. She didn’t get a fever a day after we brought her to the hospital the second time. She is currently on her 4th day of her 7-day antibiotic medicine.

Well, I guess I have to buy HGH supplement or human growth hormone to regenerate her cells and vital organs. I heard that HGH’s also support immune system which I guess everybody needs.  :)

Ciao! :)

1st Friday Mass @ the Office

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Today is the first Friday of the month of April. It is my off from work today but then I went to the office to attend our first Friday mass to be part of the choir. Well, I love to sing and I am so thankful to God for this talent. I always feel good specially when I sing for Him. Yesterday, my team lead already informed about it but I didn’t respond right away. 

I was so ashamed to God for it. :( I have always wanted to sing in the choir and God knows that. But then, my human “kaartehan” over took me. While in the office yesterday, I uttered a small prayer asking for God’s forgiveness. Then, I told my team lead that I would come and lead the choir. :)

Thanks to my friends, Arvie and Julius for joining me in singing in the mass. And I really felt good after the mass as always. :)

I know that God has given me this new assignments to share my talents and use it for His favor like I should. I was informed that there will be a mass in the office every Friday already. I know that organizing the office choir will be another taskI will be responsible for, on top of our very “busy” and tough support, I know for sure that God will be pleased and happy about it.

This is actually a simple and very little favor that I am doing for all the great things He’s giving me.

Ciao! :)

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