Three years and counting

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Last October 28, I celebrated my 3rd year of being a mother. As I look back, I think about the many things that happened in the last 3 years. I remembered the day I learned I am pregnant.

I was in Lucena City then, where ney and I will meet. Though I have a feeling already that I am pregnant, but I wasn’t really sure about it. One thing I remember that made me think I am was, frequent urination.  I researched about it and found out that it was one of the “obvious” signs that someone is pregnant.

When I arrived in Lucena that was sometime in March, 2005, I bought a pregnancy kit from a drugstore and headed my way to the hotel. I tested my urine sample and voila! It was positive. I did not feel any sadness or fear when I learned that I have a growing baby in my womb. I even uttered, “Oh well, so I am real woman!”. :)

The first person I phoned in to share that happy moment was my bestfriend, Daisy. She was actually 6 months pregnant then. I was laughing when I spilled out the news. When ney, arrived at the hotel, I showed him the preg test results  and he couldn’t believe it. In fact he bought 3 more pregnancy test kits of different brands. Of course, it only gave the same “positive” results. :)

Since, I will be on a long travel when I go back to Manila, we went to St. Anne hospital there and had a check up. The doctor prescribed a certain medicine (which I don’t remember anymore :) ) which will keep the baby in tack.

I have not told my mother about it until my tummy is already 3 months. But then, mothers are mothers and they have this “motherly instinct”. Hehehe!!! She noticed that I no longer wear tight pants which I normally wear when I go to work. I always vomit at night (maybe because I was in gy shift then, so it’s like “morning” when I vomit before going to work), and I wasn’t able to clean my mess thoroughly for I really felt weak after throwing up. One more thing, she noticed that there were pieces of garlic which hanged in the window near my bed. :) You see, in Philippine mythical creatures, there are tales about “aswang” who will try to get your baby from your tummy and eat it. They do it by sucking their long tongue into the expectant mother’s womb. Stories says that fetus in the womb smells very good for those creatures. And, garlic for them are stinky. My grandmother told me once that every “aswang” is accompanied of a “tiktik”. A ”tiktik” is actually a bird that gives signal to people. She said that when you hear the sound of “tiktik” loud, that means “aswang” is still away and it actually gives you a warning of an upcoming danger. But if you hear tiktik sound quite low, or seems like it came from a distant, that means aswang is just around the corner.

Before I thought, ”tiktik” are  aswang’s “side kick”. But then, it is actually a friend to people. She said that tiktiks are true though she has not seen one in her entire life, though. But she heard its sound many times already.

When I had my first ultrasound, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the doctor. Of course my mother really felt bad about it. I remember she told me once, that she’ll not take care of my baby. Oh well, she loves my baby more than she loves me.. :)

I really cannot explain the feelings I felt when I first saw my baby’s heartbeat as the doctor performed the ultrasound.

Like any other pregnant woman, I had my own difficulties during pregnancy. I experienced frequent contraction. In fact, I was advised by my OB to have a month bed rest for I had a pre-mature labor when my baby was 8 months then.

When I was younger, I was so idealistic about life. I want my first born to be a boy. Oh well, that was before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant, I really don’t care whether my baby is a boy or a girl as long as the the baby is healthy and beautiful. But ney wanted to have a baby girl. We bought baby dresses and things which were mostly colored pink. We didn’t know yet the gender of our baby then. 

A day after we bought the baby items, I had my ultrasound and found out that it is indeed a baby girl. Ney was very happy. I am happy, too.

In the early mornings of October 27, 2005, I woke up for I felt like peeing. Before I can jump out of the bed, I pee. So I thought I did. But it was actually my water bag.

Ney and I went to the hospital that morning at around 8AM. I had my labor for 8 hours. At around, 5:55PM I gave birth to a beautiful baby who is a wonderful gift from God.

As the years pass so fast, my princess is now 3 years old. For the last 3 years, I reflected on how i have  been a mother  to my baby. I know that I am not a perfect mother, but I am doing my best to be fine mother to her. I know that motherhood is a tough job. A priceless job yet the most fulfilling of all jobs. Thanks to my mom who’s always been there to guide me. :)

There was a time that I once told myself, if only I could spare her from all pains and difficulties this world might give her, then I would. But then, I would be very selfish if I would do that. I know that she may need to go through a lot of pain and undertakings for her to be strong and to be a wise person as she continues her journey in this life.

For whatever happens, I will always be her mother who will love her and take care of her. Even if she will have her own family in the future, I will always be here for her. :)  


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  1. daisy Says:

    wew… ndi nmn cia maciado mahaba… God Bless to all mother’s out there!!!

  2. swayinghome Says:

    in fairness, binasa ko sya kahit mahaba.. hehe
    you’re such a proud mom and i’m happy for you.
    Good luck to you and to nonet :-)

  3. Janet Says:

    hehehe! napahaba ba? naku short cut version na nga yun eh.. hehehe!!! nakakatuwa lang magreminisce.. :)

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