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I just finished reading ample of articles about the “lost” Grand Duchesss Anastasia. Who would not known Anasatasia. I have been reading stories and articles about the lives of the last Russian Royalties. And whenever I read something about them, I always get goosebumps. No one knows how dreadful it was when Russian’s last Tsar Nicholas II and his family was murdered in the night of July 17, 1918. Yet, many believed that one of the Princesses survived that night. And that could have been Anastasia. Although, recent DNA testings and reports showed that all the royals bodies are recovered. Yet, maybe because of power and money, the truth has been covered up.

Many claimed that they were Anastasia. But maybe the most popular of them all was Anna Anderson. Based on the articles I have read, I think she could have been the real Anastasia. But what made me think twice is that when she died,  her body was cremated. Could it be because she is tired already proving to everybody that she was indeed the Grand Duchess Anastasia and when she died, she doesn’t want to leave anything that could be use for further testing and experiments. Or, could it be because she wanted to hide something and be buried it with her.

Anna Anderson and Anastasia

Anna Anderson and Anastasia Romanov

Well, even though Science and Technology have shown proofs and evidences, we may never know the truth behind the mystery that evolves around the Romanov’s family. Even while I am writing this article, there are many questions behind my back that long for an answer. Answers that I may never get.

I guess we should remember Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra’s family as a family that stayed and been there for each other during the last minutes of their lives.

As for Anna, whether she is or not, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, what is important is that we learned a lot from her life.  A life of struggle for identity and acceptance.  

Czar Nicholas Children

Clockwise from top are Tatiana, Anastasia, Olga, Alexei, and Maria.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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We do not receive much calls today because North America is celebrating their Thanksgiving Day. It’s a holiday there today and I believe there are a lot of food and festivities going on in there. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every 4th Thursday of November.

American families gather around their table and share a mouthwatering roasted turkey and a lot more.

roast turkey

Well, whatelse can I say but Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I’d just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I’d end up happy
I would pray (I would pray)

Trying hard to reach out
But when I tried to speak out
Felt like no one could hear me
Wanted to belong here
But something felt so wrong here
So I prayed I could break away

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes til’ I touch the sky
And I’ll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won’t forget all the ones that I love
I’ll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Get onboard a fast train
Travel on a jet plane, far away (I will)
And breakaway


Buildings with a hundred floors
Swinging around revolving doors
Maybe I don’t know where they’ll take me but
Gotta keep moving on, moving on
Fly away, breakaway

I’ll spread my wings
And I’ll learn how to fly
Though it’s not easy to tell you goodbye
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won’t forget the place I come from
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway, breakaway, breakaway

Bleeding Heart

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I am supposed to sing Bleeding Love in the up coming company’s Christmas party, but due to some reasons my song was changed to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Well, I like that song so much and I am more confident in singing that song than Bleeding Love.

But then my heart is bleeding right now. Ney and I have been together for 5 years already. But his family doesn’t seem to accept that we’re back in each others arms again. Our relationship have been through so many ups and downs. It is indeed a roller coaster ride relationship. I have cried a hundred rivers because of this. I have been hurt many many times. But then, I am still here fighting for the love and for the relationship that has been hurting me.

Last night my cousin sent me text message about ney’s mother. As always, my dear cousin told me that his mother makes “parinig” . Though she’s not quite sure is if it’s about me. But most often it is actually. I told her to just ignore them. But infact, I am hurt of these. I don’t understand why they kept on doing those things. They do not give me food. I don’t even ask for financial support from for my daughter from their son! It really makes me feel bad and that really makes my hurt bleed. Whatelse do they want from me? I don’t care about their money. I don’t even care if they have a mansion! I can provide for my daughter. Sometimes, I really want to there and confront them. Infact I am planning to. But then, when I wake up this morning, I prayed to God to give me strength. I know that God is giving me one, because He’s giving me an oppurtunity to be strong. I asked Him for patience and He gave me the oppurtunity to be patient.  I asked Him to make me humble, and yes He gave me an oppurtunity to excercise humility.

I was really hurt last night, that I wanted to send a text message to ney’s mother and tell her to live my relatives alone. If there is something that she wanted to tell then tell directly to my face. I was really angry but then, I realized, if I will do such an act, then my attitude is more worse than hers. I don’t know but maybe this is God’s way of showing me the consequences of my actions before. Though I know that God doesn’t mess with human free will, He is still there to make me realize what needs to be done today and tomorrow.

I know that God will tell how hard headed I am. I’d been hurt a million times. I have cried before God a million times but then, I never learn.

Amidst all this, it is still good to know that God is there for me and will never leave me. I know that He will always be there for me. He teach me lessons. He allows me to get hurt. But when I needed a shoulder to cry on, a warm, loving and comforting embrace, God is there to give me one.


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Contact Lens or Eyeglasses?

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Up until today, I am still deciding whether I would get a contact lens or a new pair of eyeglasses. I asked around and of course, I got different opinions. I have been wearing eyeglasses for 6 years now. What made me lost my 20/20 visions? Well, I guess I have not been very careful of my eyes then. I love to read books when I was young. I slept late at night just to finish a book I am reading. I love suspense, love story and investigative type of books. I am really a fan of sweet dreams, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. Oh how I really love their series. Because of my obsession to Hardy Boys, I also fell in love with a local book, which I guess adapted from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. The series is B1 Gang. I am not sure if there are still series of B1 Gang in the market today.

Even when there is no enough light, I tend to read books. Then, I wash my face and my eyes even if it is tired. So, this is what I got. ?

Anyway, I have not used any contact lens before. If I decided to get a pair then it will be my first. I went to different Ophthalmology shops and asked for a quote.
Then I also checked the eyeglasses they offer.

While I am doing my Internet surfing this morning, I found the popular online eyeglasses shop. Holiday glass frames from Zenni Optical are amazing! They offer an $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. Which if I convert it to my local currency, its cost will be equivalent to a pair of contact lens!

I have yet to decide whether to get a contact lens or an eyeglasses. But, I have picked my favorite lens already. :)

Silver Jewellries for Christmas

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It is less than 30 days before Christmas. I can already hear Christmas carols everywhere. I can really feel the cool breeze brought about by the holidays. As for my Christmas list, I am in the process of completing my gifts. When I am completing my list, I heard the song Silver Bells, and that really rang a bell to my ears.

My other godchildren are not as young as they are 3 or 4 years ago when I take a vow of being their godmother. So, I am thinking of giving them sterling silver jewellery this Christmas. Since, they are teenagers already; I know that they will really like it.

I am eyeing on getting them sterling silver bracelets or silver bangles. These are fashionable and danger free items. Danger free because these types of jewelries cannot be mortgage in a pawnshop or sell that easily unlike gold jewelries. Besides, today’s teenagers prefer silver than gold. I asked my youngest sister why, she said silver items are affordable and can be used whatever clothes you’re wearing.

I guess she has a point. She also stressed out that you will be scared walking on a crowded street because, snatchers and hold-uppers will just ignored you. Unlike if you’re wearing gold jewelries, you’ll get paranoid that any moment somebody will approach you and ask for your gold. Well, I guess it is really a good idea to wear fashion jewellries.

Well, I have my choices of bangles and bracelets already. I like the the bracelet with music symbols dangling. Maybe I will get one for myself as well. The other one that I am eyeing to get is just a simple yet elegant bangle. One can wear this for both formal and casual occasions. It can match any clothes you’ll wear.Hope my “daughters” will like these.  :)

Silver bangles

Silver bracelets

Another Day at the Mall

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When I have extra money, I always bring Nonet I. It is one way of our bonding moments. Though, we often go to the mall especially when his father is around. It is still a different moment when mother and daughter share this time together. We went to the nearest mall in our place. I asked my daughter what we’re going to do. She said, she likes to play at Tom’s World, then we will eat at McDonald’s and she likes a new toy.

I dressed him up with her favorite get up; a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and her new hi-cut sneakers! Off we go to the mall. We first went to Tom’s World. I bought around 15 tokens and I let her play whatever game she wanted. She really enjoyed it! When our tokens are used up, she asked me if we could eat already. She is tired and starving. We went to McDonald’s and she ate fried chicken, cheeseburger and fries. Then, drink the gravy! I am really wondering what it is in that gravy that she likes.

Anyway, after we finished our meal, we went to the department store. One good thing about my daughter is that she is not greedy. If she says, she want a toy only, then it will be a single toy. Even if you offer her other toys or items, she will tell you that she got one already and she’s happy with it.

We went around the store and then she found, pair of Spiderman Baseball gloves! Antoinette, loves superheroes! She prefers Batman, Superman and Spiderman over Barbie. Though, I encourage her to play dolls and I really spend time for playing with her. Did I get those gloves? Well, Antoinette still knows that she’s a girl and she knows when she we will get it or not. :)

I like to move it move it!

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It was my rest day from work last Wednesday and Thursday. Instead of watching DVD, I decided to arrange Nonet’s toys. She loves animals. That is why Madagascar: Escape to Africa becomes her favorite. Therefore, I decided to collect the animal figures that come with a McDonald’s Happy Meal. There are eight of them to be collected and she has five already. I asked my sister and cousins to buy the other three. :)

She would like it placed near our DVD player but it would not fit in there. I noticed that the table where our TV and DVD are on is already old. Well, maybe a new one from the tv stands I’ve seen from a furniture shop near our place would do the trick. :)

So that her Madasgascar toys can do some “move it move it” as my daughter plays with them. :)

Ney’s Service

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Ney sent a text message to me earlier today. He said that his father is planning to give him a service which he will use once their Mirant project starts. A car is a necessity for him, because he will be traveling back and forth from Pagbilao to Atimonan to manage two different projects. He said he wants a 4×4 pick up type service.

He said that he is thinking of getting an Isuzu DMAX. Well, I am not that “car literate”, so I browsed the net and look for information about Isuzu DMAX. I found it good for ney’s work and for his needs. But what really made me fell in love with it, is that one of its car parts is the Airbag. Ney’s safety is a big factor for me. So, I replied to his text that if his father asks him for a specific model, then he can go for DMAX.

Isuzu DMAX

Well, I told him that I and Nonet should be his first passengers. :)

Something New

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I bought 2 fashion watches 2 weeks ago from a warehouse sale near the place where I work. They are quality fashion watches. I got the watches with 70% off the original price. I gave one to my mother which is a delayed birthday gift. The other one is for my youngest sister as my Christmas gift.

I don’t really mind if I own a single wrist watch only for what is important is that I have something to use. But then, my mother told me that I should get another one to alternate with my old one. I am eyeing on getting  replica watches. I checked on the net and I’m planning to get either Rado or Chanel watch (see picture). Hopefully soon! :)

A Mother Again

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Motherhood is said to be the most fulfilling experience a woman can ever have in her life. I would like to take sometime to congratulate my best friend Daisy who is expecting her second baby. It’s been 3 years since she gave birth to first child, David. In fact, we gave birth on the same year. It’s just that her son is like 4 months older than my daughter.

I still remember the moment she broke the news to us that she’s pregnant. I remember our other two best buddies; Pinky and Ime told us that, Daisy and I are really best friends. I got pregnant when she was 5 months pregnant. :)

She celebrated her birthday last November 20. She learned that she is again expecting a baby, just few days before her birthday. I told her that it is a wonderful birthday gift.

Well, what else could I say, congratulations bes! :) Take good care of yourself and your baby. I hope it will be a baby girl. Always be happy and free yourself from all worries. Mama and I will cook Relyenong Bangus for you. :)


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