It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year

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Finally it’s here! We’ve been waiting for Christmas day and it’ here!

Christmas holidays is my favorite time of the year. Every year, I look forward to this season. How I enjoy completing my Christmas list. Shopping gifts for my godchildren, my family and my friends. Putting up our Christmas tree. Eating puto bumbong and bibingka. And, participating the 9-day novena mass or misa de gallo.

Well, due to work schedule I wasn’t able to complete the simbang gabi. I thought I will not be able to attend even a single day but I was able to manage. I attended the last day of simbang gabi last December 24. The priest asked who was able to complete the 9-day novena mass, and almost everybody was able to complete it. I just laugh to myself. It was everybody’s last day while it’s my first time to attend this year’s Simbang gabi. I really wanted to attend it though it’s just a day. Gladly I was able to make it


On the same day, I went to Robinson’s galleria to do my last minute shopping. Well, I just need to buy few items more to complete my list. As expected, there was a long queue for atm. When it was my turn, I almost cry when my bank went offline. I looked for another ATM in the mall and thank God I was able to find one. I withdrawn enough money to pay my credit card bills and for the things I need to buy.

I arrived home at around 5PM. I was really tired that I fell asleep. My sister woke me up at around 8PM for we will be attending the midnight mass. We intended to attend the 9PM mass but we ended up hearing the 10:30 PM mass. It was our Parish priest who celebrated the mass. The  homily was really good. He really made a point and hopefully everybody was able to understand, internalize and materialize what the priest said during the homily.

He shared us that he was watching the news few hours ago. He was really dismayed about our local actors and actresses. Those showbiz personalities were doing feeding programs and gift giving. They said that it is their way to praise and thank God for the ample of blessings they received. Then Msgr. Pasti said, it is not good to do feeding programs and gift giving only once a year. Feeding the hungry must not be done only once a year but everytime an oppurtunity comes for you to feed the hungry and to help the needy. Well, he has a point. A very big point that everybody must realize.

As utter my usual prayer, I thank God for many blessings He has given and continue to shower on me. I thanked Him for the I have enough money to buy gifts for my love ones and to have many foods on our table. I thanked Him for everything. Then, a thought came to me. .

Every year, we celebrate Christmas to remember Jesus’ birthday.  All of us are too busy shopping for gifts, buying foods. But have we ever realize or think for a moment, if we have prepared our gift for the birthday celebrator? Isn’t that we celebrate Christmas because, it is Jesus birthday?

I cried when I thought that I have not prepared any gifts for Jesus. Then I told Him in prayers that, the best gift I can give Him is myself. I am not perfect though. My soul isn’t that white as ivory. But then, with Jesus love for me, I may be able to make myself a pleasant gift.

When I pray to God and ask Him to make me strong, He gves me oppurtunities to be strong. That sometimes, I don’t want to ask him to make me strong, :) When I pray for patience, He gives me oppurtunities to be patient. Very patient. It is so hard, Lord! Well, I asked for it and so He gave me.   

My Christmas this year is really wonderful. Hopefully, the Christmas Spirit lives in each one of us, the whole year round!

Merry Christmas!

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