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I had been lazy blogging this past few days. I don’t know if it’s the weather that made me feel that way or my work. I don’t have the same enthusiam before. :( Anyway, I found an inspiration in sharing my thoughts with you again after I finished reading New Moon. I guess I got so attached with Bella’s heartache that’s why I somehow lost energy in writing.

Like Twilight, the book 2 of Twilight Saga will be in film and would be in theaters sometime in November, 2009. Ofcourse, I intend to watch it in movie house this time :) As I browse the net to look for more information about the upcoming film, I found a very interesting site, For me it is a very informative site especially for Twilight fans! :)

But among the beautiful facts that the site presented, I liked the best its article about the  cars “used” in the novel. According to the site:

Stephenie has a very clear idea of what the cars in her novels look like. Here are the exact models the characters own according to Stephenie’s official website.
If you always wondered why she decided to choose certain cars for her characters just read the descriptions of the cars. We are starting to believe this is no coincidence ;) .

Note: These cars might be different than the ones used for the movie, but these are the originals Stephenie had in mind when she wrote the book.

The article is entitled The Cullen Cars

In Twilight

Bella's car

1953, Chevrolet Pickup truck

This is Isabella Marie Swan’s car. It was Charlie’s “homecoming” present for her the day she arrives in Forks from Arizona.
Features: Despite being an old, cheap car the truck has it’s own unique charm and personality, like most old fashioned cars do. It might not have the coolest and newer applications around, but it’s very strong and resistant thanks to its chrome bumper that can protect the owner of almost any crash.

Edward Cullen's car

Volvo S60 R

This is Edward Cullen’s car.
Features: It’s a luxury sports car. According to Forbes, Volvo is the number one maker of luxurious. What defines this car the most is its reliability. It’s been defined as one of the safest cars ever manufactured, and Forbes even named it “Best among all cars”. It’s also a car for those who like to speed in the safest way possible.

Rosalie Cullen's car

BMW M3 convertible

This one’s Rosalie Cullen’s car.
Features: The BMW made sure that this was one of the hottest cars ever launched fo the company. It’s a luxury compact executive car. The BMW defines this car as “a car with unique geometry”. It has a motorsport engine used in racing programs, and it’s highly powerful. It’s a high performance car and it has the most agressive aerodynamics that had ever been used for a car. It’s a best selling automobile, according to the BMW and it has won several awards, especially for its powerplants.

Carlisle Cullen's car

Mercedes S55 AMG

This is Dr. Carlisle Cullen’s car. Very classic car that really suits Carlisle. :)
Features: Being a creation from the Mercedes Benz company, this is a highly expenssive luxurious car. The Mercedes Benz refers to cars like these as “Special Class Car”. It was designed for high performances and it has tons of safety features. However, the most defining features of a car like this is its classic elegance and its modernity. Mostly everything on this car can be controlled through audio, thanks to the Linguatronic Voice recognition system which controls audio, navigation and even cellphone calls.

Emmett Cullen's car

Jeep Wrangler

This one is owned by Emmett Cullen.
This is an off road vehicle, sucesor of the World War II Jeep. It’s extremely powerful, strong and resistant. However, it’s fairly comfortable. It has a galvanized body, wider wheelbase and less ground clearance. It has 8 inch wheels wide, high back seats, off road gas shocks, power steering, fog lamps and extra capacity fuel tank. Plus, it’s fully wrapped in leather. The perfect vehicle for adventures.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

This is the car used by Edward on their prom night.

In New Moon

Jacob Black's car

Volkswagen Rabbit

This one is Jacob Black’s car. In the novel, Jacob put an effort to “rebuild” this car.
Features: Despite being a very old model, it’s highly respected. It has a nice performance and it’s fairly cheap. It’s successor of cars like the Golf.

Alice Cullen's car

Porsche 911 Turbo

This is the car used by Alice Cullen when she and Bella went to Volterra City (in Tuscany, Italy) to save Edward from pissing off the Volturis. This is also the same car that Alice would want to have “legally” which Edward promised to give her on Christmas.
Features: It’s a sports car especially designed for legal street racing. It’s extremely powerful, since it features a Turbo charger for its performance and speed. The company defines this car as created for “exhilarating acceleration”. It’s exclusive, therefore it’s very rare and extremely expenssive. It’s design is distinctive and very durable. However it was named the most fatal car ever. It’s extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle like this and most of its features are illegal in certain parts of the world, especially where street racing is illegal.

Well, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ‘Til then. :)

Ciao! :)

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