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i’d like to welcome you to my new home. Some of my post here are “mirrored” from my other page, www.estoryahantayo.wordpress.com. You’ll still find interesting posts in there which is different from what I have here.

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Hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog! Don’t forget to leave your comments :) !

My Blogger Friends!

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Well, since I’m new to blogging world, I’d asked my friends’ help on how to embed videos in my blog. Updating themes for my blog, etc. Simple things, most of you might say, but ’twas a big help for me. I’m a newbee to this and  I really need assistance everystep  of the way :)

If you liked it here, then you’ll also find their sites very interesting. See for yourself.  Click and enjoy!





On the Job Training @ Meralco

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I’m thinking on what to share with you guys today, when I stumbled on one of my “treasured” floppy disks. The files are still kept in floppy. It’s a good thing I bought a floppy drive for my PC. I was able to retrieve the pictures which were taken during my on-the-job training at the Manila Electric Company, or simply MERALCO. I have always love to work in MERALCO before. My godfather(Ninong Osias, who’s with God already) used to work there. Guess what, he’s my ninong who gave me much money during Christmas! :) Oh how I missed him. I was only 8 years old when he was murdered. He was very proud of me. It was him who made me dreamt of working in there.

When I was in still with our church choir, the father and 3 brothers of our pianist Kiko are all working in Meralco. Kiko’s family made me part of their family. They have loved me like their own sister. So, when it’s time for me to have my on-the-job training, I had it in Meralco. Atleast, though its just an OJT, its like a dream come true to be in the portals of Meralco.

I was assigned in the IT Deparment and here are some of the pictures I was able to find. These were taken at Meralco’s head office in Ortigas.

Hey! It’s lunch break that’s why I’m taking a nap..

Here’s our office..

That’s me near the window. Busy… playing! Hehehe!!! :)

I forgot their names.. :( . But they’re trainees like me.

This is our team..

I was living in Taytay then. I was transferred to work in Lopez’s in Antipolo. I was with my co-trainees, Joseph and Edam. They lived somewhere in Rizal as well. These pics were taken there.

Edam and Joesph respectively.

Picture, picture!

It was raining when this picture was taken. I was in the train.

This is the front view of the Lopez rest house in Antipolo.

The driveway.

I believe there was a wishing well, somewhere there.

This is my favorite place. There were live geese roaming around. It was really relaxing there.

Wonder when these pictures were taken? Well, I don’t remember either.. :) Maybe 2000 or 2001!

Affirmation: July 30, 2008

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As I do God’s will, I discover there is great joy in each new day

How do you know he loves you?

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My daughter has finally got over with watching Shrek and Highschool Musical 2. What she’s into right now? Enchanted.. I found it very interesting and the soundtrack? I love it!


How does she know you love her?
How does she know she’s yours?

How does she know that you love her?

How do you show her you love her?

How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?

It’s not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she’ll be inclined to say…
“How do I know he loves me?”
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?)
“How do I know he’s mine?”
(How does she know that you really, really, truely love her?)

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey? Heyy!
He’ll find a new way to show you, a little bit everyday
That’s how you know, that’s how you know!
He’s your love…

You’ve got to show her you need her
Don’t treat her like a mind reader
Each day do something to need her
To believe you love her

Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true…
How do you know he loves you?
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you need her?)
How do you know he’s yours?
(How does she know that you really, really, truely-)

Well does he take you out dancin’ just so he can hold you close?
Dedicate a song with words in
Just for you? Ohhh!

He’ll find his own way to tell you
With the little things he’ll do
That’s how you know
That’s how you know!

He’s your love
He’s your love…

That’s how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
He loves you
(la la la la la la la la)
That’s how you know
(la la la la la la la la)
It’s true
(la la la la la)

Because he’ll wear your favorite color
Just so he can match your eyes
Rent a private picnic
By the fires glow-oohh!

His heart will be yours forever
Something everyday will show
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know
(That’s how you know)
That’s how you know!

He’s your love…

That’s how she knows that you love her
That’s how you show her you love her

That’s how you know…
That’s how you know…
He’s your love…

Affirmation: July 28, 2008

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“I am thankful for the law of mind which increases whatever I praise.”

I love this Man

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Before I leave the office and enjoy my rest days, I decided to post this interesting email I received. It’s about love. A selfless love that only one man can give..

No one falls in love by choice,
it is by CHANCE.
No one stays in love by chance,
it is by WORK.
And no one falls out of love by chance,
it is by CHOICE

He did something for you, now do something for him. Spread his word, and you’ll be rewarded. How will you be rewarded?

Matthew 10:32 “Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will acknowledge him before My Father in heaven. But whoever disowns Me before men, I will disown him before My Father in heaven”

Let’s call it a day!

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Another day is about to end here in the office. I already finished my call logs and just listening to my favorite songs which gives me a soothing feeling. Very relaxing. Today is Sunday, so there’s not much calls to cater.

Thank you Lord for another day!

Puppies for Sale

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When you are to buy a puppy to care for, one would simply choose the best looking puppy. The one next to being perfect. But have you ever think of getting a puppy or a kitten or any pet who is not as good looking as its siblings? Have we ever thought of adopting just an ordinary homeless cat or dog?

Try to reflect on  this..

A store owner was tacking a sign above his door that read “Puppies For Sale.” Signs like that have a way of attracting small children and sure enough, a little boy appeared under the store owner’s sign. “How much are you going to sell the puppies for?” he asked. The store owner replied, “Anywhere from $30 to $50.”

The little boy reached in his pocket and pulled out some change. “I have $2.37,” he said. “Can I please look at them?”

The store smiled and whistled and out of the kennel came Lady, who ran down the aisle of his store followed by five teeny, tiny balls of fur. One puppy was lagging considerably behind. Immediately the little boy singled out the lagging, limping puppy and said, “What’s wrong with that little dog?”

The store owner explained that the veterinarian had examined the little puppy and had discovered it didn’t have a hip socket. It would always limp. It would always be lame. The little boy became excited. “That is the little puppy that I want to buy.”

The store owner said, “No, you don’t want to buy that little dog. If you really want him, I’ll just give him to you.”

The little boy got quite upset. He looked straight into the store owner’s eyes, pointing his finger, and said, “I don’t want you to give him to me. That little dog is worth every bit as much as all the other dogs and I’ll pay full price. In fact, I’ll give you $2.37 now, and 50 cents a month until I have him paid for.”

The store owner countered, “You really don’t want to buy this little dog. He is never going to be able to run and jump and play with you like the other puppies.”

To this, the little boy reached down and rolled up his pant leg to reveal a badly twisted, crippled left leg supported by a big metal brace. He looked up at the store owner and softly replied, “Well, I don’t run so well myself, and the little puppy will need someone who understands!”

By Dan Clark
Weathering the Storm
from Chicken Soup for the Soul

Staying Young

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I found this email from my so called Something good emails. I love to share this to those who have not seen or read this yet. Something very useful :)

Some of us may or may not admit we are not that young anymore,but read on and see which ones relate to us at the moment. Nice reminders, huh?

Let us all read this one over and over until it becomes part of who we are!


1. Try everything twice. On Madams tombstone (of Whelan’s and Madam) she said she wanted this epitaph: Tried everything twice…loved it both times!

2. Keep only cheerful friends.
The grouches pull you down. (keep this in mind if you are one of those grouches;)

3. Keep learning : Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain get idle. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s!

4. Enjoy the simple things.

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time with HIM/HER.

6. The tears happen: Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. LIVE while you are alive.

7. Surround yourself with what you love: Whether it’s family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.

8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

9. Don’t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county, to a foreign country, but NOT to where the guilt is.

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity. I love you, my special friend.

11. Forgive now those who made you cry. You might not get a second time.

Lost time can never be found.

And may I add ‘Don’t be afraid your life will end, be afraid it will never begin’..

Keeping our FRUITS Fresh and Firm

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I love fruits. I love eating bananas, apple, pineapple and mangoes. Oh my! These are my favorite fruits. I can finish a “piling” of latundan in one sitting. Fruits keep our bodies in good shape. It can be an appetizers or desserts. Fruits are comforting foods. They are also guiltless indulgence. I read some tips from a newspaper clipping on how to keep fruits fresh and firm. They got these tips from Glad Wraps and Bags.

Why good fruits go bad – Avoid overcrowding your refrigerator

APPLES – Once ripe, apples will stay fresh for three weeks when store them in a sealed plastic bag. Do not give apples a rinse before storing; wash apples individually just before eating them.

MANGOES and AVOCADOS – Ripen mangoes and avocados at room temperature. Once ripe, they are best stored unbagged in the fridge; avocados, will stay fresh for five days and mangoes will stay four days, once ripe

ORANGES – When ripe, oranges will stay okay for two weeks if stored unbagged inside the fridge. If you’re outdoors, orange wedges will stay fresh overnight when kept in a sealed plastic bag.

PINEAPPLES – Uncut pineapple can be stored at room temperature for a few days. Once you cut the pineapple, make sure to store it in an airtight container inside the fridge. When ripe, pineapples will remain fresh for five days.You can leave tomatoes to ripen at room temperature away from sunlight. When ripe, they can be stored in a sealed bag inside the fridge and will keep fresh for one week.

TOMATOES – You can leave tomatoes to ripen at room temperature away from sunlight. When ripe, they can be stored in a sealed bag inside the fridge and will keep fresh for one week.

BANANAS – Your bananas will stay happy unbagged at room temperature and will keep fresh for five days once ripe.

MELONS – Uncut melon can be ripened at room temperature. Once ripe, you can store it in the fridge unbagged and it will stay fresh for one week. When storing cut, ripe melon in the refrigerator, make sure to cover the fruit using a wrap.

My dear Cat CHAKA

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I’m about to share some healthy recipes for pregnant women, when I found an unfinished document in my files about my dear cat Chaka. I know I have been neglecting Chaka for the past couple of months. He’s always been my baby until Antoinette came to my life.

I found Chaka outside our house in April, 2003. He was a helpless kitten. He was being bullied by the children in our compound (looban). Being a cat lover (and animal lover, too), I adapted him. I bought a box where he slept and stayed while inside the house. I cleaned his “poopoo” and fed him. I used a cotton bud and a dropper to feed him milk.

He was named Chaka for he wasn’t as cute as other kittens. “Chaka” is gay-lingo for not so good looking thing.

When he’s about 6 weeks old, he was able to eat rice mixed with sardines. I also, placed his box outside the house. One morning, I saw him sick. He can’t use his 2 back legs for walking, as if he was paralyzed. I helped him eat again and stood by him until he recovered.

When I was about 3 to 4 months pregnant, Chaka was lost. He was gone for about 2 weeks. Every night, my mother accompanied me to search for him. We went to different “looban” and compound near our place, but we failed.

In the office, I got across with a site called www.overcomeproblems.com wherein the Novena of St. Anthony of Padua is posted. St. Anthony is the patron saint of missing articles. I uttered the prayer with all my heart. Then, three days later, I received a text message from my sister telling me that Chaka was home. I named my daughter Antoinette after St. Anthony because of that incident.

Chaka didn’t grow as healthy as the other cats. I had brought him twice to veterinary for check up. Then, last year he had a terrible skin disease that I had to send him to a cattery being taken cared off by cat philanthropies, Ate Heidi, Ate Gwen and Ate Ness. They let Chaka stay with them for about 3 months. He got well and gained weight.

I wasn’t the good mother as I was to him. Oftentimes, I sometimes neglect him due to many responsibilities that I need to attend to. To my daughter, to my family and to ney. Chaka being like my first “child”, who got used to sleeping beside me during his hay days, still look up to me as his mother. Sometimes, I just found him sleeping beside me. There are times, when he calls me with his “meow”, I understand whether he needs to eat or needs some water to drink.

Right now, I’m doing my best to find time to attend to my cat’s needs. I know for sure Chaka loves me, and I do love him, too. :)

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