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I am sorry for I have not updated my journal for the past 2 days. My love arrived and we spent some family time together. Well, he is back in the province to work and I am back to share my life’s experiences. :)

Life will not be as exciting as it is without the trials that you have to go through. As we go through our everyday life, we learn things that will make us grow as a person. We meet people, who will teach us new things, who will try to test our temper and patience.

As I have mentioned in my previous post about my aunt’s friend who feels superior about herself, when I arrived home last Friday, I greeted her and apologized for the misunderstandings, which happened last Thursday night. She said that whatever we say she is still angry with us. I just laugh at it, ignored what she said and headed to our house.

When I arrived home, I told my mother about it and she said that I did what is right and I just need to be very patient and humble. Though I got really pissed off that day and I really wanted to answer her back, I just laugh at it instead. I did it for I do not want to prolong the disagreement for I know that she is just being eaten up by her pride. I even told about it to ney and he said that there’s actually no reason for her to get angry.

I just don’t understand why she acted that way. I mean, she’s a catechist and she teach good morals to children in school yet she doesn’t seem to live up to what she teach.

As for me, I know that I did my I need to do and if she would still act that way, then it is not my problem anymore. She chose to do that and she will be accountable for what she did, right? :)

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