Religion at your workplace

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My cousin just got a job in a recruitment agency. She said that she was surprised on how fast she was given the position and was asked to start the following day. She wasn’t sure yet if she really wanted to work in that office, so she requested the manager if she can report for work on Monday (it was Wednesday), to complete her work requirements. The manager allowed her and then she reported the following Monday.

She found out that her boss’s religion is Iglesia ni Kristo. Most of her fellow workers are in the same faith. She got scared a bit for we all know how persistent Iglesia ni Kristo in recruiting “new members”. I have nothing against that religion. I am a  Catholic and I respect everybody’s choice of religion. Though I have heard a lot of “not so good things” that Iglesia ni Kristo is throwing to Catholic faith, I respect that. It is their beliefs.

Catholic is not a perfect religion. There aren’t any, is there? I admit that the faith I am in has its own flaws and a lot of people find other Catholic practices, “unlikely”. I must admit that there are many Catholic believers are not well educated and informed about the religion.

Going back to my cousin’s new workplace, as she expected it, she was invited to attend a “Pamamayag” one Thursday. She didn’t show up. She was then invited to join another one on Saturday, but as much as she wanted to give in to her boss request, she attended something important so she wasn’t able to come also.

The following Monday, her boss was too “hot” on her. She always pick up on her. She was often scolded even if she’s not doing anything wrong. She would like to ask her boss, if it is because she failed to attend th Pamamayag that’s why she’s been so hard on her? Ofcourse she can’t do that! A boss is a boss…

My point here is, I know that not all Iglesia ni Kristo are like that. Even if I am Catholic I have ample of friends who are Iglesia ni Kristo believer. Even honey is Iglesia ni Kristo believer. But, I guess, neither religion teach its followers to have an attitude like that. I mean, everybody has free will. God has blessed man with free will to choose the faith he wanted to be in. I believe, we just need to respect each other’s belief and faith.

Hopefully she’ll be hired by another company she applied in recently. :)

Ciao! :)

3 Responses to “Religion at your workplace”

  1. daisy Says:

    bad nman yang boss n yan…

  2. Anjannette Says:

    korek.. as in, napapaiyak nalang ung pinsan ko.. hays..

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