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When we heard of the word angel, we always think of a super natural being or spirits. We often depicted angels as beings with wings and halo. It could be someone who is usually in a form of light. But little did we know that angels are not only those spiritual beings that we have grown up with.

When we were younger, I’m sure that most of us have learned the prayer to our guardian angels. Do you recall that prayer? Well for your recollection that prayer goes like this, “Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side to light and guide, to rule and guard. Amen.” This is actually the first prayer that I have taught my little girl.

Up until today, every morning when I leave the house for work or if I go somewhere, I always utter this prayer. And I personally had my own encounter with my dear angel. It’s like the wind. We can’t see them but we know they’re with us.

But as I was saying, angels are not only those spiritual beings and forms that we usually think of. In our everyday life, we find an angel from our friends, family and colleagues. In times of trouble, they are there to catch us and help us. These are people who play the role of an angel in our lives. They may not know that once or twice they’d been an angel to us and could still be playing an angel role in our lives.

Well, angels are around us. God did not only send us angels in spirit forms but also angels in people around us who love and care for us. Whoever that angel is in your life, a little thank you and appreciation will surely make his/her day! :)

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