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Rock a bye baby on the tree tops… When the wind blows the cradle will rock…”

Do these lyrics ring a bell to your ear? Well, it’s a classic lullaby that mothers sing to their babies even when the baby is still inside their womb.

When I was pregnant, I did sing to my baby. I listened to music, sweet melodies which give a very relaxing and soothing feeling. I didn’t get the chance to listen to Mozart’s and Beethoven’s classical music, though. But I had music around me during my pregnancy, after giving birth and as I raise my little girl.

Have we ever wondered if this little creature in our tummy can really hear the music playing? Is there really some kind of sound wave that has a good effect on them?

I read an article that according to Jamie Blumental, MA, MT-BC, Music can evoke emotions, memories, and spiritual or social connectedness, as well as provide means of expressing feelings and a sense of safety, security and comfort to young children. Music especially provides a fun way for children to learn. It is the one medium that cuts through the boundaries of age, culture, disability and disease.

Ever heard of the Mozart Effect? Aside from the fact that Mozart is one of our excellent composers, his work has been used “effectively” in lessening the use of of anesthesia during delivery. From the journal of the American Medical Association reported in 1996 that half of the expectant mothers who listened to music during childbirth did not require anesthesia. “Music stimulation increases endorphin release and this decreases the need for medication. It also provides a distraction from pain and relieves anxiety. It also seemed to improve one’s memory and intelligence.

The unborn baby is aware of the mother’s heartbeat and listens to her voice and embraces it as a form of his security. And when the baby is born, you often see them wondering and looking for that familiar sound, their mom’s voice. (source: Manila Bulletin, Fun Page; June 29, 2002)

And it is true. I listened and sang along with Lea Salonga’s song during my pregnancy. When I gave birth to Antoinette, she did remember my voice and those familiar tunes I played to her when she was still inside me.

How can I say that? When Antoinette is uncomfortable of something and we can’t calm her, we’ll just play that CD and then she’ll stop crying and eventually fall asleep.

Music has been part of her life. What’s her new song now? You’ll hear her singing Kim Chiu’s Crazy Love at the top of her voice! :)

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