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…I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on October 28, the age of 24, I thought that was too early to have a baby, for having a baby takes a big responsibility as well..

…at around 4AM of that day, I went to the john to pee..I thought it was just call of nature.. I never realized that later that day I’m about to be a mother.. mom told me that it was my already the so called “water bag”.. I woke up my fiancé and told him that it’s time to go to the hospital.. being an tech support in me, I helped my neighbor to fix her printer before going to the hospital..

…I wasn’t nervous though.. while me and my honey were on our way to the hospital, I was just laughing and talking.. I remembered him being nervous than me.. Well, the good Lord and Mama Mary, my guardian angel, the prayers of my family, the prayers of my patront saints made me strong and relax during that day..

…often, people would say that when a woman is giving birth, her life is at stake as well.. true though.. and this is not to scare you.. true because, the process of giving birth, the labor pain.. the blood that you’re about to lose..everything.. that’s why, I know a lot of prayers do work..

…Labor pains? Oh my! I can’t explain how painful it was! I was at the labor room and I was shouting at the nurses.. I remembered asking them, “Akala ko ba painless!”… Hehehe!!! the normal delivery was painless for I had general anesthesia.. but the labor pain was not! I had my labor for almost 10 hours!

… at around 5:55 PM of October 28. 2005 I gave birth to a very loveable baby, Antoinette Ylea Jesuita Amandy-Labrador.. she’s 6.2 Lbs.. her looks are more of his father…

… the first time I saw her from the delivery room, I thought I saw her with almond shape head.. and I told myself, why does her head look like that… well, maybe that was a side effect of anesthesia… hehehe!!!

…when I saw my mom after I gave birth, I cried.. I don’t know… maybe because, I had experienced the same pain she had gone through when she gave birth to me.. and I remembered all my wrong doings.. that threatens me?!? Not really..

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