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I just finished my 4-hour call today. The client is having difficulty connecting to the Internet through the router. His computer is wired to the router and it can’t connect to the Internet. While his other computer, which is on a wireless connection has a good connectivity.

I know I did what I supposed to do. I have checked physical connection of PC. It’s IP address and every single setting that I need to look on. The wired PC can ping different websites yet can’t  open any page. It can’t even open the setup page of the router where it is physically connected to, yet the wireless PC can.

I lowered down the PC’s browser settings and asked him to turn off Internet firewall in the PC, if there’s any. Still can’t open any website. I have assigned static DNS to the PC. Tried accessing a certain website using IP address but his IE will not display the page.

I told the client to call Microsoft or computer manufacturer to assist him in reinstalling IE or updating it. Then his wife said that according to their Internet Service Provider, our router will not work properly with IE.

I reallt got frustrated with this call. I have been in this work and supporting devices for almost 5 years now, and this is really the first time I cried a lot during my call. Four hours on the phone with the same client! That’s terrible.. I’m pretty sure that it’s not me who caused that. I understand the client’s situation as well that’s why I’m giving outmost support. It’s so frustrating because,  the call lasted for that long simply because of a browser problem which the client doesn’t believe in.

I just don’t understand him. He’s so slow. I have been extremely patient during the entire call. But I really disagreed and stressed out to him not to blame our device. We’re able to pin point the problem which he just don’t want to buy in.

Being in a call center and as a technical support agent, patience is really a virtue. But I’m only human with feelings, who gets hurt and frustrated as well. If clients can get frustrated, I believe, we,  tech agents have the right to get frustrated with our clients as well.

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  1. Call Center Blogger Says:

    I understand your situation… I had the same experience back when I was a TSR for Dell. I read through your story and it sounds like a definite “out of support” situation.

    Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is turning back the customer. Hope everything’s well.

  2. estoryahantayo Says:

    you’re right… in the nature of our work it is really true that sometimes, the hardest thing to do is turning back the customer.

    thank you so much!

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