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Many times I have attempted to resign from the company I am working on right now. But then, moving to another company needs a lot of factors to be considered. I love my work as a technical support. I have been in this field for around 6 years now. If I don’t love what I am doing, I will not last that long in this kind of job.

Everyday, I learned different things as per my support is concerned. I feel fulfilled everytime I resolve a certain problem. I feel happy when my client is happy.

It’s just that recently, in the account I am with, I am really disappointed with the policy they’re implementing. Everybody in our team is striving for…for what? I don’t know! Those in the position don’t seem to get satisfied and they’re being greedy for money! I understand that business is business. But then, was it our fault if those in-charge in the marketing then, didn’t do what they opt to do?

I just felt horrible yesterday. Come to think of this, one of the features that our support package offers is remote assistance. Our clients count on it. We more than 20 agents on a shift and guess what?!? We are only allowed to use 5 remote assistance tool at the same time!

I really cried to myself and prayed to Jesus to help me feel better. Those people are like asbestos causing mesothelioma to us agents! :(

Well, God is good all the time. While I am on my head praying to give me strenght, I received a text message from my friend. It was a very comforting message especially on that moment. It says:

The soul that has sufficient faith accepts all the events of life as gifts from God, in the serene assurance that God knows best.

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  2. Melissa Says:

    I can totally relate to how you feel. I used to feel that way when I was a rep myself and when I got promoted as a supervisor. I thought things are gonna be better. Truth? It just got worse. Especially at that time I was working for an outsourced company. It’s like serving two masters at one time. Patience is really a virtue. Hang in there..I found my place under the sun is now content working for the new company I am with. Your time will come. c’,)

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