It’s Summer!

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It’s my off from work today, and I am enjoying my new midi player. I don’t mind if my neighbors hear me singing. Oh I really love my rest days. I remember my friend Melady told me, that a day without call is priceless. :) It surely is!!!

Anyway, while browsing through the song book and searching for a good song to sing, I felt so warm. Oh, yah I have not take a bath yet but the temperature is different. Then I remember that it’s summer season already. :)

My aunt Evelyn, joined me in singing and then asked if we can bring the midi player to Quezon. Well, yes we can. She said that she’s planning to hold a reunion and we’ll bring the midi player instead of renting a videoke.

I liked the idea! I am also thinking of having a vacation in Baguio or Tagaytay this summer. Or we can just enjoy the beach with the rest of our family. Hope either of this will push through. :)

Ciao! :)

Videoke Queen

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Singing is one of my outlets whenever I feel happy or sad, tired and wasted. I thank God for the talent He gave me. And, I share it every time an opportunity comes. I don’t think that it is some kind of show off. I believe that when God bless you with a talent or a special gift, you have to share it to other people. Use it for righteousness and for God’s glory. That reason made me really miss singing in the choir. :(

Anyway, since singing is my passion, I always dream of having some kind of ‘videoke” machine at home. Wherein, every time I feel like singing, I can just press the number of my favorite song and viola! Here’s the song and I can sing it.

I have checked on different gadgets like magic mic that has chips in it where the songs are stored. My dear friends also told me about dvd/midi player that plays a CD that contains thousands of songs. I also wanted to have the magic mic, but during this day, getting one of it will not be a wise decision for me to do.

So, I turn to those midi/dvd player wherein my budget could fit. While Nonet and I were strolling around the mall, I found a store, which sells midi players. They have one on sale during that day. The price is very affordable! :)

I asked the sales representative to tell me more about it. I fall in love with the player. It is not one of the “branded” players out there, but that is good for me. :)

I went ahead and bought the player. I was so excited while setting it up when we arrived home. Oh, we really enjoyed it! :) My sisters and I took turn in singing. Even my mother sang couple of songs as well.

We just have to call it a day at around 11:30PM for I still have work the following day. My work schedule starts at 4AM!

Ciao! :)

What I wanted Her to be

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Like any other mother, I also have my own dream for my little girl. I wanted her to finish school. Have a stable job and live a comfortable and happy life. I was not born to a rich family. I don’t have this vast land properties or business or huge amount of money which I can give for her when I’m gone.

The only treasure that I can give her that will secure her future is a good education. It’s really up to her what she would take in college. She could be in some healthcare jobs or engineering or even in computer industry.

What is important is that, I will be able to send her to school and provide everything she needs. It may look difficult and challenging. But then, it is my daughter’s future we’re talking about here so there is no room for complaints.

At times, I really get tired of my work. But, my daughter inspires me much to go on and never quit. I draw strength from the love I have for her. A love that only a mother can give.

Ciao! :)

Dating Day

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The “office choir” that was founded to sing in the mass for Ash Wednesday sang pretty well in my point of view. :) Well, we had our practice a day before the mass. Though the songs are familiar to us, we still have to practice to sound as one only. Thanks to the guitar talent shared by sir Beejay as well. Thank God, we’re able to make it in spite of the “rush.”

It was our payday also last Wednesday. It has been my habit to take my daughter out on a date during my payday. Though I am tired and sleepy, we still went out and had some bonding moments. I thought of buying her a Big Bird stuff toy, but plans changed when we arrived at the mall.

She loves playing at Tom’s World. Her favorite? Basketball! :) I just let her play what she wanted and let her enjoy that day. When we ran out of tokens, we decided to stroll around the mall. I thought she already forget about the “toy” I suppose to buy for her but then she asked me to go to the department store so we can buy a toy. We went there and found Big Bird stuff toy. Well, I was tempted to buy it already but practicality went into me again. Then I asked her if we could buy it some other time. She did not asked any more questions but instead agreed to it.

We continued walking around the mall. When she got hungry, she just asked for a doughnut. I asked her if she wants to have dinner in one of the fast food restaurant around, she said that she just wanted to eat her favorite Choco honey dipped flavor doughnut.

We then went home after 2 hours of malling. I know that she enjoyed it. She is actually looking forward to our “dating day” again. :)

Ciao! :)

Ash Wednesday

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“You were made from soil, and you will become soil again…” Genesis 3:19

Ash wednesday

The choir days

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There will be a mass in our office for Ash Wednesday. I was asked by my team lead to participate as choir member. I’d been in our church choir before. Due to work sked I had to “take a break” from being a choir member. I was talking to our HR manager yesterday and he asked if I am with a church choir. I told him that I was, about 2 years ago. He asked me about how I feel being in the choir again, I just responded with a smile. :)

We had our practice after work and when I got home I’m still thinking about what our HR manager had asked me. I am happy to be part of the choir again. It’s like reminiscing the old days. I even phoned my dear friend Kiko who is a pianist, to ask for songs that we can sing for Ash Wednesday. He still plays the piano up until today. :)

I hope our office choir will be able to sing fine during the mass later on. I know that oneday soon, I’ll find myself singing with our church choir again. :)

Finding Elmo

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As per my last post, my cousin and I headed to Nova Mall to visit her sister. It was a long travel! I love travelling but I want a comfortable one. It was like an hour and half travel. We’re onboard an ordinary bus going to Novaliches. We were starving when we arrived at her sister’s store. April was so kind to buy lunch for us. We finished our meal and I asked my cousin Joy to join me in strolling around the mall and look for Elmo apparels.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any  Sesame Street apparel :( . I just bought my daughter a little stuff elmo stuff toy.

Well, she loved it! I still find apparels for her soon. She really adores Sesame Streets pals!

Ciao! :)


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I Honey paid us a visit yesterday but he needs to go back to Quezon right away because of work. So, I decided to accompany my cousin Joy today, in buying a new phone.We went to Megamall and went into different mobile phone stores to do some price check for Nokia 2680. It’s a good thing we found a store that offers a very affordable price for the phone. :)

Then, we went to department store. I am looking for Sesame Streets apparel which my daughter is so much into today. :) How much she loves Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. I searched around the children’s wear and character shop but didn’t find any. Well, it was kinda disappointing for she’s really expecting it when I come home.

But then I was entertained with the different POS system that SM megamall has. :) I know I have told you already in my previous post that in my life, I have this dream of becoming a cashier. :) Sooner or later I really want to fulfill it. Who knows I will have my own store someday where I can fulfill my dream of being a cashier. :)

Well, I’ve got to go now. Joy and I will go to Nova Mall to visit her sister. Hopefully I would find Semame Streets apparels there!

Ciao! :)

New set of “eyes”

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I have been wearing eyeglasses for more than 5 years now. I don’t know what made me lose my good eyesight. Maybe because of being such a bookworm then. Yeah, reading books was my hobby. I still read books occasionally but not as often as I did.

Well I have tried wearing contact lens, but for special occasions only. I still prefer wearing eyeglasses. While I was browsing around the net, I bumped into an article about Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! I got interested about optical being featured in New York Times. You see, I am to start reading Twilight because of New York Times.  :)

I checked on their website, and found some pretty cool prescription eyeglasses for only $8! What a price! :)

You’ll be seeing straight without breaking bank! Well, I hope I can got a new set of eyes from them. :)

Bloody Valentine

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I have been busy with work in for the past few days that’s why I have not updated my online journal. :) Last February 14, the world celebrated Valentine’s Day. Most of the couples went on different restos, bars or some special place where they can celebrate the heart’s day.

Ney didn’t come on that day because of work(hope so!). We’ll be having our post-Valentine date next week. It was my off last February 14. I woke up early than usual that day. I greeted ney, my mother, my sisters and my little girl a Happy Valentine’s day.  She’s really not a morning person. :)

I decided to arrange the Encyclopedia I bought for Nonet. I started cutting the plastic cover which I will use for her books. It was Saturday then, that’s why almost all our neighbors were around. The children were off from school and playing. It was usual for Nonet to play outside with her playmates. She would run, jump and enjoy the fine weather playing like any other children.

My mother and I were at home. We’re confident that my daughter is being look after by my aunt outside. I was busy working on Nonet’s books while my mother was busy arranging our clothes. I have not taken a bath yet neither does my mother. It was around 15 minutes before 2PM, when we heard a commotion outside. Then I heard my aunt calling us and we saw blood all over her face. I was shaking when I saw her. She had an wound in the fore head.

My mother and I were both shaking when we saw her. But my mother didn’t panic. I carried Nonet then hugged her and then I handed her to my mother. I asked my mother to rush her to the clinic near our place for first aid treatment. I told her that I’ll follow them there.

I know that my daughter needs to be rushed to a hospital. I changed my shirt, grabbed my wallet and my daughter’s health card and followed them in the clinic. I did panic. I was crying when I arrived at the clinic. The nurses were finished cleaning the blood on her face and had put bandage on the wound. I signed a waiver then that we will transfer her to another hospital.

Off we go to Medical City afterwards. My little girl didn’t cry. But she wouldn’t talk either. The doctors had her forehead undergo an x-ray first to make check on her skull. Thank God that her skull has not been fractured.

My mother and I were holding her during the surgery.  She had 7 stitches. She was so brave.

Maybe God wanted to remind us to look after this free spirited toddler with outmost care. We had been so confident in letting her play outside the house in the past days.

My daughter is so important to me that my life actually revolves around her. I thank God for though she had “stitches” on her forehead, I still have her.

Happy Heart’s Day

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It’s Valentines Day tomorrow. We hear everybody greeting each other, Happy Valentine! We will see couples going on their date, enjoying each others company and showing their love and affection for their partners.

Too bad for me, ney and I will not be together to spend the Heart’s Day. :) He is busy with work in Quezon and I cannot just file a vacation leave from my work here in Manila. Nevertheless, he promised that he will make up with me and Nonet next week. I am really looking forward to it! :)

Well, Valentine for me is not only for typical lovers. Typical in a way that we always thought that Valentine’s Day is only for couples. We should not forget that it is a day of love. Love between, not only husbands and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends. But love for God, our parents, family, friends and the for all the people who are in need of love.

Besides, love’s day or heart’s day should not be celebrated only every February 14, but everyday. :)

Happy Puso to everyone! :)

Being Observant

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My daughter and I had a “date” last Wednesday. We went to Robinson’s Galleria to do grocery shopping and to spend sometime with each other. We took a jeep going to the mall. On our way there, Nonet noticed the high-rise steel buildings along Ortigas Avenue. She once asked how those structures were build. Well, I tried to explain to her in the simplest way I can, how those buildings rise up from the ground.

Hopefully, she understood it. :) When I asked her if she wanted to build one of those someday, she just replied with a smile.

As a mother, I have always wanted the best for my daughter. I always tell my friends that if only I can spare her from all pains and hardships, then I would do it. But, I will be a bad and selfish mother if I do that. :)

I pray that God will continue to bless me with a stable job and good health. I hope I’d be around until my little girl can stand on her own. Can take of herself and can live even without mommy around. :)

Ciao! :)

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