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Last night, my youngest sister was telling my aunt-godmother about the street vendors who stayed at their posts even inspite of the sun’s terrible heat. My godmother told her that, those people need to sacrifice and bear the heat of the sun because they are working. They are indeed working. They have to stay under the sun to sell their goods for a living.

Unknown to my godmother, those word had been “words of wisdom” for me. This past few days, I had been disoriented with my work. Not exactly about my job but the policies and the management that revolves around my work. I had been frustrated for the last weeks. I lost my focus on my work. I have had a lot of complains lately to the point that I wanted to quit. :(

But then last night, after those words my dear godmother uttered, I realized that I am lucky to have the job I have right now. She is right though, there is no such thing as “easy job”, unless its illegal. :)

I realized that I am blessed with a pretty good job. I work in an air conditioned room. With my salary (though, my colleagues say that we are underpaid :) ), I can support my family and my daughter and at the same time, I can still manage to buy things for myself.

With her words, I learned to appreciate my job. It’s not easy though. But then, being where I am now, I can say that I am luckier than more than a hundred thousand people in my country.

I thank you Lord. :)

Ciao! :)

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