A trip to Lucban, Quezon

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Honey and I are on the process of patching things up. He may not be perfect but inspite of his imperfections and immaturities, I know that he loves me inspite of many imperfections that I have. And so, we were talking last night on how we can spend sometime together. Just the two of us. Of course, since Antoinette is around already, we often go out with her. But we really lost, quality time for the two of us alone. Sometimes, in a husband and wife relationship, though the kids are around already, they should still find “bonding moments”. So, I told him that whenever we have enough budget already, I’ll just love to spend time with him in Quezon. Visit the same places that we usually go to so we can “rebuild” the love we have for each other. Well, the love has always been there. But due to life complexities and everyday stress from work and other things, sometimes, that love is being overpowered.

As I was saying, even if Ney has a project in Palawan, I told him that we can take a tour in Lucban as we used to. What does Lucban has to offer that I love? My first trip to Lucban was in 2004.  I remember Ney and I first went to Lucban church. There was a wedding when we arrived and after the wedding, ney and I both bought a brown scapular. Then, we went to the parish’s office and ask the secretary if we can have our scapular be blessed. They were so accomodating and the parish priest blessed our scapulars and he put it on me. I felt so blessed. Lucban church is one of the oldest churches we have in Quezon and possibly be one in the Philippines as well.

The above picture is the Lucban church.

 Ney and I had our pictures taken there.

Our next stop is the Kamay ni Hesus and Healing Center. When we went there in January of 2004, it was still being developed. I counted the steps way up and its more than 300 steps! Its higher than the grotto in Baguio.

It showcases the passion of the Christ starting with the Last Supper.  Our Lady of Lourdes (Grotto) has its own place as Christ mother.  But Mama Mary has her own place in Lucban and it is called Luklukan ni Maria. I have not been there, yet.  On to the last step, there you’ll find the statue of Jesus. I don’t know how tall it is but it’s quite big! Facing the statue, you’ll find the mysterious Mount Banahaw on your right side. I have never been to Mount Banahaw also. I will find time to have a different post for Mount Banahaw soon.

 Mount Banahaw

Of course our Lucban trip will not be completed without eating their famous pancit “habhab” and their tasty longganisa. Hmmm.. thinking of these two really makes me hungry.. :)

Pancit Lucban and Longganisa

Well, think we’ll visit the place again before the year closes or possibly in on May 15-16 when Lucban celebrates their Pahiyas Festival.

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  1. daisy Says:

    Wew , looks like bati na kau ulit… i know you love each other. I hope everything will be alright… im happy for you. I come to realize that i should stop criticizing tata (cge na nga, i’ll try) kc i know you love him so much at isa pa cia ang father ni tonet. nkakainis lng nmn kc cia eh.. yan n nmn ako… anyways sbihin mo s kanya bilisan nia mga plano nia s inyo …. God bless!!!

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