Lottery SCAM

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I am cleaning my inbox this morning and I came across with an email dated, June 14, 2005. It’s a 3-year old email, entitled “CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE A WINNER!!!. It was from Lot net( I want to share a little story about this. I could have been scammed by this if I have money during that time. I know you might be laughing at me on how foolish I’d been. In fact, I have replying and communicating with them. Sending them my personal information and the like. I thought it was true but, God reminded me to do some google search. Only to find out that it was a fraud. A fake. A scam. Some bad people who are trying to make money from “idiots” like, oh well.. me.. :)

Here is the letter I have received and for sure most of you have received in their inbox an email like this:

BATCH NUMBER: 1214/02F/5005/JPMA/SL.
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the 10th of May,2005. Your personal,EMAIL-ADDRESS attached to ticket number:520-81-63-114 with serial number VB184102.drew lucky numbers 70-13-35-79-14,w
hich consequently won in the 2nd category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out
of 1,000,000.00 Euros. (ONE MILLION EUROS ONLY)
already insured in your favour.
This is to help encourage the rapid use of microsoft ware users and to enlighten and promote the wide spread usage of the internet within the global world,under the sponsorship of microsoft ware wizard – 63k – 24 Ma
2004 -.&,together
with the USA,AUSTRALIA&a few members of the EU states.
We strongly advise that due to mix up of some numbers and names,we ask that you strictly keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you.
This is part of our security protocol and diversed new measures to avoid the duplicating and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants and unscrupulous personals/establishment.

Meanwhile,to clearify your doubts on how come you were selected,please note that all participants email/names were selected through a computerized ballot machine system from the internet,randomly drawn from over 100,000.00 COMPANIES and 50,000,000.00(IND
IVIDUALS PRIVATE/PERSONAL) Email Addresses and names from all over the world,where your own EMAIL ADDRESS happens to have been luckily selected under the second category to have attracted this winnings.
This promotional program takes place every three years and it is been jointly organised by well meaningful personals in conjunction with international governmental policies under very strict regulatory laws within the world lottery association in the bid
to elevate poverty rate and create chances for luckily selected individuals/companies to equally establish themselves and help create room for useful and gainful employment through the fund/prize you are been awarded.
We hope that you will equally utilise your prize winnings fund in an innovation,support,promote,meaningfully and gainfully reputation scheme in your lifes,government and people.
To file in and collect your claims for this prize winnings award, please quickly contact only and directly our nominated fiducial/accredited agent,who is to personally act as your TRUSTEES CLAIM AGENT:
James Fleshman, Fleshman CONSULTANCY&SECURITIES. Tel: +31613-782-462 Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than (15th June,2005). After this date all unclaimed funds will be retrieved and included in the next stake on returned to the treasury. Please note in order to avoid
unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all correspondence and ensure to comply with every directives from your claims agent.
Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform our agent as soon as possible.
Congratulations once more from our members of staff for having been a lucky winner in our international promotions program.
Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified and please do reconfirm your contact email address for your claims agent once again (
Sincerely yours,
Gloria Kooij.
Lottery Coordinator.

CONFIDENTIALITY: This e-mail message is confidential and is intended only for the addressee of the email address holder who is to immediately report directly and only to the claims agent.Any unauthorized use or disclosure is strictly prohibited.Disclosur
e of this e-mail to anyone other than the intended addressee does not constitute waiver of privilege. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately and delete this. Thank you for your cooperation.


Of course with all stupidity I replied to this email and even filled out a Claims Appraisal and Verification Form. I filled it out and send it to them through email. Then they replied.

THE NETHERLANDS                                                          
TEL/+Tel:+31-617-780-824   TEL/FAX+31-847-301-512                                                    





Since, they did not reply after sending them the attach email, I sent them a message:

 I just went through the Letter you sent through my email telling me as a winner of 1,000,000 Euros, and it was stated here that all prices should be claimed not later than June 15, 2005, otherwise it’ll be forfeited.
I just responded to this letter 2 days after June 15, which was June 17. Wherein I filled out and sent you the confirmation form.
 Is it still possible for me to claim my 1M Euro after I paid for the notarization fee of 810 Euro that I will be sending through Western Union?
 Your immediate response again will be much appreciated.
Thank so much!

Stupid me! They replied asking for me to send the 810 Euros notarization fee. Then, I realized how much money it will be. If this price is really true, then they can actually deduct the 810 Euros from my price. What is 810 Euros from 1M Euros right?

Then, something told me to ask Mr. Google. I searched the net about the name of the person and the company and as expected it is a fraud. To get even with the bad guys, I emailed them the link which actually informing the people about this scam.

Can you check out this site:

After sending that message they did not email me again.

Moral of my story..
1) If you’ll receive an email about a lottery that you have “won”, ask yourself first if you did join any lottery.
2) Always consult Mr. Google or your favorite search engine if you’re suspicious about that email.
3) And, if you’re really a winner, then, they should not ask any money from you. The processing fee.

I am sorry Lord

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Well, I just want to say sorry for a mistake I did this morning. I was chatting with my friend about my daughter and she told me that when she was young, and she’s still a Catholic, her mother used to bring her to Baclaran church some kind of offering.

Then I told her that I am about to bring Nonet to Quiapo church, then I said “wala lang.” As if I lost my faith. Gosh! I really felt cold and some goosebumps. I am really sorry Lord for what happened. I did not mean it.

I will stand for my faith and for what I believe in. I love you, Lord. :)

Humble Yourself

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I and my cousin fetched my aunt last night from the bus station. She came from the province and she brought 3 sacks of rice. One for us and 2 for her friend whom her sister owe some money. Her friend owns an FX and my aunt thought that her friend would bring their vehicle to pick her up from the bus station.

We informed the said friend that my aunt left our province at around 4:30PM. We expected her to arrive between 9:30PM-10PM last night. Her friend told us that their vehicle encountered a mechanical problem. That’s it and nothing more. She didn’t even say that even if their FX is broken, she’ll find another vehicle to fetch my aunt. And so my cousin and I decided to wait for our aunt at 711 along EDSA where my aunt will get off from Raymond Bus. We took a cab going home with 3 sacks of rice. I told my aunt that her friend said that the FX is broken.

When we arrived home, this friend is very angry. She said that she already found a vehicle to pick my aunt. That we didn’t even bother to inform her that we’re leaving to fetch my aunt. She said that she didn’t leave the house or to go somewhere else.

She happened to be our neighbor. Before we leave we intend to inform her that we’re leaving for the bus station to wait for our aunt. Their house is open but there is no one there. Only to find out that she’s playing Majong!

I was really upset last night. I told mother that it’s her fault. She did not inform us that she already found another vehicle that my aunt could use. She didn’t even bother to say that whatever happens, even if their fx is broken, she would still pick my aunt up. Then she’s blaming us and she got mad because we didn’t cooperate with her!

Are we the ones who didn’t cooperate? I told my mother that if this issue will be brought even to the supreme court, she will be the one to be accused of not cooperating! If only she told us that whatever happens, even if their FX is broken she’s going to pick my aunt up, at the time we informed her that my aunt already left Quezon.

It is really sad to think that she’s a Catechist and she’s acting like that. What’s wrong if she would go to our house and inform us that she found a vehicle? What’s wrong if she is going to approach us first?

I could not sleep well last night because of this incident. Is it because we’re only renting in one of their apartments? Is it because we’re poor? I do not understand why we need to understand them. They feel so superior! I am not sure if you have read my page about Kwentong Looban. Well, if you have time, please read it. She happens to be the sister of the man I spoke about on that page.

But my said, that it is still best to humble yourself. For God will bless you with overflowing gifts.

Saving for Antoinette

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When my friend and Team Captain, Mami Grace and I are chatting the other day, she was surprise to know that I do not have any savings account. I told her that my salary is just enough for my everyday expenses. She said that it is still important to have some earnings in the bank especially during emergency.

Well, Mami Grace is right. Aside from that, my daughter is growing fast and I need to save for her future. She said that while Antoinette is still very young and her expenses are not that big yet, I should start earning for her.

For that matter, I started my search for the best bank, which will offer great rates for savings account. I have to compare banks to find out which among them will grant many benefits. I know there are many banks around but I need to look for the one who fits my needs.

Being a single parent, I really have to prepare for my daughter’s future. I know my responsibility to my immediate family but my daughter is at the top of my priorities now. She does not have anyone to depend on except me. I love my daughter much and I want to give her a good life and a bright future. :)

I am Sleepy

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I slept late last night since it is my rest day from work. I decided to arrange my cd collection and fix their cases. These cd’s are copies of my favorite movies and movies that will interest my daughter. Some of these are about 3-4 years old already. The CDs still work and the movies are clear but then the cases are broken already. To preserve these CDs I bought several new plastic cases from CD-R King. Then, I have colored papers and sticker papers on stock.

I printed the title of the movies into the sticker paper. Then I cut the colored papers in the size of the case. I cleaned the fingerprints on the CDs using a cloth. Voila! The CDs are in new packaging and I know they will be good as new in the coming years.

Doing all the cutting and re-packaging of the CDs I slept at around 2:30 AM in the morning. Then I woke up today at around 10AM then took a nap at 1:30PM and woke up at 5PM. Yah, I got really sleepy. Well, even if I wasn’t able to do any other things today, I am satisfied which what I have accomplished last night. I will not be able to do those if Nonet is still awake. Because she will ask for papers and a pair of scissors and imitate what I am doing. Then, eventually she also would work on the CDs which I am working.

Well, I need to sleep early tonight because I will report to work tomorrow, early the morning. For my shift starts at 4AM! :)


The Lady of the Night

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It is just a few days to go before Halloween and I remember something that I wanted to share you. Well, this is not something to scare you but simply to inform you. I am not sure if you have seen a flower or the plant called Lady of the Night. It is a plant that has a thick leaves and it bears flowers once a month only.

But here’s the freaky part. The plant was called Lady of the Night for it flowers opens in full bloom when 12 midnight strikes. And, if you want to see its beauty and admire its scent, you really need to wait for 12AM. Why? For after 12, its beauty and scent will fade. The house we stayed in Taytay, Rizal had this plant. :)

Tales said that where these plants grow, there is a “lady” who takes care of it. Hmmm.. The place where we lived for 3 years in Rizal was said to be a “garbage pill” for salvaged people before it has been developed to a subdivision. My mother said that there are really unseen elements living in there. One of neighbors there said that Mr. Licauco has visited that place already and according to him, there is a barangay of unseen elements living there with people.

In the house we stayed, there is actually “something” there who is living with us. I guess up to this day they stay there. But my aunt and her family who now stays at that house doesn’t mind them anymore. Well I have my own creepy experience there, which happened about 7 years ago, I would just post it some other time.

As for now, let’s just admire the beauty of Lady of the Night. This is the picture of it, which I have found. :)

How fortunate is the fortune plant?

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I bought a Fortune plant about a few months ago. I have always wanted to have one of these plants not only because it is said to a fortunate one, but also because I love plants. Since we don’t have enough space in the place we’re living, we don’t have any yards to grow plants, I opted to at least one of these.

One day, on my way from work, there is a woman selling these plants. It cost PhP 20 for 3 stalks. I also bought a simple vase for my plant and the magic jelly. I bought the magic jelly at SM Megamall, with my best friend Daisy for my fortune plant as well.

I have read articles that fortune plants originated from Chinese. These plants will bring good luck to the person who owns it. That is when you plant it and it lives then fortune will comes to you, but if it dies, it will be the other way around.

Well, for me having the fortune plant brings me fortune not because of the tale behind it but because the energy it gives and the happiness it brings every time I look at it. :) I believe that fortune comes to those who have positive outlook in life. That inspite of all life’s challenges, a person has to stay strong and optimistic about life. :)

My fortune plants up close!

Education: An Inheritance

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Tonet will turn 3 years old this coming October 28 and I am asking her what food she wants for her birthday. Though I have a plan already for our family feast, I still want to know her opinion for it is her special day. Then I asked her if she wants to hold a party. Well like other children, of course she wanted a party. But my mother said that a trip to the zoo and a family feast will be enough to celebrate the birthday of our dear princess. My mom said that if I should instead save for a big party that I would throw for her on her seventh birthday.

My mother is right. Our family is an ordinary family that has an income enough for our expenses. Being practical is a wise way for us to survive so that our earnings will be stretched to all our needs. Well, she is only 3 and I have to prepare for college as well. I don’t have any money to be left for her when I am gone but only good education that will help her attain her goals and turn her dreams into reality. Maybe I can send her to schools like PCDI or Ashworth University. I know that she will learn a lot from school and enhance the knowledge she already has. Different colleges, like Ashworth College, are mother’s arms in giving good life to their children.

It is true that once you have a baby, you will really feel fulfilled. For that reason, you will give anything and do anything to secure her. That is why I am really saddened, if I hear news on T.V about mother who abandoned their children or committing an abortion. For having, a child is a priceless possession and treasure a woman would have in her entire life. :)

A Quote

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Q1 on Life!

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Our lives are like books and each day is a page..

We cannot erase what has already been written,

but we can always try to make the next page better.

It is one of the nicest text messages, which my dear friend O sent me everyday. Our other friends may call it a spam for he never fails to send a number of text messages everyday. As I have said the one above is one of them. I need not to take a deeper explanation on what the quotes says.

Everyday, we experience new trials and adventures in our lives. At the end of the day, that day is already a history. It may not turn out the way we expected it to be, we always have another day, to make up for the not so good yesterday.

So, every morning, we should not forget to thank the Lord for giving us another day. A new day to start over, a new hope, and an opportunity to make that page of our life as inspiring and beautiful as we like it to be. :)

The Way You Look Tonight

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This afternoon as I think of something to share with you, I turned on my Music match and listened to some sweet music I have stored. Then, I played the song The Way You Look Tonight. It’s song of the 60s or 70s if I am mistaken and it was revived by Michael Buble. How I love this song. It is a love song, indeed. When I get married, I want honey to sing this one for me. I am sure you have heard this song already. The rendition of Michael Buble is really charming. You and your partner will really be in a dance mood if you hear it. I can’t help myself to play the song over again until I memorize it! :) Even my daughter Antoinette fell inlove with this song. She loves listening to it as I dance her in my arms, then she will fall asleep with a sweet smile. :)

Some day, when I’m awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

You’re lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fears apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Touches my foolish heart.

Yes you’re lovely, never, ever change
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fears apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Touches my foolish heart.

Yes you’re lovely, never, ever change
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight.
Just the way you look tonight.
Just the way you look tonight.

Thank you Lord

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Last night the supermarket that is about three blocks away from our compound was burned. They said that the fire started between 12-12:30 AM, which is just an hour later after the store closes. Houses that were build in the place where we live are so close to each other. Oftentimes, only a wall separates two or more houses. If a firebreak down near our place, it is relatively to happen that, our house will be on fire. The apartment that we are renting is one of the oldest apartments in our compound. It is mostly composed of wood. For this reason, I make it a habit to pray for our safety and to keep our house and our compound away from fire. I know that there is nothing to lose if I do that.

Then yesterday when I learned that Alfonso Supermart was in fire and there are no other establishments was caught by fire.

When I passed the store on my way to work yesterday, I really uttered a thankful prayer. The fire happened at night and we are all sleeping. My aunt said that our neighbors were awake during the fire and we are the only family who are asleep in our compound.

Well, I think God gave our family a sweet sleep for He will be protecting our family including the whole compound from fire. Thank you Lord. :)

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