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Amidst all the heartaches that my daughter’s father is giving me, I have so much consolation from my daughter. Well, she’s 3 years old now. She speaks well. She knows how to count (atleast 1-10) and she sings ABC. Although she can sing the Alphabet song, she’s not really good at letters yet. She finds it boring, when I teach her the Alphabet.

Anyway, her playmates are all boys. So, instead of playing dolls and barbie, she prefers playing cars and marbles. One day, she asked me to play marbles with her in our bed. I got 4 marbles from my mother’s flower vase then we played. One marble rolled under the bed. I asked her showing the 3 marbles left, “You have 4 marbles, 1 marbles is gone, how many marbles are left?” Without hesitation, she said, “3.”

I was able to find the other marble, so again there was 4 marbles. I asked her, “If I found the lost marble and I added it to the other 3 marbles, how many marbles are there?” She replied 4. :)

I asked her different addition/subtraction equations concerning the 4 marbles and she was able to answer correctly.

I went out of the room and happily told my mother, my two younger sister and my cousins about it. Then, one of my cousins said maybe, Nonet knows addition and substraction for 4 numbers already. One of the marbles slipped from my hand, and so I decided to get 2 more marbles from my mom’s vase.

With confident, I asked Nonet, “If I have 3 marbles and mama gave me 2 more marbles, how many marbles do I have? Well, to our surprised she said, “Marami na!” (Many already!).

We all burst into laughter. Well, Nonet is really clever. :)

To which side of the family does she inherit it? Do you really want me to answer that? :)

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  1. swayinghome Says:

    wow.. bibbo :-D

  2. rico Says:

    no need 2 answer anet! we knew it already! manang-mana sa ina…hehehe! GB baby Nonet! =)

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