Reminiscing High School Days

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My youngest sister Pauline went to visit our high school Alma Mater to check if their yearbook is ready for them to get one. We both graduated from Rizal High School in Pasig City. It is Guinness Book of World Record’s biggest secondary school in terms of population. It was founded in October, 1902.

There are so many improvements and developments after I graduated from the school about 10 years ago. Our batch was Centennial graduates, for we graduated in 1998 and it is the 100 years of Philippine Independence.

My sister took some pictures of the school. Mostly are new rooms and buildings. In fact, the rooms I used to go to are no longer there. It is replaced with new and modern buildings. Yet there are still some spot in the school where I could reminisce my high school days.

This is our oval, our track and field. The building in the back ground is the IR Building. It is oldest building of the school. Up until now, I don’t remember what “IR” means. :)

This is Science Building. Well, this is not around yet when I’m still going there.

This is one of the rooms of Eusebio Building. It is the newest building in school. It was named after our city mayor’s last name, Eusebio.

Who will forget these two mighty acacia tree which we called “Batibot”. There we stayed during recess time and while waiting for our turn in the room we’re going to occupy. These trees stood there for many years already. And they have witnessed so many changes in school. These two have become a part of every Rizalians life.

It is true that high school life is the most exciting and unforgettable stage in one’s life. You bet I too have a lot of unforgettable experiences during high school. :)

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  1. judith Says:

    ahehe . im now studying there :D yung bldg po namen nepatali gonzalez bldg :D ahehe . mlpt sa bldg namen yung “batibot” na yan :) ahehe .

  2. John Angelo Says:

    wow! naalala ko Alma Mater kong i2…ung bagong building na yan..naabutan ko pa..yan..dyan kami nagroom..nung 4th year…lol…ung mga teachers ko sa pilot..i will never forget them…lalo na si Mam…cla Mam Jagmis…Mam Nudo…atbp..

    im proud…and happy na d2 ako nag H.S….and becoz special science class ako..d2 sa RHS..sobrang nakatulong sakin ngaung College iyon lalo na Chemistry ang course ko..

    sobrang thanks sa RHS

  3. Porsha Cayabyab Says:

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  5. prettylittleliars Says:

    appreciated this blog!

  6. jabama Says:

    it’s been a long time since i’ve been there.. most of those in the picture were yet to be there except for those 2 huge acacia tree of course.. hehe..

  7. Reb'l Fleur Says:

    Great site, keep up the good work… bookmarked!

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