Angel in Disguise

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I was rushed to Medical City last Wednesday night.  I had a terrible pain on my nape and I really got dizzy then. My mother was so worried about me. I never experienced that pain before. The doctor did a check on me and she said nothing to worry. It could be some muscle spasm. She also said that if I am experiencing mental stress, then that area of my nape and up to the head will be greatly affected.

They gave me a tablet to relax my nape muscles and also a pain reliever. We stayed in the hospital for another hour for the doctor needs to check if there would be any changes in my conditions. After about an hour, I felt a little better yet there still some pain, but it is tolerable already.

As we leave the hospital, the rain is pouring so hard. We didn’t bring any umbrella. Then I told my mother that we’ll just take a cab going home. It was really a blessing that as we turn our head to where taxi’s usually pass, there’s one coming and it is empty. I told the driver  where we live. Inside the taxi, I felt a pleasing feeling. I looked around the taxi and its plate number is TYP 430. 430 when add up is 7. Seven who happens to be God’s number.

Others may say that it was just a coincidence. But then, I believe that God is with us and He sent as angel through the taxi driver. :)

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  1. daisy Says:

    naku sis stress ba yan or highblood? Take care of yourself, God Bless!!

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