Ofcourse, Angels exist..

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My dear friend Mami Grace and I had a small chat before she went out to lunch with her husband. She said that Nicole, their baby fell down the bed and got a bruise on her face. Then I shared my own experience with my baby. Then out of nowhere, I uttered, “siguro totoo ang guardian angels.” Ofcourse they exist! I never doubted their existence in my entire life. I know they’re just around me. Infact, I had several encounters with them. Not exactly that I have seen them in their astral figures or talk to them. But there have been a lot of instances that when I asked for help, then a help has been extended.


I am not sure if I have shared this experience in my previous posts about angels. It happened about few years ago. I was on my summer vacation then. I stayed at my aunt’s house. There were no faucet in the bathroom. You need to fetch the water from the water pump at the backyard.  I finished my bath late afternoon and I had to return the pail. Due to my stupidity then, I didn’t put my ring on my finger, instead let it hang on my finger. After I placed the pail near the water pump, my ring slipped off my finger. The ground was covered with gravel and it was getting late already. There was no electric light at the backyard.


I looked around but couldn’t find it. Then I uttered a prayer and asked help from my dear angel to help me find my ring. When I turned around I found my ring!

Actually, everyday, I feel their presence. I am not sure if I only got one guardian angel or more than 1. The thing is, I know they are there with me.

Another outstanding experience about guardian angel was when my daughter Antoinette is less than a year old. She’s really a very active kid even when she’s still a baby. One day, my sister left her for moment on the bed to get something. When she got back, she found Antoinette sitting at the rear side of the side. My sister called us for my daughter will fall down. We were stunned, for with her position, her head will be the one to hit the floor first.

But then, with her guardian angel around, she fell slowly. Her head touched the floor first but it touched the floor carefully. She cried, though. That’s because she heard me screamed.

I know a lot of people has their own personal experience with guardian angels. Though many people also denies the fact that these heavenly creatures do exist. But they do.. :)

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  1. william kevin stoos Says:


    Could you please advise me as to where you found the beautiful image of the golden colored guardian angel with her hand on the young baby and the angels in the sky? I believe you posted this on January 15 with your beautiful piece about angels. I have been trying to find the name of the artist for that painting and cannot. Thank you very much. William Kevin Stoos

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