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Lately I have been blogging about that Jucelino clairvoyant and its giving me so much stress. Today I’d like to post about Marikina Valley Fault Line but I decided to write about Candy Candy instead. I need to refresh my self amidst all these things..

“She’s a girl, pretty girl.. with ribbons on her hair..” Does this lyrics, rings a bell? Sing her name Candy! Yes it’s Candy, Candy!”


I remember watching Candy when I was younger. She was a sweet and very cheerful girl. If I’m not mistaken, it was in 1975 when this was first aired. My mom and godmother used to watch her as well during their teen days. And, that’s how I learned aboout Candy. Candy grew up in an orphanage. When she was a baby, the sisters of “Pony’s Home” found her at its doorstep. She was named Candy from a doll she had in her basket, which has a name “Candy” on it. Her lastname, White, was from the snowstorm she was rescued from. Many people like her or love her because of her kind personality. She met a handsome mysterious boy on a hill behind her home. This “prince on the hill” becomes an important person in her life. She lived in the orphanage until she is adopted by a very influential big clan. Candy is a very good friend of the teenagers Annie, Archie, Al(Stear in Manga, I believe his real name is Alistair) and Anthony… and so started Candy’s journey’s in life.. I found a site wherein the author features Candy mango which can be downloaded.

Here is Candy Candy’s Series in TV, Filipino Opening Song..

She’s a girl, pretty girl
With ribbons in her hair
She’s a girl with lots & lots
& lots of fun and friends to share

She likes to climb up all high places
And find her way through dark staircases
She’ll paint your world in bright colours
Her name is Candy…

*Whenever clouds make her day look gray
& everyone’s hiding from the rain
She tells herself “There’s still another day,
Surely tomorrow we can play…”

**She’s a girl, she’s a girl
They call her Candy
Don’t ever leave me, don’t run away please
Candy Candy…

She’s a girl, funny girl
With freckles on her nose
She’s a girl whose smile beguiles you while
You’re laughing at her jokes

She loves the prairies and rides he ponies
She loves the sleigh bells when they come ringing
She likes to humm when birds are singing
Her name is Candy

*Whenever people tell her friends she’s bad
& everyone’s saying that she’s wrong
She tells herself “Cheer up, just smile…
Surely tomorrow I’ll be strong…”


Here’s the ending song for the Philippine TV series of Candy Candy..

After you leave I’ll start to cry
I know I’ll miss your love
I’ll never know the reason why
The reason why you must go

Then the wind comes and brings your voice
Like a bird in twilight song
Bringing night to the stars
As the heavens spell your name

All of my songs will comfort you
My love will make you strong
And tomorrow
We’ll sing a song
Share a song
That we are one

Maybe (Candy)
Maybe (Candy)
You’ll be mine

Got some of her pictures here:


Isn’t she lovely and very charming? How I miss watching Candy Candy. I think Judy Abott and Georgie, (if you have seen or heard about those anime), have patterned their stories to Candy Candy.

Is there someone there who can tell where I can download the manga for Candy, Candy?
Please… =)  

















8 Responses to “Candy, Candy!”

  1. anng taba Says:

    people can make stories about earthquake etc. what about this on august 1 a storm name george w bush will be in manila it will storm signal no. 10. floods of 100 dollar bill will filled the streets of manila and all parts of the philippines

  2. swayinghome Says:

    I used to watch candy candy, and I remember it airs right after masked rider black.. hehehehe.
    But sadly, I wasn’t able to watch its ending.. whatever happened to Anthony?

  3. edit Says:

    i got goose bumps when i saw the pics. thanks! i remember i had one of those big pencil case with her image wearing a hat with so many different flowers— i wish i could share her w/ my daughter…anyway bout the earthquake we didn’t want to add up to our sressfull life…i am planning to have the earthquake do’s & don’ts reprinted for my kids…. prayer, i think should be first on the list…

  4. cher Says:

    omg! i was forever wanting to know the lyrics of candy candy’s theme song…! thanks for that..i miss watching her.i love her.that’s the only anime i ever watched,and ofcourse maria bonn tramp’s sound of music tagalized version..that was a very long time ago!!

  5. sisa Says:

    hi! your post has been 2 years back but then just in case you haven’t got candy downloads yet, i’ve found torrents of candy candy episodes at not sure though if they’re englidh subtitled.

  6. Leezl Olegario Says:

    Thanks for the lyrics! I loved Candy Candy!

  7. sweet violet Says:

    This song just popped up in my mind today. I tried to search for the lyrics and then I found your blog. If I am not mistaken, it was aired in channel 13. I even remembered that there was one time we tried to record this song in a cassette tape and we were told to be quiet or else our voices will be recorded too. Ended up we didn’t capture anything, the stereo was defective.
    I love cartoons/animes back then like Cedie, Sarah,Maskman (specially Michaelangelo, voice of Kuya Kim) and Time Quest (lilipad, lilipad, Takure) to name a few. Lakas maka-throw back, hehe.

  8. Anjannette Says:

    Hello! yes it was aired in channel 13..i was a kid when it was aired, but i didnt forget about it. :D

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