What is your dream job?

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If I were to ask about my dream job, it would be being a “Cashier” in a department store or a supermarket! It is true. I used to play a cashier when I was young. My younger sister would act as the customer with her basket of goodies. We made our own play moneys then. We cut out bond papers and write the amount on it. We used bottle covers as coins. Then I would borrow my mother’s calculator and I would be the cashier.

cash register

It really makes me laugh every time I remember those days :) . My younger sister’s dream job was to be a “tinapa/daing” vendor :) . She had this dream because of our friend vendor who counts the money from the tinapa(steamed fish) and daing she was able to sell. When my sister saw her counting all the money, she’s really amazed and told my mother that she wanted to be a vendor when she grew up. Well, she was only 5 then and I was 8.  :)

To this day, I would really want to experience being a cashier just for the sake of fulfilling my so- called ”dream job”. But then, maybe a little help from weight loss product will help me to trim down a bit. As we know, cashiers, sales ladies and the like have slim bodies! :)

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