A Tale from Grimm

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It was our pay day yesterday, and though I received just a little pay, I took a walk to Eastwood’s City Walk and dropped by Pages and Chapters. It is a bookstore. I went in and checked some books that have marked down prices. I searched for a fairy tale book for my daughter who has a fever. I thought it would be best if I will bring something for her. Though she owns a fairy tale book already, but it is more on Disney princesses. I asked the lady in the store about a fairy tale book which is not a Disney one. She searched through the shelves but didn’t find any. I tried my luck in finding a book for my daughter. Then I stumbled on a book called Tales from Grimm.

The name Grimm, actually rang a bell to my ear. For I have known the Grimm brothers since I was young. How I love reading their stories. I opened the book and explore its pages. I checked on the tales included in it which will interest my little princess.

I found the classics like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and one my favorite tales, Rumpelstiltskin. So I told the lady in the store that I will buy that book.

As I arrived home, I found Antoinette awake but she has a very high fever. I showed her the new book and she was delighted and asked me to read a story for her. I read the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. Moral of the story? Whatever blessings that may come to you, be thankful to God and do not forget the people or creatures who helped you in being successful.

Nonet enjoyed the story and then she fell asleep. I continue reading on through its page and found an interesting story, The Fisherman and his Wife. Moral of the story? Be contented of what you have and be thankful enough.

It was a very interesting story that I recommend for good reading. Especially today, when people become greedy to the expense of his neighbor. I am lucky to have that book. A book, which is not just a fairy tale book but full of lessons in life which will guide my little girl as she journey through this life. :)

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