Homosexual: Cannot be Priest?

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I watched the Probe the other night and one of their topics was about the new circular sent by Pope Benedict XVI about guys who are homosexual and has homosexual tendencies, are not allowed to enter the seminary. They have interviewed representatives of the church and the homosexual group. I understand each other’s side.

Due to the increasing scandals associated with Priests the Pope has this memo that a male who would enter the seminary needs to undergo different test and if results shows that he is homosexual or has a homosexual tendency, then he will be declined in entering the priesthood.

I was listening very carefully to each others views. Being a Catholic, I know that I am affected and should be aware about this. I understand what the homosexual group’s point. They said that the new policy is an act of discrimination. Going into seminary usually starts after a boy graduates from elementary. He will study highschool in the seminary and eventually study Theology.  The homosexual group said, why then the seminary will not allow a man who has the purest intention to serve the Lord, to enter the priesthood only because he has homosexual tendency? What does the seminary will accept? A man who is attracted to a woman who has a tendency to leave the seminary and get married?

Homo said that homosexual is not bad. But if you homosexual acts, then that’s the sin. What if a certain homo has a calling of being a priests? Then he will be rejected?

Statistics shows that currently, the ratio of a priest to Catholic believers is 1:15000. That is one priest to 15,000 believers. Wherein, a priest should only be charged in handling 5000 followers. Pope Benedict XVI said, he doesn’t need many priests he needs good priests.

My mom’s cousin used to be a seminarian. But due to family obligations he needs to leave the seminary. Eventually he got married and he has now a daughter. Priesthood/Sisterhood is a vocation given for the “chosen one.”

Remember a passage in the Bible saying, “Many are called but only few are chosen.”

When I was younger, I really wanted to be a nun. I have attended different seminars and fellowships that really triggered that kind of vocation in me. When I was in highschool, I already signed up for a week stay long in Our Lady of Charter’s Convent in Antipolo City. But due to some reasons (which I don’t remember anymore), I wasn’t able to go there. I signed up again to visit another convent but wasn’t able to stay there either. Then I realized that being a nun isn’t really my calling. My vocation is to be a mother to a very smart girl. :)

I believe, that no matter how long you stay in a seminary if the vocation is really not for you then it will never be. Even if you are eager to follow the vows of chastity and celivacy for diocesan preists and plus poverty for religious priests. Well, vow of obedience is a vow that every mankind should fulfill. :)

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