The Mother in ME

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Motherhood starts on the day you conceived your baby. It’s not just when you give birth to your child. It’s been three years since I become a mother. Three years and still counting:)!

I went to Megamall last Monday and bought a stainless mug for me. I don’t know but I really can’t help not to buy something for my little girl I bought her 3 pairs of pajamas.

Antoinette will turn 3 this coming October 28. Sometimes, I just smiled thinking how time passes by so fast. I remember the time I learned that I was pregnant. My family didn’t learn about it until my tummy is around 3 months. But of course and as always, my mother has been suspicious and has a thought that I am conceiving. Why? She noticed that I am not wearing tight jeans which I used to. I’m not wearing body fit shirts, and I prefer to wear sandals instead of my boots and stilettos!

But the most remarkable thing I did which gave my mother a confirmation that her thoughts are correct, was when she found pieces of garlic hanging on the window beside my bed! As we know, garlic drives away bad creatures who will try to “steal” your baby, even when it is still inside you.

I remember Mama told me that she’s not going to take care of my baby. Because I got pregnant out of wed lock. Well, she loves Antoinette now more than she loves me. How did I know? She told me ?!

Have I been a good and responsible mother to Antoinette? Being a first time mother, it was quite difficult. But I believe that I have been a good and responsible mother. With the help of my own mom, I learned to be more patient and responsible. I have sacrificed a lot for her, too. I love my daughter very much. I thank my own mother for being a role model to me.

Antoinette is growing up as a smart and adventurous girl. At her age, she can differentiate a cheetah from leopard, a toad from a frog and a crocodile from alligator. She first learned about animals instead of ABC’s. She can identify colors, too. She can count 1 to 15, but she finds ABC a bit boring. I’m not an expert mother though. But through books and experiences, I learned .

Some tips to share? Well, during your pregnancy, be happy :) ! A baby is a bundle of joy and a special gift from God. Avoid getting stress for your baby will feel the same. Don’t deprive yourself from eating, but be responsible on what you eat. It’s not only you who should be satisfied but the baby as well. Get enough rest and sleep. Visit your OB and drink only advised medicines.

Talk to your baby, while touching your tummy. Believe me, your baby hears you. Listen to soothing music. Some says, it is good to listen to classical music for baby’s intellectual being. Well, I just listened to the CD of Lea Salonga which was given by my kumpare Bonnie. If I know the lyrics, I sing to my baby. When the baby is about 5 months, you will feel him/her moving. The baby responds to you.

When the baby is hungry and you’re depriving yourself from eating, you will feel your baby kicking as if asking you to eat. Well. I had that experience. I prefer to sleep rather that eat. And so when Antoinette was inside my tummy, she kept moving and kicking that made me uncomfortable to sleep. When I eat and feel that my baby’s hunger has been satisfied, she was silent and I think she’s fast asleep.

Always make your baby feel that they love. Everyday, I tell Nonet, “I love you.” Then I kiss and hug her. When she was still a baby, and I tell her I love her, she’ll smile. But now, when I say I love you to her. She will reply back with “I love you, mommy” or “mahal kita, mommy”. It is so sweet of her.

Motherhood is a gift from God. Babies are little angels who lift our spirit, who inspire and motivate us. Oftentimes, I felt sad for babies and children being aborted or abandoned. Who would know, that those unborn children would become an extraordinary people of our century.


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  1. Shante Wyker Says:

    me and my husband in the last few years, got settled on one line of defense against health issues. Why? Because I was apalled to find out how poorly medication works.

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