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I wasn’t able to report to work yesterday due to stomach ache. Well, not until later that day after I had my check up at Medical City that I actually suffered from some “acidity” problem. I don’t remember how’s that called but ’twas something like that. :)

I spent my afternoon yesterday at the hospital. The doctors ran series of test to make sure that it was not appendicitis. I need to undergo a certain ultasound but they wasn’t able to contact my health card provider for some reasons to verify if that ultrasound will be covered. While at the hospital, I called our broker to verify if it will be covered, she said yes,  provided that I am pregnant. :)  Well, I am positive that I am not pregnant! But then, she told me that the hospital still needs to have the card’s approval.

I asked the staff nurse how much would it cost me if I will shoulder the ultrasound, it is around Php3000-4000! Hmm, doesn’t sound like a good idea at that time. I do own a credit card, though. But, I am not sure if it has sufficient fund to cover that amount. I haven’t check my balance yet through my card’s credit report services. I ended up, signing a waiver that I will have the said ultrasound performed through OPD.

Earlier this morning, I went to my OB to have some check up and also had that kind ultrasound. She said that everything is perfectly okay as per my reproductive system is concern.

Well, I have to deprive myself from coffee and soda and some sour food. :( And, I need to eat breakfast before going to work.  I feel better now and I hope that my little sacrifices about coffee and soda will be worth it.

Ciao! :)

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