The Value of Human Life

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I bought several DVDs the other day. Last night my cousin and I decided to watch one the films I got. The movie “The Day the Earth stool still” really caught my attention. I was expecting a different story than the movie presented, but it was indeed an amazing and an “awakening” film.

What if one day you came face to face with another creature from our neighbor planets. It will tell you that man’s technology has developed weapons that could be a threat to earth’s neighbors in the universe. That they are creatures who have watched the world from afar and since the universe’s safety is at risk, they come to destroy the planet earth. But that could be changed, if man will be able to prove them the value of human life.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to answer as well. In the movie, the lead actor, Joshua, was to prove to prove the so-called aliens the value of human life. He was able to show them that man has compassion. That man has a feeling, and that inspite of all the technology around, man still knows how to give true love.

I just heard from the news, that there was this woman who just gave birth from a certain hospital, who lost her baby. Not that the baby died, but it was stolen. A new-born baby was stolen! At first, I got mad with the mother. I am a mother as well and she couldn’t be that careless losing her new born child. Then, she explained that she was given a medicine by the attending nurse and somehow fell asleep. When she woke up she can’t find her baby anymore. Her husband came in the hospital and learned that there was no any record which shows that the woman gave birth there. The news anchor then said that it is a new type of modus operande today. Hearing that incident made me really sad.

Looking around us, you can really say that it will be hard for man to prove the value of human life. But then, I know that inspite of all the crisis that the earth faces today, man will still be able that our life, our earth is worth fighting for.

If I were to ask you now, how will you to prove to the value of your life?


Ciao! :)

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