A vacation to be?

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My bestfriend Daisy was able to read my post about Nonet and I’s quick vacation to Quezon. She asked me if I can take her there, ofcourse I can but maybe after she gave birth to her second baby. :)

I have not replied to her comment yet, but surely if our schedules will meet then I will definitely take her and her family with my own family. The place is quite far indeed, but then the place will surely paid the travel time.

I hope to offer her some free hotel stay so that they could really relax and enjoy the place. I am thinking of inviting our two other girlfriends, Pinky and Ime.

I actually miss them all already.

Ciao! :)

The search is over!

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My computer was infected with a certain FU virus. It is an executable type of file and it really took me while to get rid of it. Well, my current anti-virus didn’t deleted it. The power of “system restore” made it possible to remove the virus from the system. I decided to buy an anti-virus software that will protect my computer better. Though I’ve got 3 anti-virus software installed in my computer, those didn’t detect the virus that infected my computer.

I asked my youngest sister Pauline to accompany me in Greenhills in search for the software that was recommended by one of my friends. We headed to Greenhills late in the afternoon today. On our way to Greenhills, there is something I wanted to buy aside from getting that software. You see, I have already book 1 and 2 of the Twilight Saga but I cannot find a hardbound copy of book 3 and 4. I remembered the online store where I have ordered New Moon that they have a newly opened outlet in Greenhills. I just can’t remember where it is exactly located in Greenhills.

When we arrived there, I got some money from my atm and headed on looking for the antivirus CD I need to find. Yet, as my sister and I stroll through the mall, my eyes were widely open in search for that certain bookstore. We’ve come accross different bookstore but the books I’m looking for are not available. We didn’t also find the software I need for my computer.

I asked my sister that we’ll just continue looking for the bookstore and take my chances of finding the books I want from that branch. At the back of my mind, I am praying that God will lead us there. I also asked St. Anthony’s help in finding the said bookstore. I asked several security personnels about the different bookstores in the area but they’re not quite sure about the one I am looking for.

And so we continued walking until we reached a building called Promenade Greenhills. I’d never been in that area. If you look at it, it was like a building of fine dining restos. Anyway, we went inside and asked the guard if there is a bookstore inside. He said that there is only one bookstore there, FullyBooked!

I could have ran going to the store and my hopes are high that I will be able to find the books I am looking for. As we entered the store, my sister who has 20/20 vision found the books right away. There are ample of copies for books 1-4. There are paperbacks and hardbound. I was able to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

That really made me happy and inspired me to work patiently and harder.. :) It may sound crazy but simple things like these make me happy.

So, you guys out there who are looking for the Twilight Saga books, get on to your feet and visit Fullybooked located at the second floor of Promenade building in Greenhills Shopping Center. 

A day @ the Beach!

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When I visited our province last weekend to see honey, it was already in my itenerary to drop by the beach. You see, my little girl has skin asthma. I know that the sea water will somehow cure her skin asthma. The day after we arrived, I decided to spend the whole day at the beach. The three of us went to the beach around 10AM. The beach resort we stayed in is just one of the resorts you will see along Maharlika Highway in Atimonan, Quezon. It is just a simple resort. Enough to spend time with your family, relax, appreciate nature and enjoy the sea water. It does offers unique hotels to stay in. Something we call affordable.

It was Nonet’s first time in the beach and she was so excited! :) After the caretaker handed us the key to our room, Nonet, immediately took her shoes out and slipped on to her slippers and asked me to join her going to the shore.

I didn’t disappoint her. We left her father in our room who then fixed our things and I accompanied my daughter to the shore. She really loved it!

We swam through the salty water for about 30 minutes and then got back to our room. We took a bath and spent the rest of our day enjoying the view. Well, our little stay in the water somehow took away the “itch” and dryness to Nonet’s skin caused by asthma. I am planning to stay a little longer to the beach next time. Having skin asthma is really a nightmare.

sea water

The deep blue sea!

Nonet is amused by the sea that she can’t take her eyes out of it! :)

Villa Uregino

The front yard of Villa Uregino Beach Resort

I say thank you Lord

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My shift schedule at work is 2AM-11AM. When I leave the house, almost all my neighbors are still in deep slumber. My sister and I had a little chat earlier this morning while I was still in the office. She told me that, one of our neighbors forgot that he was cooking something and left it. Their house is just a house away from our apartment. My mother noticed a thick smoke coming out of their house. She then ran to another neighbor who went over the said house and found out that the food is already burning.  Maybe, it was just minutes away and the house would have been on fire if my mother had not notice the smoke from that house.

I talked to my mother about it this evening and she said that, if it wasn’t for my daughter who bragged her to buy her breakfast that she wouldn’t discover it. God sent a little angel to save us and our looban from fire.

I did say a thanksgiving prayer. That wasn’t the first time that a similar incident happened in our compound. There had been incidents like that in the past and God has always been on guard and that nightmare wouldn’t happen.

It has always been my habit to pray before God to keep our house and the whole neighborhood from harm especially from fire. I know that God hears my prayer. I always tell Him not get tired listening for my pleas. I know that inspite of all my shortcomings and not being perfect, God’s love for me, for us, never ceases.

Well, I would be praying harder for our safety. And I will never forget to say thank you Lord for everything. That inspite of my imperfections, my sins, I know in my heart that I love God so much..

Ciao! :)

The Letter C

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Many people are now obsessed with the letter C..


Credit Card





Today, let us reflect on the real meaning of C — Christ..


He redeemed us from the CURSE and saved us from hell (Gal. 3:13, 14)

By God’s COVENANT, we became joint-heirs with CHRIST in His kingdom (Ro. 8:17)

In CHRIST name, we can CRUSH the devil and CAST OUT demons! CHRIST is the CENTER of our lives. CALL upon Him!!!

Beauty on Video

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Part of women’s beauty routines is to remove unwanted hair in our body. There are a lot of beauty clinics that offer permanent hair removal which actually a good news for us women. There are different techniques on how to remove those unwanted hair, like laser hair removal. Persons who perfoms this type of hair removal has to undergo laser hair removal training to ensure safety of the client and ofcourse outmost satisfaction.

There are also website that offers Laser hair removal video which allows some person to study the process and eventually make a living out of it. :)

I found this video which really caught my attention.
Laser Hair Removal Video

Hair Removal Videos   |   Facial Hair Removal
If this one interest you like me, you can always order one by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting www.VideoShelf.com.

Ciao! :)

Papa’s Kubo

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I took advantage of my 2-day stay in Quezon to visit the places I love to go to. Ney went to my Tita Lyn’s office early in the morning to see us. Nonet was still sleeping when he arrived. It was like 6AM then. My tita and tito are already awake then. I decided to take a walk with ney and to buy food for breakfast.

We walked through the railroad on our way to the store. I remember the old days, when that railroad was still made of wood. But it has been replaced with concrete few years ago already. The means of transportation is a trolley or iskit just what the local people calls it! :)



The said railroad is from Manila all the way to Bicol. There used to be a passenger and cargo trains that pass by it. But ney said that there aren’t any nowadays.


Trolley or Iskit

The picture above is the trolley I am referring to. Then, it was the only means of transportation to get to our barangay from the town proper. Today, you have the option of riding on a tricycle! :)


Papa’s Kubo

On our way to the store, we passed by Papa’s old Kubo. It was built when I was in highschool. Then it was renovated when I was working. It used to be a feeds store. Then, it was turned to a videoke house. You see, there are not much past time you can do there but sing. :)

When my father died, my elder cousin bought it from us and it is now again sari sari store and a fish stand. I had a lot of wonderful memories in that kubo. During summer, my sister and I used to look after our little store and the videoke machine. Ofcourse I had sing couple of songs there! :)

Well, though I didn’t stay long there, I was able to visit the places I wanted to go to and reminisce the old days! You bet I’ll be coming here again and will definitely stay for couple of days!

Ciao! :)

By the Mango tree

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When we are at my Tita Lyn’s place, she showed me two Indian mango trees which are seated on her backyard. I remember when I was younger, my cousins and I used to climb those mango trees. During summer which happens to be mango season as well, we used to get good harvest of Indian mangoes. Sometimes, we even eat directly from the tree! :) We didn’t mind those big ants crawling on the tree’s branches and trunks. Often times, we used a box cutter to get those mouth-watering mangoes!

Oh how I love those eating those mangoes! Well, those are just memories from my younger days. :) Almost all of my cousins have kids of their own.

One day, I know that I would see my daughter and her cousins climbing the same trees which their parents used to climb! :)

indian mango

Ciao! :)

Enjoying Bermuda

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Since ney and I don’t live together, there are really times that he misses our daughter and I. He lives in the province where he attends to their business. They are contractor which mostly deals with road widening and power plant construction. Recently, I need to go to Quezon to check on him for he’s kinda losing “out of his way”. He said that he wanted to be with us but he can’t. To ease that kind of longing, he just spent his time drinking beer and the like. But, he’s being out of control.

Anyway, last Thursday, Nonet and I had a night trip to Quezon. It was our first time to go there alone. I mean just being with each other. We went to Jac Liner bus station in Cubao to get a ride going to Lucena. There aren’t much aircon buses that will pass directly our town in Quezon unless you’ll take the bus bound to Bicol. So, we just had a cutting trip to Lucena and then another bus ride to our town. It took us around 5 and a half hour to reach our town. It was already 10:30 PM when we arrived. My aunt Lyn fetch us from the town proper and then we took a tricycle ride to their house.

It was really our plan to stay at ney’s house but he’s drank :(   I don’t want to compromise my daughter so we opt to stay at my aunt’s house. I just sent ney a text message that we arrived already and that we’ll just see each other the following day.

Nonet slept soundly maybe because of the long hours of travel. She was really tired. We woke up early the following day, and she really enjoyed the lawn of my aunt. Nice bermuda grasses are growing beautifully at her backyard. I felft a very calm and relaxing feeling :)

Our little town in Quezon is a place where you’ll experience the “province ambience” thing. Fresh air, green scenery, moutains, seas. Peace and quiet place. It is a place where you could really rest your mind from the busy surrounding of the city! :)


Nonet and Tita Lyn at the backyard.


See the thick bermuda grasses?!? :)


Nonet still in her pj’s. Goodmorning anak!

Another Call Center Day

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I went home early today from work for I was able to finish all my “calls” on time. I thank God for everyday blessings and guidance. I went home with a happy heart. Well, maybe because I learned to accept and appreciate my job more. God always help me in resolving my client’s technical difficulties.

Sometimes I really get upset when some people underestimate call center agents. They would never know how difficult it is being in a call center specially if you are a technical support. It is true that there are call centers that uses “cheat sheets”, but not everything is in those “things”. A technical support agent specially needs to think and learn the art of isolation to determine what really the problem is. We are like network or computer doctors! :)

Let say a certain laptop is running slow. We need to check its component to find out what keeps it running slow. It is possible that the laptop has virus or spyware in it. We have to check as well, laptop memory for possible upgrade to make it work faster.

I mean there are several steps to do to resolve a certain technical or computer problem. Meaning, technical support agents like other call center agents, “think” and needs to have technical expertise. To top it all, an agent must have a keen knowledge on spoken English. :)

Well, just another day in a call center and I am really looking forward for more calls tomorrow.

Ciao! :)

Got my New Moon today!

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I have yet to update you guys with the things that happened to me over the last weekend. I have to work on my “journal” first and collect the pictures that I will post as well. :) Please give me sometime to do it..

What I am excited about today is that, when I came to the office this morning (around 2AM), our security personel told me that there was package for me which was sent yesterday afternoon. Oh! That really put a smile on my lips! :) I have been waiting for this for 4 days now, and finally it arrived!

You see, I have ordered a hardbound copy of New Moon from fullybookedonline.com last week. It took a 2 days before my order was approved and I was happy when I received their confirmation email. I patiently waited for the book to arrive, then it finally came. :)

I have yet to finish Twilight and start reading New Moon. My sister had a reservation of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn from NBS Bestseller. It was so hard to find hardbound copies of the books so we need to go from one bookstore to another. Well, book 3 and 4 of Twilight Saga will be available sometime in the first week of April.

Since New Moon is here already, I have to set aside watching Charmed for the meantime. :)

It’s about your health!

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