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Last week, my cousin asked me to fill out a Metrobank Credit Card application form. I said, ok. I will try my luck with Metrobank. Yah, I have been applying for a credit card for the past 2 years and yet none has been approved up until yesterday. My mother once told me that God doesn’t want me to have one for it is a temptation for me. She knows that I am a very impulsive buyer. She’s afraid that if ever I’ll have a CC then I’ll go shopping and my debt will pile up. I told her that I need a credit card for emergency purposes. I promised her that I will be wise in using my credit card. Hopefully… =)

 I checked on some credit card reviews and found this advise very very useful from penstalker ”Before you go and sign up for your own credit card, I have to issue a warning. A credit card is an amazing tool for shopping goods online and offline. But I’m telling you, you have to be a disciplined consumer and payer. Otherwise, you might end up mired in debt.”


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  1. Andrea Smith Says:

    Credit card debt is on its all time high with today’s economy. Hopefully people can obtain the help they need to get out of debt. Thanks for the article!

  2. Erik Roza Says:

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  3. Teresa Brazzel Says:

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