An Act of Sacrifice

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The world was surprised when Vatican City announced that Pope Benedict XVI will resign from his position as pope on February 28. There have been a lot of rumors and criticism why the Pope decided to abdicate his post. Is he resigning because of illness? Is he resigning because he cannot bear any longer the criticism stoned at him? Is he resigning because of this? Because of that? So much have been said about our dear pope’s decision to resign.

Pope Benedict is the second pope I have known (so far) in my lifetime. I was born in 1981 while Pope John Paul II was still the ruling head of Vatican City. When Pope John Paul II died, Pope Benedict XVI assumed his post at the age of 78. It was about 5 years ago. He is 83 now. When Pope Benedict was proclaimed as Pope, he was elected by the Conclave of Cardinals. He was elected through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Since, he was elected, I believe he has the right to resign if he feels like he will not be able to effectively perform his duties as the head of the church.

Resigning doesn’t mean losing his vocation as priest. Pope Benedict XVI will always be priest. Even the cardinals and the bishops will always be priest. Similarly, if a policeman was promoted to be a general, it doesn’t mean that he will not be a policeman anymore.

People would comment on his resignation that he shouldn’t be afraid because he is close to God; that he should not be worry about hell; that God will be there to protect him and to give him strenght. Yet, we people should realize that Pope Benedict is also human. Pope Benedict may be the Pope, but he is still human. He commit mistakes. He gets old. He gets tired. His decision to leave his post is an act of sacrifice for the good and well-being of the Roman Catholic Church. An act of sacrifice.

I really felt bad when I read my facebook wall last night about how people criticize the pope. That there are really people who doesn’t believe in God for Christ sake! But then again, I realize that this is a free country and we should learn to respect each others’ belief and point of view. (Yet, I say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will be upon Jepoy as he answer comments in the said post.)

Honey and I used to argue about faith. He often criticize my faith though he was baptized in the Catholic church. Nevertheless, I have prayed for him and continue praying for him. We seldom argue about faith now. :)

I believe in God. People may say that it is a cliche’ but truly, everything happens for a reason. Maybe God has a better plan for Pope Benedict. Maybe God has a better plan for Vatican City, for the Catholic believers, for the world.

Surely, God has His reasons and He has the best plans for each and everyone of us including Pope Benedict. We just have to pray, pray, pray and have faith. God loves all of us. So, lets just be good people and stop criticizing and questioning Pope Benedict’s reason for his resignation. Let’s just pray for Pope Benedict and trust in God’s plan for us. :)

Ciao! :)

I remember Papa..

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I went to see my ENT doctor last February 5 for a follow up check up. It was 11 days after my surgery. I was advised for 2-week voice rest more. I can talk now but should be very minimal. I was told to talk only if necessary. If not, then just keep my mouth shut. :) After my check up, I went to SSS Office to check the status of my Sickness claim application. Unlike other counter, Medical line is not queueing. I was able to finish my business in less than 15 minutes after I arrived the said office.

It was still early in the afternoon then that I decided to visit a mall. No, I didn’t go to Megamall. I went to Edsa Central Pavilion. I plan to visit different bookstores in and around it. I took a jeep ride bound to Crossing United from Medical City. I decided to eat a late lunch at Jolibee. I chose to seat on a chair near the Window. I ate lunch slowly and just enjoy the food.

Since, it was nearly 3PM, the place was not crowded like it used to during lunch time. As I gazed around the fastfood chain, I suddently remembered that my father used to meet his “business clients” in it.

My father died 6 years ago. He died of lymphoma. I wasn’t able to visit his tomb on his death anniversary because it was the same day when I underwent the operation. It was January 25.

He used to sit in the far left corner of the resto facing Highway 54. I took a quick look on the said spot. I usually felt sad when I remember my father. But now, I guess I have already accepted that he is gone, and what I felt then was no longer sadness but regret. Regret because he may not be able to see how our life has improved. He may not be able to watch news, movies from a big flat screen. He may not be able to sing in our midi player. He may not be able to joing our family dates. He didn’t us his girls college graduation picture hanging on the wall. He may not be able to see his granddaughter blossom into a fine girl. Yet, I realize that inspite of all these things, papa is happy now and I would like to believe that he is in a better place now than us.

We love you papa and we will always miss you. Until we meet each other again.

Ciao! :)

A Successful Surgery!

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I have been dealing with hoarseness since last 2 days of 2012. I didn’t mind it then because I was also suffering from flu then. I thought it was normal. After my shift last January 2, I decided to see a doctor; and then I started my long sick leave. :(

I was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon of January 24; a day before my scheduled surgery to remove the cyst found on the right side of my larynx.

I was really scared. I do not know what will happen after the surgery. I trust my doctor/surgeon. But, sometime, something goes wrong as well. I have been praying for a successful surgery and for my recovery from our Healer, and of course, I have prayed for Dr. Jarin and all the doctors and medical staff who will be with him as well.
The night before the operation, I asked my cousin to accompany me to the hospital’s chapel. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I felt God’s comforting peace assuring me that everything is going to be fine. And that He is in control.
I couldn’t sleep that night but I forced myself to. My operation was scheduled around 7AM. I slept wearing my hospital gown already. I woke up around 6AM the following day. I didn’t eat or even drink water since 11PM that night. I was on fast and was getting my nourishment on dextrose.

The OR staff fetch me from my room passed 7AM already. At the OR, I was welcomed by number of staff including my doctor. The staff nurse did a routine check on me first before I was moved to the designated room where the surgery will take place.

While waiting, I looked around the OR and saw number 7. Many of us know and believe that said number is associated with God. I know then that He is with me, and I will be fine. :)

Few minutes later, I was moved to the designated room. I was greeted by my anesthesiologist, Dr. Torres. From the stretcher used to fetch me in my room, I was transferred to the bed in the OR. I will be under general anesthesia but a needle was not used on me, thank God! I don’t know the medical term for it but I basically inhaled the anesthesia using a mask. That was the last thing I remembered.
When I woke up, I was still wearing a mask but it was for my oxygen. My heartbeat was still monitored as well as my blood pressure. I was already in the recovery room. There was no pain in my throat. I was just dizzy and sleepy. Praise the Lord, my surgery was a success!

As I leave the OR, I uttered a prayer of thanks to God, to Mama Mary, to my saints and to my angels. I didn’t forget to pray for the other people who will undergo and undergoing the surgery at the time. There are many people waiting outside the Operating Room. I know that there are people whose cases are worse than mine. I even heard one of the staff talking to another that the relatives of one of their patients’ are already in the conference. I just hope that everything goes well for that someone, too.

I stayed in the hospital for four days. I wanted to visit the chapel before going home but I couldn’t. I didn’t have someone to accompany me. My sister and my cousin were working on my discharge clearance.
I knew also that one of the hospital stall will accompany us going to the basement where we will be waiting for a cab. But, maybe God knows that I really wanted to visit the chapel before going home. My sister asked the staff nurse if it was okay to go down the basement without an attendant, and we were allowed. :)

From the 12th floor, we stopped by the second floor and I went to the chapel. I knelt and prayed to God.

Truly, God has always been with me. I know that my ordeal doesn’t end at my operation. I am in recovery stage and I am not talking still. I have not heard my voice yet since I underwent the surgery. I have been longing to talk and to sing. Well, I have been patient and continuously praying.

I believe that everything will be okay. I know God wanted me to do something different, I just don’t know what it is yet. :)

Ciao! :)

Voice Box Cyst

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Hoarseness started last January 2 of this year. I thought it was just due to the flu I had. In spite of what I was feeling, I decided to go to work then. It was my first day of work for 2013. After my shift, I went directly to the hospital and was diagnosed to have severe asthma attack. It wasn’t just upper respiratory tract infection but I had bronchial asthma in acute exacerbation, too. I was advised to rest for 2-3 days.

A day before my supposed “fit to work”, I went back to Maxicare’s physician at Medical City for a follow up check- up. I was told that asthma was contained due to salbutamol but roughness in my voice is still there. Since I work in a call center, I will not be able to stand a day of calls while my voice is in that state. I was advised by the same doctor to have voice rest for 2 more days.

I decided to visit a family medicine doctor nearby and who diagnosed that I have acute laryngitis. The following day, I went to see my ENT who confirmed that I do have acute laryngitis. I was given medication and was advised to have complete voice rest for 3 days.

I went back to his clinic last January 14, and I asked if I can go to work already in spite of my voice. My ENT doctor was reluctant in allowing me. He said that if I really wanted to go to work, then I should talk in a low tone, slow paced, rest in between and should drink a lot of water. I sent a text message to my boss that I will just rest for another day. That I will report to work the following day; which was Wednesday. My boss has always been kind and considerate.

I reported to work on January 16. I went first to our company clinic for assessment and presented my medical certificates. I didn’t realize that I had a fever then. The company nurse gave me paracetamol for fever. And, they actually sent me home.

On the same day, I had a check-up with Dr. Jarin. He requested me to undergo a certain test. In the said procedure, my larynx will be videoed to actually see what is going on. He gave me another medical certificate which I sent to my boss through email. Recommendation: Indefinite voice rest. :(

The said procedure was scheduled on Friday (January 18) of the same week. The night before, I was praying to God, hoping for the best. I am already tormented about my salary. My payables are greater than my salary. :( I asked God for healing and hopefully I can go to work soon. I need to go to work already; I have a lot of obligations to attend to.

The procedure took about 15-20 minutes. The result; the right side of my larynx (voice box) has a cyst. I saw the video and the actual picture and it is very prominent. The recommendation is for me to undergo micro laryngeal surgery to remove the cyst. The other option is, for me not to talk for a long long time. If the cyst will not be removed soon, it might get worst. The doctor said that the only thing affected by the said cyst is my voice (which I used for work). I am afraid that if I undergo the surgery, I may not be able to sing anymore. My doctor said that I can still sing but not very soon. He said that it may take months for me to sing again. He also said that I will not be allowed to talk for a week after the surgery. And, then another week or two for complete recovery. He set my expectation that my voice will not go back to normal yet for my larynx will still be healing. :( I was told that the cyst doesn’t look like it is cancerous. However, a biopsy may be required to be sure.

I cried and cried after learning about it. I also asked God why it is happening. The cyst could have grown on different part of my body. But, of all the places, why did it grow on my voice box? I am not even a smoker. I drink alcohol occasionally. In fact, 3-4 times a year only. I am really scared. I prayed and prayed. Pray and pray. And, still praying.

I prayed to God and accepted what is happening to me. I thanked Him because, the difficulty that I am going through right now, draw me closer to Him.

I decided to undergo the surgery. I am scared but I know that God is there for me. I remember the strength that my Ninang Cher has shown against her illness. I remember my daughter’s bravery when she got hospitalized. I remember the courage of all the people I see in the hospital whose cases might have been worst than mine. They are my inspiration. And, I believe that there is nothing that I cannot do as long I have God in my heart.

The procedure is called Micro laryngeal surgery. I will be under general anaesthesia. It is scheduled on January 25 at 7 o’clock in the morning.

I believe that God knows about my worries. It’s amazing that the stories I read on “Angels. Miracles and Answered Prayers” make me feel secure about God’s love for me. I know that everything is going to be fine. I believe that I will recover soon. I will get well soon. I will be able to take calls again and may get irritated again (just like kuya ron said, “Irita”) LOL! I will be singing again. I will be enjoying videoke sessions with my friends again. And hopefully, I will be singing songs of praise again.. :)

God bless us all!

Crazy about Books

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My passion in reading and collecting books was actually influenced by my younger sister Patty. She is actually the book worm in our family. Since she’s already working, she can afford buying the books she loves. Like me and our youngest sister Pauline, she also loves going to book sale, book bazaar and any thrift bookstore where she can find good buys. :)

She started collecting her oldest time favorite teen novels books called Sweet Dreams. We both learned to love reading Sweet Dreams when my god-sister Claire lent me her Sweet Dreams books when I was in high school. We cannot afford to buy books then. I mean books like that. Our family is not a well-to-do family. We only buy books that we really need for school. Often times, we go to the library for our assignments.

Since, Sweet Dreams is not being published anymore; she would just visit book sale or any thrift and garage sale where she might find copies of Sweet Dreams. She actually printed out the list of all Sweet Dreams Novels and cross out the titles of those she already has. I was fascinated with this that I found myself helping her collect Sweet Dreams. I also started going to book sales and thrift books. I learned to browse through the piles of books available on sale. It was actually fun! :) And, when we found a copy it was like, jackpot! :) She still has a long list of titles to complete, though.

The first sets of book I were able to acquire were the Grolier’s 24-Volume I Wonder Why and the 12-Volume 1000 Things You Should Know About. I got it when Nonet was only 2 years old. It was February 2008. It may cost a lot but it was worth it. Nonet was able to distinguish animals and the difference between a Cheetah, a Tiger and a Jaguar because of the said books. She learned about animals and parts of the body first before she learned ABC and 123, because of the said books. And now that she can read, I often find her reading those books and then she would tell me about new things she learned. :)

My childhood dream though, is to complete the volumes of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Collection. The first Hardy Boys I read was entitled While the Clock Ticks. It was volume number 11. It was my Tito Rudy’s book. Said book was actually published in 1965, if I am not mistaken. That was the first Hardy Boys book I have. I still have a long list to complete, too. But, slowly but surely I believe that I will be able to complete it.

With our fascination and love with books, it was not surprising if I would tell you that the three of us went to the National Bookstore sale at Quezon Avenue last November 2012. It was not that convenient for us to go there, considering the traffic in EDSA. The many transfers of vehicles that we need to do because we don’t own a car. It was really tiring but we had a lot of fun! I cannot imagine the number of books on sale! :) We actually spent around 4 hours checking every table for books that interest us. :)

When NBS had another book sale at Market! Market! Mall in Taguig, Pauline and I went there, too. There I found Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Books worth Php50! Original price of the said books is Php185. I was really happy. :) Pauline was able to find copies of Judy Blume’s novels and stories as well. Being that said, I would like to share an interesting story that happened to us there.

Pauline was actually looking for a certain Judy Blume story called; The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo. She asked me to help her find it but we already checked all the tables and didn’t have any luck. There were a lot of people. When they check on books, it’s as if, they were in “ukay-ukay”. Most people didn’t care if they were already stepping on books or destroying it. Anyway, I told Pau to do good deed for the books. We picked up the books that fell from the table where we at, and arrange them in a way that people would easily see the titles and authors, so they would need not scramble the books. Maybe, God saw our good deed then. I was reaching out a certain book under the table, and when I turned it over, there I found, Judy Blume’s, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo! :)

As of today, I have completed Twilight Saga Novel including Bree Tanner’s story and the Official Illustrated guide to Twilight Saga. We have completed Chronicles of Narnia. We also have the 7 books of Harry Potter. I have Og Mandino’s books which I got from Tito Nonoy. I have Mitch Albom’s books (Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tuesday’s with Morrie and For One More Day). I have read his novel Have a Little Faith but I have yet to get a copy of it as well as his new novel, The Time Keeper. I also have series of religious books written by different authors.

I have completed Nicholas Sparks’ 17-novels (The Lucky One is with Pau’s friend at the time of this picture). And, he actually signed my favorite novel, “The Notebook” when he visited Manila for book-signing and launching of his latest book, The Best of Me, on October 28, 2011 at The Podium. It was Nonet’s birthday so I will never forget it. :)

Thanks to Pau for introducing me to Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom. She has her collection of Judy Blume and Maeve Binchy. Patty has Sweet Dreams and Janet Dailey. Nonet has her own collection of books, too. :) As a family collection, we have ample of Classic Novels from various authors like the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens.

Seeing our books really makes me happy. They are my stress reliever. Reading is a form of relaxation for me. When I read, I relax and I rest. So, I am not really fan of sci-fi or books that would actually require you to “think”. Hehehe! I just like easy-reading books. I also love reading autobiographies and anecdotes of people about their first hand experience of God’s power and love. :)

I always tell Nonet, that her mommy doesn’t own a lot of money. If there is something that I would leave her when I am gone, it would be my book collection, and the joy of reading and collecting books. :)

Ciao! :)

My First Chuck!

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Converse is one of the leading brands of snickers, I guess around the globe. I am not really a fan of rubber shoes or snickers. I am more comfortable of wearing sandals, doll shoes and pumps. I had rubber shoes when I was in high school because of our PE, which I used until second year in college for my PE class. Since it has served me for long years, I had it retired. :(

I only got another pair of snickers when I was already working. My friends asked me to join them in playing badminton one day after work. I decided to join them. I was wearing jeans and boots. The lady in the gym didn’t allow me to play because I am not wearing the appropriate attire. My boots may also cause me harm as I run after the shuttle cock. Since my friends like me to join them, they had bought a pair of snickers from a nearby “ukay-ukay.” :) I was accompanied by my friend Mot-mot in getting one. :) It was like 5 years ago and I still have the said pair.

When I was in college, my friends Arlene and May (whom I miss a lot), love to wear Converse’ Chuck Taylor. Every year, Converse will hold its annual Sale at SM Mega Mall’s Mega Trade Hall. I remember going to the said sale with them twice or thrice. I just love looking at shoes at 70% off. Since, I am not fan or maybe I don’t have enough money to buy, I just go there to accompany them and share the happiness they felt when they found Chuck at low prices! :) Well, I remember buying a pair of socks, a cap and a T-Shirt for my father at one time for as Christmas presents. :)

It’s been a while since I have been in the said sale. I have graduated from college in 2003. Well, t has been a long while actually. :)

Last December 2012, Converse held its annual Sale again. I told my sister Pauline and she was actually delighted. She is a big fan of Chuck Taylor. The day of the sale came and we went there as early as 10AM. She was really excited. We decided to split and had our ways in checking the shoes. I do not have intention to buy one for me but I will buy a pair for Nonet. She prefers to wear rubber shoes and snickers instead of doll shoes and sandals. Oh yeah! We’re opposite! Hehehe! :)

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After an hour, I received a text message from Pau. She’s looking for me for she couldn’t decide what to get. She actually has 5 pairs in our basket! The price of each pair cost around Php 1200. It’s a good buy actually. She was able to find new stocks. I told Pau, that every year Converse hold a sale. I asked her to just get two pairs. She decided to get a pink and a green. I found a blue high-cut for Nonet. Pau told me to buy one for myself. Since, she is done; she helped me find something that would fit me (and will look good on me).

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Believe it or not, I have tried on 10 pairs! Different styles and different colors but nothing seems to fit me. :( Pau then said to just forget about it. Chuck Taylor is not for me. When we headed our way to the cashier, a pair of white Chucks caught my eyes. White is “safe” color. I thought I can wear it with any shirt color. I tried in on and voila! It fits and it was really comfortable. I didn’t imagine that I would want to wear snickers as an everyday wear. But now that I have tried it, I guess I know now the reasons why people from different walks of life enjoy wearing Chuck Taylor. :)

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This year, we would watch for another Converse Sale in December and we will definitely be there. :)

Ciao! :)

Christmas Forest @ Eastwood City

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When we were kids, our father and mother used to bring us in Araneta Center in Cubao to watch the lighting of the biggest Christmas Tree. They would also bring us to watch COD (Christmas on Display). COD used to be set up on a veranda where Save More in Cubao now stood. I remember my father used to carry us on his shoulder for us to get a view of the show. Today, Christmas On Display is now seen every Christmas season at Greenhills Shopping Center.

Last Christmas (2012) we didn’t get to see COD and we were not able to visit Meralco’s Liwanag Park due to our busy schedule. Instead we decided to visit Christmas Forest in Eastwood City. We decided to go there because it is near our place. There are number of restaurants we can go for dinner. There is tiangge. There is a little park where Nonet can play.

Eastwood City is just 10-minutes away from where we live via jeepney, if there is no traffic. If there is a moderate traffic jam, the travel may take about 20 minutes. We arrived there at around 6PM. We thought that it was quite early for dinner. We decided to go directly to their Christmas Forest which was setup in City Walk. I am familiar with Eastwood since I have been working there since 2003. :)

Nonet loves animals and she enjoyed taking a lot of pictures with them. We also loved the idea of snow in the forest. :) The tall Christmas trees of different shade looked alive with the bright colors. The little cottage with a deer in front of it was an attraction, too. It was really fun! :)

After enjoying our stay at Christmas Forest, we crossed the street going to Eastwood Mall. There Nonet found different kiddie rides that she’d like to try. She settled on riding a little horse which she can move around the park. It was really like she’s riding a horse! :) She enjoyed it so much! We stayed a bit in the park to watch the dancing fountain, too.

At around 8PM we ate our dinner at Pancake House. I really love their fried chicken! Pau, Nonet and I enjoyed their fried chicken while Patty and mama enjoyed Pesto and Carbonara, respectively. :)

We all enjoyed our family’s Christmas date. Papa may not be physically around to join us in our date, but I believe that he is with us, in our hearts. :)

Ciao! :)

God is in Control

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I went to MedCity today for a check up from my ENT doctor. It has been almost two weeks since my home confinement due to severe asthma attack and acute laryngitis. There is still hoarseness in my voice, although it has improved a lot. (Maybe the medications given to me are now taking effect). The doctor said that my throat has improved but still swollen. He is actually reluctant when I asked if I can report to work already. He said that if I really needed to go to work, then I should talk in a very low tone voice, slow pace, rest in between and drink a lot of water.

I know that if he is to ask, he would still recommend me to just stay at home and have a voice rest until I am completely well. He may not say it aloud though but the looks on his face tells me so. He knows that I am worried about my job, but I guess being a doctor, he is worried about my health. I appreciate it a lot.

When I leave the hospital, I decided to go to Galleria to pay for the books we have ordered for youngest sister little side-business. On my way to the mall, I prayed and prayed asking for God’s healing and guidance. I am truly worried about my job, and the thought of losing my voice completely is dreadful. I went to Globe center but found out that GCash is not available. I decided then to visit one of my favorite bookstores, Best Seller. I first checked the books currently on sale in the hopes that I would find some good buys. Visiting a bookstore is a therapy for me. (the other one, is visiting the holy sacrament). I found two interesting books to read. On my way headed to the cashier, I found another table with SALE signage over it. Of course, I would not miss that chance. I turned around going to the said table and passed the shelves that contain religious books. I saw Jesus face as cover on the many books on those shelves. When I reached the said SALE books, the first book that caught my attention was the book entitled. “Your Perfect Job” by Robert Bittner.

I usually just browsed through the pages of the book and read a line or two from it. Maybe God directed me to go to that side of the bookstore, so He could tell me what He wanted to tell me. My eyes were set on the line wherein the author mentioned a scene in Moses life. And I quote;

“.. God needed something to grab his attention and set him on the right track. Hence: The Burning Bush. If you are actively working to follow God in your life, chances are God isn’t going to need to grab you by the throat and give you a shake. You only need a visit from God if you are likely, to miss the miracle He has in store for you. All the same, if you do see a bush that’s burning without a charcoal, keep your eyes and ears open. Even if things have been great. Because, there’s one other reason why God might come right out and tell you it’s time to do something different. God may have something even better in store for you and your gifts. Something you can’t even begin to imagine right now..”

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Those words really hit me. As if God is talking to me right that very moment. I was stunned for a moment trying to hold my tears back. I closed the book and looked at the back cover. On the back cover of the book, the writing says, “So, what are you going to do now?”

Earlier that afternoon, while I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor, I was reading an anecdote of woman whose sick mother was in coma in a hospital. It was one of the stories in the said book entitled, “Angels. Miracles and Answered Prayers” (by Kelsey Tyler). While her old mother was in the ICU, a nurse accidentally given her a wrong medication and since then, her mother has been in coma. While she was tending her garden after visiting her mother that day, a man with a dog just appeared before her. In her accounts, she said that there was something unearthly on the said man and she started telling him what happened to her mother. The man said that she shouldn’t worry about her mother for God is in control

When I arrived home today, I tried to contemplate on the incidents that happened. I have been praying for God’s healing hands since the day I was advised to take a rest. Day and night I pray. Every hour I pray, and asked God’s forgiveness and healing.

God wanted me to realize and understand that amidst all my worries, He is in control. And that He may come right out and tell me that it’s time for me to do something different. That He may have something even better in store for me and my gifts. Something that I cannot even begin to imagine right now. I just need to trust and have faith. :)

Ciao! :)

Nonet’s Seventh Birthday

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We couldn’t afford to throw Nonet a birthday party in fast food restaurants like a 7-year old birthday celebrant will wish for. Luckily, Nonet is not just an ordinary kiddo who would want a party like that. ? When she was asked then, she will say she wanted, that was because, she was persuaded by my sister Patty.

When I talked to her in private, she would just prefer to have a day of play with unlimited tokens at Tom’s World, and a shopping spree at Toys R Us! :)

My sisters and I, together with our cousins, Joy and April decided to have a surprise party for Nonet. Joy suggested that each of us should give Nonet 7 gifts. And, the surprise party will happen at 12AM of October 28, 2012. As part of the celebration, I decided to have an outing for our family in one of the resorts in Taytay, Rizal on her birthday itself. :)

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On the eve of Nonet’s birthday, my mother put her to bed early, while we prepare for her surprise party. My daughter loves Spongebob Square Pants so the decorations for her party including the banner, the banderitas, the balloons and cake design was Spongebob. :)

Our food for that night were tacos and nachos with beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Mama also made tuna spread and siomai. :)

When the clock strikes 12, we woke up Nonet and sang happy birthday to her. :)

She is very happy and she did enjoy the party. She was amazed with the number of gifts she received. We waited until she finished opening all her gifts.

We also had fun that day. We waited until each gift is opened and watched for Nonet’s reaction. We knew when she is truly with the gift she received or if she is just being nice and appreciative. We really had a good time inspite of the busy and tiring day we had.

On the same day, Nonet and I heard the 6:30AM mass to offer thanksgiving to the Lord and asked for continues blessings for her and for our family. :)

We love you anak.

Ciao! :)

Angel Episode in Matanglawin

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In my previous post, I have mentioned that I was supposed to be interviewed by a researcher of Pinaka, a TV show in Channel 11, about my angel collection. I was contacted by Aubrey, one the show’s researcher but apparently the said interview didn’t happen. Nevertheless, my love for angels and my small angel collection continuous to flourish. :)

About 4 months ago, my post entitled, My Angel Finder, received another comment. It was from Phillip Manalang, a researcher of Matanglawin. Matanglawin is anchored by Kuya Kim Atienza, which airs every Sunday at 9:30AM.

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In his comment, he said that the show will have an angel episode and they are interested about my angel collection and my personal encounters with my guardian angel. :)

We had a phone interview first and the day of the shoot has been set. The interview was done at our house. Since we have a pretty small house, my angel figurines are not on display anymore. Once in a while though, I take them out of their storage box and clean them up. That time, since a video shoot will be done, I need to put them on display again. :)

I really had a good time while cleaning the angels. It was like reuniting with my babies. :)

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The date of the shoot has arrived and it actually lasted for about 3 hours! Before the interview started, I prayed and asked my guardian angel’s help in having a good interview. I would like to share to the audience the joy of accepting and recognizing guardian angels in our life as God’s special guard for us. In that way, our faith in God will grow deeper. :)

Matanglawin’s Angel Episode was aired last November 18, 2012. :)

Ciao! :)

Pedro Calungsod: The Second Filipino Saint

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I have been away from my online journal for a while and I believe that it is a good way to start working on my blog again with the story of the second Filipino saint. Read on! :)

St. Pedro Calungsod was canonized as a Catholic Saint on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Pedro Calungsod is the second Filipino saint (next to St. Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila). Filipinos all over the world gathered last Sunday to witness the canonization of the young saint. He was beatified by Blessed Pope John Paul II in March 5, 2000. It was a 12-year process. But it is worth the wait! :)

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St. Pedro Calungsod was a young catechist who was with a Jesuit priest Bl. Diego Luis San Vitores doing missionary work in Marianas when they were killed on April 2, 1672. Accounts said that young Pedro had the option to run away and save his life, but he opted to stay with Bl. Diego San Vitores.

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The notable miracle associated with the young saint happened on March 26, 2003. “A woman who was pronounced clinically dead by accredited physicians two hours after a heart attack, was revived when her doctor prayed for her through Pedro Calungsod’s intercession.” (Source:

At a young age, my daughter Nonet is already aware of the current celebration happening in the Catholic Church. Then she asked, was there a camera then and people were able to get a picture or portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod? Well, there could have been a camera then but a Pedro Calungsod might not had a chance to smile in front it.

The official portrait of St. Pedro Calungsod was modeled after a basketball player named  Ronald Tubid. Ronald was only 17 then. He is now 31 and is playing for the Barako Bull Energy Cola.

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My heart is truly filled with joy that our country has two saints who will be a model of faith to many Filipino Catholics most especially the youth.

God bless us all! :)

Ciao! :)

The Big Flood?

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Due to the nonstop heavy rainfall causing the metro to be submerged in water, our company has raised BCRP. In other words, those agents who are already in the office and decided to stay in the office and will render work today will be provided with premium pay. For those who will have difficulty going to work and going back, were just advised to stay home and be safe. I am just 15 minutes away from the office through cab. I woke up the same time that I used when I will report to work. My mind is battling with itself whether I should go to work or not. I need money but I don’t want to compromise my safety. I checked the weather outside and the rain doesn’t stop. Well, I just decided to stay at home with my family.

I checked my fb account and chat with my friends who are online. Good thing, they are all fine. My attention was then caught by a picture of Noah’s Ark. Yesterday, August 7, 2012, the Philippines’ National Capital Region and nearby provinces are submerged in water due to the nonstop rainfall. There is no tropical storm though. But the rain is caused by the monsoon the country is experiencing.
August 7, 2012 or could also be written as 8-7-12.

Genesis 8:7-12 is about Noah’s Ark

(King James Version)
“7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro , until the waters were dried up from off the earth. 8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground; 9 But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her , and pulled her in unto him into the ark. 10 And he stayed yet other seven days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark; 11 And the dove came in to him in the evening ; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. 12 And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more.”

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It was said that in Genesis Chapter 8, verse 7-12, the story of Noah, the Ark and the big flood is written. Some people may really find it freaky. Some may actually get goose bumps. How strange that the date we experienced heavy rains and big floods coincides with the chapter and verse in the Bible about the big flood that happened on earth thousands of years ago!

Honestly I really find it strange. But, I was not afraid. I always remember about the rainbow after the rain. Science may have a lot of explanation how we get to see a rainbow. But, for many believers, it is a reminder of God’s promise that He would never send the big flood again.

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For me, God has His reasons why we need to go through this. I believe that He is in control and we are not. I am just blessed enough that our house in Rosario does not experience any flood unless the rain is too much heavy that our drainage can no longer handle. Our family and our neighbours are blessed because we have electricity, we are near the market, there is no flood, and we are in the comfort of our own homes.

I only pray for the many families who are still in evacuation centers. I felt so bad for the children and the elderly. I believe that everything is going to be fine and we will have a sunny day again.

Pray and be safe everyone. God is in control.

Ciao! :)

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