As I bid goodbye to 2008..

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It is just less than 12 hours and we’re about to welcome a new year. A lot of people might say that the new year will make no difference as with the other years that past, well, many people still believe that a new year, signifies new hope, new beginning.

I can say that I have been blessed this year. Though I have experienced difficulties (especially financial difficulties :P ), year 2008 is still a happy year for me. I believe, that before we say that a year has not been good for us, why not think of other people who are less fortunate that we are. So, if I were to ask, how’s my 2008? My answer would be, It was a great year. And, I am looking forward for 2009. I know that there will be challenges ahead but then with God’s gracious love, I will be able to conquer it all.

My plans for 2009? Well, honestly I have not laid down my plans for next year.. OMG! Hmm.. I have started earning for Antoinette’s schooling and I will be more thrifty next year (hopefully! :) ). Mid next year, maybe I will start looking for a greener pasteur for I have to be ready for my daughter’s education. I am also planning to apply for a housing loan. I am planning to finish my “pending” cross stitch projects.. :)

Getting married next year? I don’t think it will not be materialized even later next year. I still need to support my youngest sister’s college expenses. Maybe, when she’s already working then I guess, I can tie the knot by then. Anyway, I am not in a hurry to get married yet. Although, I still want to see myself wearing a wedding gown and walking down the long isle of a church while my groom waits for me at the altar. :)

New Year’s resolution? My new year’s resolutions are: 1)never be late from work again (my team captain will be proud of me :) ) ; 2) be more patient to honey and nonet :) ; 3) be more patient to everybody (LOL!); 4) forget about being an impulsive buyer :P ; 5) use my credit card wisely (hopefully again..)

Yesterday, I asked my mother to buy fruits for our table. During the past years we normally have 12 kinds of fruit for goodluck. This year, we have 13 kinds. We saw in the news that it should be more than 12 so that the good fortune will last longer than 12 months.

My mother is planning to prepare Relyenong bangus, Embotido, menudo and pansit. My sister will prepare coffee jelly and I will doing Buko pandan for our dessert. Yummy!

It’s a good thing that I am on my Holiday Off tomorrow. I will really be able to enjoy the celebration as we bid goodbye to 2008 and say hello to year 2009!!!

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